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  1. Tycho McKorley

    [MOC] The grand market square of Rindael

    Very nice build. I would also say that the way you did the photography and composition adds a lot to it.
  2. Tycho McKorley

    [Review] 10254 Winter Holiday Train (with Power Functions)

    Thank you for the review.
  3. Tycho McKorley

    [Flickr find] Anonymous Bricks (Micro) PotC Ships

    Micro builders always impress me. What a clever use of Lego hands!
  4. Tycho McKorley

    Lego Eldorado Fortress Revisited [MOC]

    Great work. I was actually thinking of doing something similar a while back, but decided on other projects. I think your interpretation is fantastic and pays homage to the original set while bringing modern building techniques to it.
  5. Tycho McKorley

    Nordana Castle, Great Hall

    The rock work in this MOC really makes it stand out. Fantastic work.
  6. Tycho McKorley

    [MOC] Modular mansion.

    Excellent work. I think the remote on the coffee table is my favorite "little detail."
  7. Tycho McKorley

    HMS Enterprize

    Excellent work. I particularly enjoy the little details you threw in like the cat on the treasure chest and everything on the captain's cabin.
  8. Tycho McKorley

    The Crimson Dragon (Coming out of a mini-dark age and posting again)

    Thank you for the kind reply. I'll definitely be implementing something like the quincunx-design you mentioned in my next go at a Lego ship. After making it through the Aubrey-Maturin books last year, I'm heavily inclined to inject as much realism into my next project as possible. In fact, I just discovered a helpful frigate building tutorial while revisiting some older threads on Classic-Pirates. I hope to have a fleet on my hands someday.
  9. Tycho McKorley


    I think it looks very nice. It definitely conveys all the textures I'd expect to find in a jungle. Are the weapons produced by Brickarms?
  10. Tycho McKorley

    More Ships!

    I think you've put together a very nice reinterpretation of the IFS. It certainly looks more formidable than the original, to say that least. My only criticism is that it seems a bit short or stubby given how tall it is. Have you thought about adding another hull section? That might balance it out. That said, it is a great MOD that should have the pirates running.
  11. [pid][/pid] 157C Hello Eurobricks! It has been far too long since I was involved in the Lego world. Graduate school necessitated and marriage necessitated that I leave my collection of Lego at my parents' home while I moved across the country (I live in the US). That said, I did complete one MOC about a year ago (though most of it was put together in 2010) that I would like to share with you. I call it the Crimson Dragon. Here is a link to the Flickr Gallery. Here is a link to the Brickshelf Gallery. It sports twenty-five guns per side makes for what I think is a rather imposing fifty-gun frigate (though the two gun decks might disqualify it from that designation). Note that the pictures are links to Brickshelf images. Here's a view of the rear: Here's an overview of the ship: Here's an interior shot of the captain's quarters: Here's the front: These redcoats look like they're about to march into a cannon: Here it is next to Fortress Redband, my previous Pirate-themed MOC: I made this MOC as my first attempt at a large Lego ship. Building a ship was very different than anything else I had done before so let me say that it was a significant learning challenge. If I could do it over again, I think I would ditch the prefabricated hulls and do custom rigging and I would seriously rework the size of the sails. I would also work for more historical accuracy since, if it's not obvious, my current creation is almost in the fantasy realm. All in all though, I'm happy with how it turned out. I am still away from my collection, but I eagerly await the day I can build again. Until then, I'm going to be more active here at Eurobricks as a way to sate my Lego hunger.
  12. Tycho McKorley

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I definitely can't wait to get my hands on that Council of Elrond.
  13. Tycho McKorley

    LOTR Project: The Return of the King

    I really like your work. Sadly, I doubt TLC would use as many tiles for any future trebuchets or catapults as you have, but we can always dream. That said, I would especially love to battle packs of your Gondorian soldiers. I'd buy as many of those as my bank account could handle. :-)
  14. Tycho McKorley

    Tan Tears' Tower II

    Very nice work. The pointed arches give it a very "oriental" look.
  15. Tycho McKorley

    la Flora de Muerta

    Cute ship. I too like the cannon design. If I could make one recommendation, I might make it longer than it is now. It looks a tad "stumpy," but still very good all the same.