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  1. CrispyBassist

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Just wanted to share with y'all another load I recently put together for the BMR flat car: Turtle Creek Central Flatcar by Matt Csenge, on Flickr I've had the aero tubes set aside for this for a while, though I've mostly seen corrugated pipe loads on bulkhead flats or gondolas. Perhaps they're being shipped to the construction site for some kind of Hyper-circuit thing ;-)
  2. CrispyBassist

    train wheel question

    Yup, I've done it before too. Both of the trains in this video use train motors with large wheels:
  3. CrispyBassist

    [MOC] Santa Fe EMD F7A Warbonnet #315

    Thats exciting to hear! I'm thinking this will look good in black, white, and orange 😄
  4. CrispyBassist

    Straight rail 3228

    Since the two rails are different lengths, the other wheel had a longer distance to travel in the curve. If both wheels are spinning at the same speed, one must slip in order for both to arrive at the end of the curve at the same time (easily visualized by trying to roll a cylinder in a circle). The same thing happens in real railroading, though the solution is typically to use slightly conical wheels, so that the radius of the wheel can adjust slightly to the curves.
  5. CrispyBassist

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Would a Power UP box fit in the cab? That would let you eliminate the IR receiver entirely, it's just hard to tell if the new cable connections would fit in the cab.
  6. CrispyBassist

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Again, thanks for the heads-up! Just ordered 200 as well. Maybe all of us ordering as many as possible will clue Lego in that it's a high-demand piece...
  7. CrispyBassist

    [MOD] Lego 8 stud wide 60052

    Now it looks a lot more like one of these:
  8. CrispyBassist

    Building BMR Freight cars

    On that note, time to build more boxcars before Cale re-drains the world of this valuable resource!
  9. CrispyBassist

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    Big Ben Bricks does that size of wheel, though it's not exactly the same style (see Flanged Train Wheel 17.6mm). If that doesn't suit it, painting would probably work. It would only be the tread of the wheel that would wear off, might not be too noticeable...
  10. CrispyBassist

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    You either need a new credit card, or a new wife 🤣
  11. CrispyBassist

    BBÖ ET10 / ÖBB 4041 railcar

    Yup! Pretty sure I can tell them all. Seriously, great job there.
  12. CrispyBassist

    BBÖ ET10 / ÖBB 4041 railcar

    Wow, this is gorgeous! I'm very interested in this pantograph, it looks like the parts are much more common, whereas my current design uses 16 Minifig pirate hooks each, which are getting expensive...
  13. CrispyBassist

    New Haven Railroad GP-9

    I finally found the box my PF remote was hiding in and was able to test the Brickstuff Power Functions adapter v2 that I built into this loco: Headlight Test by Matt Csenge, on Flickr I've got it on the red input and the motors on the blue, so I can control them independently if I wish. So far I'm very happy with the way it works!
  14. CrispyBassist

    Building BMR Freight cars

    Back again with another duo of BMR freight cars! This time it's two State of Maine boxcars, one for the Bangor and Aroostook and one for the New Haven, since both railroads owned these cars. State of Maine Boxcars by Matt Csenge, on Flickr I chose dark blue after seeing Dawson Santoro's on Flickr. The cost of the handle plates in dark blue is pretty high on Bricklink, so the New Haven got black ends to keep the price down. Aside from the color, the only major deviation from the BMR plan was for the charcoal heaters on the underside of the car. These cars were outfitted with heaters to keep the potatoes they transported from freezing in the winter. Wow, these reefers are gorgeous! You're right about them fitting in with the BMR cars. I'm impressed with the quantity you have too!
  15. I can't tell from these pics, but is the boiler centered on the loco? Another defining feature of a Shay was the offset boiler to accommodate the pistons. You might be able to use jumper tiles to get it slightly offset, though that might complicate the piston assembly and frame... Looks good though, the geared drive on the side is eye-catching.