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REVIEW: 2126 Train Cars (9V era)

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Hello Guys & Gals!

May i present to you another train review of one of the most interesting train set ever produced. One main set without a locomotive! Here it is:

1. LEGO Set No/Name

2126: Train Cars, released in 1998, 378 pieces and 5 minifigs baby!


2. Where you got/bought it from

3. Offical Retail Price

That's a tough one. According to Brickset, no data found, due to limited release. I dont remember seeing this in local stores here in Singapore too; but according to Peeron: US$69.50.

4. No of Minifigs (if any), name them if you know the names


5 baby 5! That's quite a large number of minifigs for a medium size set back then. It also came with a large number of tools, seen here carried by the minifigs.

5. List of parts (if possible), especially the interesting or rare parts, please highlight them


That's a huge number of good and useful pieces in this set, which any train fan would love having! That was also the reason why i bought this set! It comes with two train base (one black/ one red), two large 16x6 studs bacl baseplate that you can build any train car or a large container with, 8 train buffers with magnets, 4 'bogie' plates, 12 train wheel assembles and the train wagon end grill pieces (6 black, 2 old grey and 2 yellow)! That's bascially enough to build ANY train cars by yourself!! Also worth mentioning are the printed titles and slopes, the yellow dumper piece, 3 brown large barrels with covers, a hinge plate 2x9 and trees (two small and one large cone shaped)! SWEET!

6. Your "building" experience - which you can do a step by step to show it with photos

OK. Let us begin some lego-ing fun with our 5 minifig cast for today! First up, we start with the red flat waggon:


Train Officer: Let us begin guys!

Train Workers: Affirmative Sir!

Minifig civilian: You guys need a hand?

Minifig Girl: No-way am i getting my lovely hands wet with grease!


Everyone was happy to help, with the train officer over-seeing the entire operation. Well, girl there still is rather unwilling to help out...


Train Officer: It's very simple and fun! Here, u can try to fix this side door onto the hinge piece...

Girl: That's rather fun!

Minifig Civilian: *to himself* Hey, that's my girl!

Train Worker A: This piece first!

Train Worker B: NO! This piece first you doop!


Being Train Workers, the wheels assembly was no challenge for them at all... But i wouldnt say so for the civilians...


Train Officer: A little teamwork here guys! Heave men! While the two of you push that wheel assembly in!

Train Workers: HURRY! My hands are slipping!!

Civilians: You think this thing is light???


I kinda like these waggon grill end pieces.. Lovely!

Man: Let me give u a hand my dear...

Girl: My hero...

Train Officer: Showoff...


Loading the Train Waggon with the tree cargo..

Train Officer: Let's get these trees in and do our part for our earth!

Train Workers: AyeAye, Captain Planet!


The completed Red Flatbed Waggon. A beauty! This waggon will look nice when pulled along by a Santa Fee or a BNSF~~


Train Officer: OK Men, next we construct the tanker car. Follow these instructions carefully. Count the studs!

Train Workers: What's with the broom Sir?


The beautiful printed slopes pieces, acting as gauges and meters.


The underbelly of the tanker car.

Train Wokers: Let us show you how it's done, junior..

Man: No please... not in front of the lady...

Girl: hehe ~~


A long plate to keep the entire wheel assembly sturdy...


A little fun with the hoses and 'blaster' guns~~ Minifigs need some fun along the way right?


The waggon end pieces. Super!


The large barrel, used as a form of tanks.

Girl: I need a shower! This works great!

Train Workers: Of course! We will get the water now!!

Train Officer: I'll go get the shower foam!!

Man: No way! She's mine!

Girl: Just kidding! Now get me out of here!!


The completed tanker car. Look ok to me, just dont get the idea of the 3 barrels.. Look kinda small to me.. Also missing the decal on the long blue brick that susposed to show the pipelines on it...


Next we construct the black dumper truck..

Train Officer: Ok men. Put your heart into it!

Train Workers: Yes Sir! Do we get a raise after this??

Man: Showoff...


The base of the truck..


Teamwork makes a job so much easier!


Truck almost finished...

Man: Leave it to them.. I've got something to tell you dear..

Girl: Buy me a car and i'll consider, Austin Powers...

Man: Darn i forgot my 'mojo'...


