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  1. Many thanks for your advice! Personally I also think black rims will look better here. Let me see whether I still get the chance to find some other solution or just leave it so.
  2. Hello Everyone, It has been long time since I built and posted my last MOC here, and now it is time to introduce the Porsche rally car (1:8) as my entry for the Lego Porsche contest. Main features of the MOC include: PF (one buggy motor) powered pneumatic ride-height-adjustment system; 4WD Chassis; Independent suspension; Functional steering wheel; Fake flat six engine; All doors and hood can be opened and doors can be locked as they are closed; Easy maintainance to change battery; Size: length 53.5cm, width 20.5cm, height 19.5cm (at lowest ride height). Video:
  3. [MOC] Custom Gaz 51

    Such lovely MOC with so little parts. The truck has another interesting version: Type 63 MRLS
  4. 33: 10 38: 6 41: 4 10: 3 5 : 2 18: 1
  5. So many interesting MOCs of construction equipments, here is my Terex TW110:
  6. An exvacator of attractive appearance and good performance, wonderful job you did.
  7. Yes, the compressor has two pneumatic mini-pumps. Thanks for your comment! You're right, the main reason for slow speed is the power transmission from superstructure to chassis, and the weight of 2840g is also a factor to consider.Thank 5292 9V motor, the wheels can still rotate on ground. Thanks for your comment! I know the youtube video can't be played in every country, in this case please try this link.
  8. The exvacator is just submitted to Lego Ideas, please feel free to support it. Thanks a lot!
  9. Thanks a lot for all your comments! The axle design is exactly the same as that of my last MOC, KrAZ-255.
  10. Hello everyone, Here is my latest MOC, a wheeled exvacator with PF and pneumatic. Compared with the technic wheeled exvacator MOCs I have seen by now, the TEREX TW110 has no seperate PF component on chassis and all PF components are implemented in superstructure. The driving propulsion and steering torque are transfered from superstructure to chassis like the exvacator in real life (same principle as what appears in 8043). In this MOC, the main features of a compact wheeled exvacator (TEREX TW110) are realized. The exvacator has four RC channels (two IRs) and two gear boxes: Channel 1, driving propulsion (AWD) or pneumatic propulsion switched by No.1 gear box (manual), powered by a 5292 9V motor; Channel 2, upper structure rotation or boom lateral adjustment (Knickmatik) switched by No.2 gear box (manual), powered by a PF M motor; Channel 3, steering (AWS) with functional steering wheel, powered by a PF M motor; Channel 4, LED head lights. Other features includes: Central differential in chassis; Pendular suspension; Pneumatic dozer blade (manual); Three air valves in cab, controlling three boom cylinders (manual); Openable cab door; Easy maintanance (eg. battery replacement). Photos: Chassis: Cab: Engine cab: Pendular suspension: Knickmatik: Video: if the youtube video can't be displayed in your country, please refer to this link.
  11. So what are we waiting for? Let's start!
  12. Congarulations to the winners! BTW, what is the topic of TC6?