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  1. Thank you! Lego 71028 - still no pics of the whole series out there yet but I'm sure they will be out soon enough.
  2. Any images of what series is next after Series 20?
  3. Rockstaremcee

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Yeah, the Mexico factory has been the main issue with North American supply. The Pirates of Barracuda Bay and Haunted House have never been available since initial offering. Day of release they went back-order/out-of-stock and hasn't changed since.
  4. Rockstaremcee

    [MOC] Fine Arts Shop & Newsagent's

    Beautiful details and layering of elements (the entrances.) Your tile work is beautiful (as it is in your other builds) I love the arts shop floor "gold-bar" tiles and the supply bins under the center table. The various printed wood tiles break up the brown from being over-saturated as a single color. Both creative uses of pieces and use of some pieces I haven't seen before (the 4 top LBG key-shaped pieces.) Do you sell instructions and/or parts lists for your MOCs? I think you could. Are the "books" in the bookshelf 1x2 tiles or 1x2 tiles w/ stud? If not what are they?
  5. Rockstaremcee

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    I just laughed out loud at work as I realized there is must be an automatic word replacement from "@$S" to megablocks.
  6. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    The Lego store reopened in my state! It was actually really anti-climactic as they had no Series 20 minifigures and nothing new since closing in March. As expected, no Build-a-Minifigure or access to the brick wall. Still nabbed a couple items: 75890 Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Competizione - this is for sale literally everywhere (that Lego is sold around me) but if I'm paying retail, I figure might as well get the VIP points for it. 40373 Fairground MF Accessory Set - It has Two Blue Teddy Bears! 30556 Dots Mini Frame Polybag (Gift w/ Purchase) Two other stops netted: 76150 Spiderjet vs. Venom Mech Series 18 Race Car Guy Series 13 Unicorn, Sheriff, and Evil Wizard 70614 Lightning Jet Just the little crab build and Ninjago figures, no jet or Jay
  7. Not sure how much it will relate to European stores and supply but the Lego store local to me (Minnesota, USA) just reopened, with very specific restrictions. It was really disappointing because they have 0 new sets, current promos, or Series 20. The store manager said that they don't think they'll see any soon and to go through noting that the Mexico plant is still closed (per the national laws - considered non-essential.) But from "Product shortages: We expect more of our products will be on backorder for longer than usual in the US, Canada, and Latin America." I don't know if that is just because of my selected region, when I try to look at it for other regions it takes me to the same page. I think because of the lockdown, and the lesser availability of things I have been able to justify splurging. I have 9 vikings and 11 knights from my relentless buying/selling/trading. That's good enough for me... (for now )
  8. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    Target run yielded - 4 more Series 20 minifigures: 2 of each bringing the count to Tournament Knight count: 12 Viking count: 9 I think this supplies me with enough lol, I was really only looking for a couple more vikings but can you ever really have too many knights?
  9. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    With many stores finally re-opening for shopping in store (in my area), I was able to (over)buy Series 20 minifigures: Tournament Knight count: 10 Viking count: 7 Traded off a bunch of the Series 20 duplicates, resulting in: Clumsy Guy Genie Ballerina Fortune Teller Finally finished out my DC Series 71026 Metamorpho Stargirl Picked up a sealed LEGO 10218 Creator Pet Shop (again odd for me, but this one was inline with used prices so no complaints here.)
  10. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    After my frustration on being unable to purchase the Haunted House, I made a pretty large investment 10245 Santa's Workshop 10246 Detective's Office [Sealed] -( I don't usually pay for New-in-Box on discontinued sets because I will immediately lose that markup but this time I splurged.) 76144 Avenger's Hulk Helicopter Rescue 40292 Buildable Christmas Gift Box 60159 Jungle Halftrack Mission - ( I wanted the panther lol) 10 various CMF to fill holes like The Rapper, Classic King, Sea Captain etc and then yesterday in the mail came three Series 20 blind bags: a Knight (#5), and an extra power ranger and diver. I also picked up two small lots for sale and they are in totes in my queue line for disinfect/clean/sanitization. Then into the backlog of bins to sort.
  11. Rockstaremcee

    REVIEW | Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House

    GREAT REVIEW! You know what would make this set better? Being able to buy it Bag 2: Is that a sticker that is put on the shield 'gravestone' piece? Bag 3: Another 'callback' are those controller pieces from the late 80's. Very nice to see all the details [grumble: especially since I will be waiting until they restock this] Same, I had the Monster Fighters Mansion in my display cabinet but had to put the castle on top as it was too tall.
  12. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    Went to order both of these this morning,.. 10273 sold out.
  13. Rockstaremcee

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Before traveling the galaxy, Yondu spent his time as a slave, being force fed steroids and growth hormones...
  14. Rockstaremcee

    Game of Thrones

    First, this build is awesome! It really gives me the same feelings, just as watching the show. The impassible wall, the legion sized army of white walkers. I would love to see some close up pictures of: I completely relate to this! I see the the wonders made so simply and am in awe. I consider myself an artist in other parts of life(photography and design) but with bricks I am still learning.
  15. Rockstaremcee

    What did you buy today?

    6094 - Guarded Treasury 6095 - Royal Joust 41916 - Extra Dots - Series 2 71027 - Got the Break Dancer and the Viking! [Only the Pea Pod costume yet eludes me.] Duplicate Diver and keytar player, and another knight [i think that's four- the army grows!]