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  1. NiL_FisK_Urd

    Decals of the side of a minifig's legs?
  2. Do the quivers fit diagonal onto the harpy armor? Oh, and when do you restock the bird wings in white?
  3. NiL_FisK_Urd

    BrickForge WW2 RiGGED Wave 2

    It would be really great if the field cap and the M35 would be available in light or dark bluish gray. Also, an M38 helmet would be really great.
  4. NiL_FisK_Urd


    The build is great, but your story is a bit strange - no mercy and "were taken as prisoners" makes no sense.
  5. NiL_FisK_Urd

    CCC XI - Langfelly blacksmith

    this is great, so many details
  6. NiL_FisK_Urd

    [MOC] (the nine clans) The stop.

    The fence technique is great
  7. Here is my version of Farmer Maggots torso: The original image: If someone gets me some high-res game screenshots of other characters, i can try to do some more decals - i am especially interested in Éowyn, the Rohan Guard and Gamling
  8. NiL_FisK_Urd

    The Raven's Aerie - Challenge 1B

    This is amazing, could you make a "rockwork" tutorial for your fellow eurobrickers? (Or point me to one, if there is one already)
  9. NiL_FisK_Urd

    The source of eternal life

    This looks absolutely great. I wish i had that many parts to build something this awesome. I think the twisted tree is built with flexi-tubes (
  10. NiL_FisK_Urd

    Hunting in the Forest (built by my younger brother)

    That deer is great, as the rest of this build.
  11. NiL_FisK_Urd

    Bunch of the green Dragon

    Wow, they look absolutely stunning
  12. I just noticed that the MEA is sold for $29.99 in the US, and €39,99 in Europe - does anybody know why there is such a huge difference in pricing? Note: $29,99 is about €22, and €39,99 is ~$54. Edit: ok, the whole DOS line is cheaper in the US. DGA: 20$ vs. 27€ DGB: 70$ vs. 80€ LTC: 50$ vs. 60€ MEA: 30$ vs. 40€ Why do US customers pay 170$, whereas Europeans pay 283$?