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I've updated the articulated hands, thanks to @TheOneVeyronian's help :


Some people (including TOV) had issues assembling the fingers, so she suggested me to add holes to the ballcups, just like their Ø10.2 counterparts. I will try to do a variant with a Mixel joint for the wrist.

The new version of the Mata Torso I mentioned in my previous message is ready (and I think it's awesome, even more impressive than the initial design), I'll order it next time Shapeways offers the shipping (right now it would cost me more than 12€ to send the parts from the Netherlands to France, that's way too expensive :hmpf_bad:).

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No, I don't think there's enough room for that. The diameter of the hole is 3.2mm, it's made for lightsaber-type parts, so you can attach weapons with parts like the pneumatic T, or shoot flames / elemental blasts with the palm.

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Not exactly custom, but has anyone tried remaking CCBS shells for 3D printing?

I know it's an odd question, but I couldn't help wondering when I saw this. Scroll down and you'll see that Shapeways' purple is a near perfect match with old discontinued purple (Onepu's mask), which is quite a bit different from modern dark lilac (Voltix, Joker, 2015 Onua). Having shells in an otherwise impossible colour would be pretty amazing.

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Here's the new version of the articulated Mata body :


It's made of six different parts (ten if you count the Lego parts used for the pistons) : the hips, the disks (there's four of them), and the upper torso. Unlike the previous version, the Lego parts are essential to connect the elements. The disks simply slide onto the wires of the hips (they're Ø1mm bars), and so does the torso. To keep them in place, there's a loose ball joint that connects each part :



When you move the upper torso, the wires bend and the disks simply follow the movement.

You can get these parts on Shapeways:sweet:


PS : Here's a few photos of the parts in use, courtesy of Shapeways user phaznoll :




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