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  1. I wouldn’t expect to see anything until 2021 to be honest. I could be wrong but it’s still a 6-8!week pre-order for the FX brick. It was 6-8 weeks even before Covid-19. Will be interesting to see how this one pans out and I wish them all the best.
  2. emm

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    No Problem @Itrain. I think John Lewis made a mistake and haven’t picked up on it yet. Happy I could help.
  3. emm

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Hi there, no battery box or motor included just the train. its due to turn up on Sunday so will let you know if it comes. It didn’t say pre-order and they have give a pm slot. I am expected John Lewis to have made an error and delay the order.
  4. emm

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    If anyone is interested I just ordered the set off John Lewis for £89.99 delivered.
  5. Went to purchase mine today and now sold out.....Gutted. Will add it to my theme park but don’t know where yet. Might even put it into my actual town in a corner.
  6. emm

    New England BrickWorks: 3rd party curves and switches

    If you could do monorail track now 4D brick has gone that would be fantastic. good luck btw.
  7. Hello All, So I've finally got my act together and started building my layout however due to space the Lego 12v points are my only option as the 9V/PF switches take to much room. However an electronic pair will set you back around £90-£110 with all the switch boxes etc. So my challenge was can I do it cheaper? The answer was Yes. My first design (first image) was to use the Lego servo motor as it turns 90 degrees however these are around £20, then you'd need a Sbrick or another way to control it. It works but it looks bulky. So as I use Ncontrol from 4D Brix, I like the interface, click options and Tom is really helpful. So after a quick chat he wrote some code for me to limit the movement to 90 degrees and I purchased a Monorail Switch. It is very simple, looks neat and above all works. You have to purchase the quad motor control module but the beauty is that this will do four switches. So if you have 4 switches you save £30 on the second pair. So your first pair will cost you £80 but the next pair will only cost £50. This is the cost Lego 12 Volt Points Pair @ £100 My Second Design @ £80 Lego 12volt points not motor > £20 2x 4D Brix Motors > £25 4x 1 Meter Cables > £5 4D Brix Quad Control > £30 The only downside is you lose the turning symbol but I can see that in the software so it doesn't bother me. Andy
  8. emm

    Garden Railway

    Hello all, this project is still a go and with NOvember the 1st looming fast all my lego has been packed away ready for the move. So just a mini update really. The track has been outside now for a bit and i can report no issues to date. The test track will stay outside now until March when i build the track bed. Station is currently being planned which should hopefully be completed soon. In terms of the points and motors etc i have decided to look into a quick release system with pins that is used to release body shells from my old 1/10th rc days. Hopefully more updates soon.
  9. emm

    MOC: RENFE 252 "Taxi" scheme

    That is stunning.
  10. emm

    Garden Railway

    So decided to order from Blok brick their GWR Steamer and a few trucks. They arrived today and i only had time to take a small rubbish picture. I am going to build it tonight and will take a better picture and put it up online. On the control side the bluetooth option http://coredevelopersteam.com/ appears to be a very viable solution. However you can only control one unit from one device. The issue is that as i plan to control two trains i would have to have two seperate devices. However as i plan to control the points by only one system this becomes more of a viable option for that. It uses bluetooth 4.0 and has a 10 meter range. It would have provided a brilliant solution if you could operate more than one from one device. My question would be has anyone ever used this system? or know of anyone that has had a go at using it? My thought is that i am trying to do everything with a lego solution or go for a plug and play option. I might come a cropper and have to look for non lego solutions. I am still hopeful that i can get this all sorted and up and running by March Next Year. any ideas of thoughts are always welcomed. Andy
  11. emm

    Garden Railway

    Back again, In reference to the transmitter i stumbled upon this bluetooth solution from an old post. http://coredevelopersteam.com/ I have e-mailed them to see if you could four of these together. As providing the signals is strong enough it should be ok. On the track front i have been really thinking about what to use instead of Lego. I really liked the idea of wooden track, then thought about metal.But i have decided i am going to give the lego track ago at least for a year and see what happens. It might be famous last words and this time next year be looking for another solution. However i will still keep looking at other solutions. In reference to the points what i have done is combine two ideas that i really liked Motor Switch - http://www.freelug.o....php?article755 Signal Box - http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=82583 to create what i have below. I had to alter the base to hide the componets. The total cost is £80 excluding the motor. Next is to order it up and then to design the train station. I am aiming on a modular system to make it easier to pull apart.
  12. emm

    Garden Railway

    Thanks for the comments and ideas. A few more points to think about. I have been working on the signal box with the point switch motor inside. I am going to combine a switch idea and a signal box i like the look of. Will hopefully finish the design tomorrow and will post a picture. Sioka: I saw your lego train that you have just finished building, it looks amazing. When I finish my Garden Railway (Aiming for March next year) your more than welcome to come over and run some trains on the line. It's nice to know i'm not the only lego railfan in cheltenham.
  13. emm

    Garden Railway

    A little update, today all my parts for my lego Horizon turned up. So thought i would post a picture. I am aiming to have all the buildings and train sbuild prior to the track bed construction. So that i can better map them out.