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  1. burlogh

    Welcome to the North Pole!

    He would be the Grinch and aiming the christmas tree :) Snow Chewie, Olaf, Jon Snow with Ghost and Jan Beyer. And children sometimes called the Grinch as easter egg too :) Unfortunately I ran out of small white plates, needed to use 16x16 ones and it made to place the cottages difficult. Thank you for the comments, somehow I missed them earlier.
  2. burlogh

    Welcome to the North Pole!

    Two years ago my little son asked me to build something for Christmas. I only had a few dozens of white bricks and an official winter toy shop set, but tried my best. Everyone in the family loved the small diorama so I decided to build one in every year. Last year it was a generic small winter town with a train, but this time I wanted something else. The new idea was Santa's house at the North Pole! This diorama was exhibited a few times during the autumn so I hid some easter eggs for the visitors - children loved to find them and it was a huge fun for everyone. It is displayed in our living room now and the content changes dinamically - my little daughter rearrange the minifigures every day!
  3. Just a generic Christmas tree with a lots of gifts!
  4. burlogh

    Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest Voting Topic

    A: 1 - 5 B: 4 C: 1 - 8 D: 6 - 11
  5. Just move the undercarriage (I'm not sure it is the proper word) a bit. I had the same problem, pushed the brick again and moved the wheels and since then it works perfectly. Great review, Dragonator, thank you! I have mixed feelings about this set. The engine and the coal wagon are very cute, I love them. But the other two wagons are terrible and ugly. And it becomes much worse after motorize...
  6. burlogh

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    My favourite part of winter are the various type of Santa Clauses show up (last year a Santa Motorcycle Gang visited the town). But who cares if they bring us snow and presents!
  7. burlogh

    Master Chen's Arena

    You won't believe... I don't have any Kai minifigure with the proper hair :)
  8. burlogh

    Master Chen's Arena

    Thank you! I've started the mosaic in LDD but got bored around 25% and abandoned the project and started the building instead.
  9. burlogh

    Master Chen's Arena

    Thank you for the comments! At first I've tried a more dynamic scene with effects and duels instead of just put on the minifigures, but unfortunately it ruined the mosaic completely. Color choice wasn't really a question. If I would turn the scheme from purple-tan to tan-purple, price of the mosaic would have been quadruple :> (And there is no odd stud long tile in dark purple so I had to shape the snake with dark tans.) I really wanted to build this MOC centered around the floor mosaic. All of the reference materials have small mosaic on the floor but I wanted a bigger one. That's why I removed the pillar from the center, it ruined it. I haven't followed any of the inspiration materials accurately, simply built and modified the elements I liked and ignored anything else. That's why I changed the design of the shinto gate (the original was too wide and simple) or Chen's chair (the original was too wide and I've found the brick built snake on the top too rough). I know it is not accurate but I think it is much better :)
  10. My interpretation of Tournament of the Elements from Ninjago. The original story was a bit modified in this MOC, the ninjas cooperate with other elemental masters and facing against Master Chen instead of waiting for the revealing his evil plan. The arena was inspired by LEGO Dimensions, though I've modified almost everything :)
  11. #6 - 1 point #24 - 1 point #33 - 3 points
  12. burlogh

    Claw Coast

    Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate them! I love your boar riders! I'm just an enthusiastic intermediate :) My first evaluable MOC was built in 2013, but I'm a very slow builder so learn slowly. The playability was great, when my little daugther thinned flora of the riverside sixth time I gave up and finished it on site :P Thank you. My main goal was to build a "civilan" settlement instead of a battle scene. I'm planning to expand it a bit, not only to a bigger base but with more buildings inside the wall.
  13. burlogh

    Claw Coast

    Oh, thank you for the comments! Uploaded a few detail pictures to my flickr. Unfortunately I was able to assemble the diorama at the event so I don't have too many good pictures. I'm a huge fan of those sails, got a dozen of them. Dabu! Thanks you and thanks for the frontpage. After one year away from building it is a huge honor! Thank you! This theme is still my favourite, I have a lot of plans with it! Thanks. The funny thing - I haven't played since 2013. Earlier I was semi-hardcore, lead some raids, etc. but my wife thought I play too much and... purchased me a few LEGO sets. So every time when our house is flooded with parts I notify her whose fault is it :P
  14. burlogh

    Claw Coast

    In the last year I was a rather inactive builder, though in my mind I planned my new diorama. Here is the result for now: the greenskin settlement Claw Coast. The wall with the guard towers were inspired by the gates of Orgrimmar in WoW, but the other elements are not connected to the game (maybe the windmill a little bit...). Unfortunately I was in a rush at the end, but at least I see a lot of improvement possibilities! Edit: just uploaded a few more pictures to my album.
  15. I hope poor misunderstood Grinch gets his chance this year...