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  1. Rockstaremcee

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Terrifying as I placed 3 large orders using this to start the month. I haven't had an issue previously though so hopefully this won't happen. 6408195 & 6317230 - These are both in stock right now so it shouldn't still be held up.
  2. Rockstaremcee

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    All of my "BnP/Standard" orders up through February 23rd have been shipped. All of my "BnP/Standard" orders up through February 22nd have been received yesterday. Hopefully, today I will get my half road plates; the non-printed sidewalk road plate. Finally got my "Red" squirrels [dark orange] and black squirrels and dark orange horses.
  3. Rockstaremcee

    Future Castle Sets?

    Very exciting! I can't wait to get more!
  4. Rockstaremcee

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I am hoping that since my orders for new parts seem to be going through, that they just haven't finished loading/importing/integrating all the new parts into the new system. Hazmat suits, new cats, new torsos all don't appear at all whether looking at set inventory, searching by number they don't come up in or out of stock. This has already been a helpful tool as the orders come quick enough to be useful on things I am actively working on. I will be excited to see this happen. It would change my order strategy. I generally order for future projects vs. current projects. Often when I get an order half the parts go into directly into storage bin for a specific project that has been de-prioritized to the backlog.
  5. Rockstaremcee

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Medieval Helmets pointed generic soldier helmet with nose guard and the old-style vertical grill over the face. I figure this way I will have WAAAAY more than I will ever need, and if I want to "army-build" or simulate and army I can plop helmets on seemingly endless lines of minifigs marching into or out of the forest or over the horizon.
  6. Rockstaremcee

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Funny story, after 2+ years since the new, "improved" VIP system was launched, I FINALLY got my account fixed so that I can both see and use my VIP points. [Big thanks to Jonathan at Lego Customer Service] Your posts keep mirroring my sentiments, but then in an optimistic shade of irony I read your sig: "Life, uh, finds a way" - Dr. Ian Malcolm - and I feel that small shred of hope. I fear this non-merger-frankenstein combination will be a disaster. The fact that they aren't just merging them, in my opinion, is a positive sign that we won't be limited to the often sparse options of Pick-A-Brick. I have also seen price savings by comparing between the two both ways. My last order was just 2 items, but 400 pieces (200 each). I worry when I hear them start talking about limits or minimums. I dread jumping through hoops like some Bricklink sellers put us through already. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!
  7. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    I picked up 8 of the Lego Vidiyo Bandmates Series 2 minifigures at a Wal-Mart.
  8. Rockstaremcee

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Great deal there! Possible Silver Lining to the set cancellation cloud; Mrs. Claus torso and skirt pieces in BAM towers next year??? Maybe? Maybe? If we all wish really hard upon a star so bright, maybe they appear in a BAM tower one Lego Store night.
  9. Rockstaremcee

    Future Castle Sets?

    That was the April Fools joke just 6 years ago (2015)
  10. Rockstaremcee

    The Fortress of Portasol

    ^ What he said^ Fantastic build and I supported (#1,344) As said above the shape of the exterior is great and using the corner panels to round out the towers give a great presence. I like the break-away wall section and the log ram (w/trailer). It all looks great! I want to purchase, right now!!
  11. Rockstaremcee

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I saw a 2022 tease/ambassador video that had a pic of the Mr. and Mrs. Claus's Living Room, so maybe it will be in January?
  12. Rockstaremcee

    What did you BUILD today?

    Thank you! It seemed like a fun viewpoint to note what we build and see what others are are working on. Lol, I thought the same when I built it. Built 75954 Harry Potter Hogwart's Great Hall. I watched all of the Harry Potter movies (for the first time) after Thanksgiving and have been building all the many sets (I had already collected) It has been great fun and I hope to get a decent picture of them all together once finished.
  13. Rockstaremcee

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I absolutely agree. Although, my first "large" castle set was 6071 Forestmen's Crossing which definitely made Forestmen a favorite. All the sneaky tactics, bravado, antihero-like status akin to musketeers and freedom fighters make it more fun! I too look forward to seeing more modernization of those concepts!
  14. Rockstaremcee

    What did you BUILD today?

    The last couple of nights I have been building two of the 31120 Creator Medieval Castle, I did the main build with the first and the tower with the second which disappointed me how many pieces were left over. I thought they alternative builds would at least use most all of the pieces.
  15. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    Picked up a Hogsmeade Village finally, used all my Target GCWP [giftcard(s)-with-purchase] that I have been accumulating. I had to pay $10, and then got an additional $10 GCWP!