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  1. garethjellis

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Very nice design indeed!
  2. garethjellis

    Sikorsky S70-C Firehawk (Delayed)

    I am excited to see the progress with this model
  3. garethjellis

    What's the current state of third party 9V?

    I an very excited for the possibility of 9v 104s etc. I believe PF over 9v tracks using pickups will change the game for control.
  4. Thank you . You are correct. It is a Pacific Electric. It has a PCC sound card in it.
  5. Thank you, the top picture is a video on flicker. I think it will play if you click on it
  6. Showing a PCC Pacific Electric - Who Framed Roger Rabbit version, It is driven with an Arduino Nano, and a PCC G Scale Sound Card
  7. garethjellis

    British Rail - Class 73 Locomotive

    Here is the finished unit, I actually have 2, I will take a photo and post soon. Lego, British Rail - Class 73 by Gareth Ellis, on Flickr
  8. garethjellis

    Retired LEGO Train items
  9. garethjellis

    MOC : British standard class 9F (Evening star)

    I am pretty excited to see your building a 9F, my fav Loco! have even been on the foot plate of one in steam.
  10. garethjellis

    LDD and colors

    Use the non extended version where the colours are preset, this will help alot with that problem.
  11. garethjellis

    Need stickers for 10194 Emerald Night

    He does what ever you want, even across multiple bricks / plates
  12. garethjellis

    Need stickers for 10194 Emerald Night

    Speak with Terry Akuna, he can print bricks for you, including the stripe on the slope.
  13. garethjellis

    Milwaukee Road U23B

    Nice job !
  14. garethjellis

    9V Train Track Geoemtry Article

    Brilliant, thank you!