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  1. Lego2016Lego

    Mini Trophy Truck

    That would be correct and what do you mean by: "Is there anything limiting the downward movement of the front hub?" Thanks! And I will see if I can fit them to the truck.
  2. Hello everyone! As you may know I sold my Legos a year or two ago and then I got some sets for xmas and I am getting back into them. This is a mini trophy truck, it has independent front suspension (no steering, don't have the parts needed) with the rubber pieces used as shocks. In the rear it has trophy truck independent suspension. (don't know what it is called) The body is a little weird in the colors because I have a limited number of parts to work with.
  3. Ok guys, update time. I have decided with my limited number of parts I will not be building a 4x4. But, I think I am going to be building a older muscle car. This is a engine I built for it, what do you think?
  4. Hi guys, long time no see! As some of you may know I sold my Lego's over a year ago. I have just got back into it and have been working on a mini crawler. My part supply is limited so apology's in advance if something seems like it is built weird, it may be because I don't have the parts I need to build it properly. Ok, now that we got all of that out of the way I need some help on this build. if you guys can point me in the right direction to make a small front axle for this that would be great. I don't have any PF but I am trying to make it so if I get some it will be easy in incorporate. My max size for uploading is 0.1MB so I can not upload photos.
  5. Ok, I think I found the stuff I needed. Thank you for all the response!
  6. Were do you guys go to get your blueprints for the MOC's you build?
  7. Lego2016Lego

    Where to buy?

    I do and thank you, this will help a lot.
  8. Lego2016Lego

    Where to buy?

    Well one thing is all the sets had a lot of good reviews, but they could be fake I guess
  9. Lego2016Lego

    Where to buy?

    Is this website good or is it a scam?*+technic*
  10. Lego2016Lego

    Where to buy?

    I looked on that eBay store and that looks good. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Lego2016Lego

    Where to buy?

    I did but as I said most are the studded ones
  12. What would be the best place to get to get a big lot of technic pieces? All that I can find on eBay are the studded ones.
  13. Lego2016Lego

    I'm back...

    I sold my Legos (bad idea) and thank you!
  14. Lego2016Lego

    I'm back...

    Hello everyone! After a long stay away from Legos I am hoping to be back building soon. Until I get some Legos I will try to be active on the Lego technic forum. So see you guys there!
  15. The most views one of them has in only 36. Not to really worry about.