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  1. Snazz04

    [MOC] British Rail Class 08

    Fun little shunter that!
  2. Snazz04

    DB BR 50 Kabinentender 3rd version

    Always something special about German steamers, very nice build.
  3. Snazz04

    LEGO LNER A3 "Sunstar" MOC

    Thank you very much, Its been a tough build for sure especially the cab/firebox area but its been a good learning experience.
  4. Snazz04

    LEGO LNER A3 "Sunstar" MOC

    Hey all! Its been a while since my last post but don't worry I have been working on a new MOCs. This is my rendition of the famous locomotive class the LNER A3, specifically number 60072 "Sunstar". The model has been built in 1:45th scale hence making it 7 wide which has been my go to scale for all my MOCs. I really wanted to build it in BR Blue as it is my favourite livery by far. LNER A1 by Snazz04, on Flickr LNER A1_2 by Snazz04, on Flickr LNER A1_3 by Snazz04, on Flickr LNER A1_4 by Snazz04, on Flickr
  5. Snazz04


    LMS 4F Interior by Snazz04, on Flickr Maybe....I have not successfully translated any of my models into real life bricks yet but that might change in the future as I am quite busy.
  6. Snazz04


    Thanks, I actually dont know how circuit cubes work I just know that the tender will fit the dimensions. Also I will be uploading more renders on Flickr soon. Thank you Gareth and thats certainly food for thought!
  7. Snazz04


    Hello all! Its been a while since I posted so let me share my latest creation I have been working on. This is an LMS 4F I built in 1:40th scale. It includes a detailed interior and also has space for a circuit cube in the tender. Speaking of the tender, I had some troubles making the tender so my friend SethBricked on Flickr kindly lent me the file of his 4F WIP. It was in 8W so I downscaled it to 7W. Feel free to post your opinions. LMS 4F by Snazz04, on Flickr
  8. Snazz04

    GWR 14XX

    Haha don't let me posting these in a short time span deceive you these took quite a bit to make! Thanks mate I still have not got my head around circuitcubes and thanks for the idea I might motorise it
  9. Snazz04

    GWR 14XX

    Inspired by models from Renzo Jager and ScotNick respectively. Built in 1:48th scale
  10. Snazz04

    LEGO Peckett W6 'Greenhithe'

    I agree dark green is such a nice colour shame that the parts dont exist in that colour though Thanks the interior was pretty tedious yet fun to make Thanks for the welcome I will post more of my models here soon!
  11. After making several sub par LEGO train MOCs I tried to be real serious and make one from blueprints. The engine I chose is an industrial engine made from Peckett & Sons Ltd. and was one of a batch of three "W6 Special" locomotives with drooped footplates. I built this is in 1:32 accidently because of a typo when using Sariel's scaler. Please post your thoughts of my model :) P.S - ignore the fact I posted 3 images of the interior