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Displaced by a Magical Monsoon the Hillarwi Tribe were uprooted from their homes in the plains of AfriKania and transported thousands of miles to the other side of the continent. a Band of around 100 warriors, women and their kin were thrust into an alien environment.

Navigating by the stars they are desperate to reach home. Forced to live as Nomads everywhere they go they chant their infamous battle cry

"We're the Hillarwi! We're The Hillarwi! Trying to get home! We're the Hillarwi!"

Left to Right

Mkhungo -Zulu Brave

Intontela - Musician

Isangoma - The Witch Doctor

Shaka Diiygane - Chieftain

Ubulawayo - Standard Bearer

Mbube - Champion


The Brickarms uclips and brickwarriors scrolls make great tattered flags and sails too! I moced a small raft which then got cannibalised for parts but I hope to rebuild it. It's particularly effective with a mix of black and white scrolls and uclips. :)

Plenty of themes used in this one




Harry Potter

Super Heroes

Indiana Jones


CMF Series 10


Custom Houses

Brick Warriors



V&A Steamworks

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Very good. Excellent selection of hairstyles.

On flickr you mentioned that you traded this axe.

Does anybody know where this is from?

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