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  1. The most views one of them has in only 36. Not to really worry about.
  2. Lego2016Lego MOC's and WIP's.

    On the Monster Hummer I added HoG, if you are interested I will post pics if you are not I will not post any.
  3. [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    Wow! That looks so good. I wish this was a set
  4. Lego2016Lego MOC's and WIP's.

    Here is a C model for the Lego dump truck. It is a monster Hummer. I just have the one dump truck for Legos parts, as I sold the rest.
  5. Old Shames: Your worst MOCs.

    You can add some bad guys one the tracks you would need to not hit them, that would be funnier.
  6. [MOC]4x4 offroad pickup

    Wow it looks sweet!
  7. [WIP] 2014 Ford F-150

    It is the sport version
  8. Technic Pub

    Cool, I hope so too.
  9. Effe's MOC Corner

    this? THI
  10. Technic Pub

    So, today my rc car got ran over but a 8000 pound truck. I am very happy with how my rc car held up. It only got the body mount bent and I was able to bend it back.
  11. Lego2016Lego MOC's and WIP's.

    I am mostly done, but I have that one set so I may still make a little.
  12. I was thinking of a contest where you have only one day to build an off roader.
  13. Lego2016Lego MOC's and WIP's.

    Small update, I may be making some C-models for the mini dump truck. Note, today I became an Eagle Scout.
  14. Technic Pub

    Can you take a pic?