Ta-Da! the completed dumper truck! Looks and works great!


Next, we construct the yellow/ black hopper waggon.

Train Officer: Let's start with the base first...


A long plate to secure the wheel assembly sturdy...


The hopper assembly..


The mechanism of the hopper tanks. A neat way to construct them!

Man: A little help here would be nice lady!

Girl: A man never keeps a lady waiting...

Train Worker: Huh ??


Waggon end grill pieces. Yap, i love them ~


The tipping mechanism of the hopper... Neat working function and brick-built!

Man: This is fun!! Whee!!

Train Workers: We wanna try too!!

Train Officer: My turn! Ooopsss... I mean, QUIT FOOLING AROUND!


The Tipper tank. Brick-built! Nice attention to details with those printed arrow tiles!

Girl: I need a shower again...

Train Workers: Sorry lady, you're not going to fool us this time. In you go the the hopper tank!


The completed Hopper Waggon. Sweet! I kinda like this hopper waggon. Black and yellow is just so appealing ~~


A picture of how the hopper wagon works. You can load in the 1x1 round bricks and pour them into the waiting dumper truck; either from the left or the right as the arrow suggests!


Train Officer: Let's split up. My men and i will work on the railway maintenance trolley, while the both of you fix up those cars. OK?

Train Workers: YES SIR!

Man: Come on my dear. Let me show you how it's done...

Girl: Guess i'm stuck with you then...


The base of the small railway maintenance trolley..


Completed! A neat little maintenance trolley with storage space for tools! Neat! PITY it only sits one...


The base of the car. Rather small, but sure good-looking..


Man: Here Dear. This is the car you ordered. So, u might wanna consider again what i've said earlier on??

Girl: BYE! See ya Doctor Jones...


A look at the rear. Sweet little minicar!


Man: My dear! Wait up!

Girl: Persistant little dope...


I kinda like these minicars... SWEET!! Should be able to build a fleet of these...


Finally, the car transporter waggon. We start off with the train base...

Train Officer: Com'on guys! It's the last waggon! Let's go!

Train Workers: We better get that bonus you agreed on!


I love those red/ white stripes tiles! Lovely!


Train Officer: Teamwork guys! Heave Ho! Heave Ho!

Train Workers: Hurry! It's heavy!

Man/ Girl: We're trying our best!


The completed empty car transport waggon.


Loaded with cars.

Great looking! This is my personal favourite wagon of this set! If only i had enough spares i can build 5 of these with 10 minicars and pulled byb a BNSF... SWEET!


Finally, it's finished! One look at the whole complete set. Sorry i couldnt photograph them all in as the completed set sure is LONG!




It's about 700mm long!




Take a look at the photos inside the instruction manual. Showing the loveliness and workability of this set! Sure is playable! That's so much to do!

7. Your overall rating based on fun, playable, value for $$$, part, minifigs, etc (on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is SUPER-DUPER-SET!)

FUN: Sure is FUN! It's great to pull along long cargo, esp. when they're assorted! 9/10

PLAYABLE: SURE IS PLAYABLE! That's so much to do! Load the trees, load or unload the hopper wagon with the tipping tanks and the dumper trucks, load/ unload the cars, pump petrol into them, repair/ maintain the train cars etc... SUPER! 10/10

VALUE FOR $$$: Ok, for the RSP i believe it's a great price to pay for a fun set! 9/10

PARTS/ MINIFIGS: Now this is the main attraction! Although having a piece count of only 378, it has a ton of train parts that almost immediately, one can create your own train car! 5 minifigs is super generous! You get 2 train workers, 1 train officer and 2 civilian minifgs! Great! 10/10

OVERALL: 9.5/10 !! Great buy!

Thanks for reading and hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as i did~ Cheers!


Not to forget our cast for the day~

C & C most welcomed! Thanks!

8. Your name as the reviewer.

Sammy Oh

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Great review! :thumbup: I love this set, but I just can't understand why that guy is wearing a speedo :wacko::tongue:

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Seems like an interesting set alright. With 54 pictures I'm glad I didn't open this thread on my mobile connection...

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Fantastic review 'legofan' - why don't Lego make a modern up to date one of these sets eh ? :oh3:

Heaps of figures, accessories and of course great rolling stock plus that cute little maintance car ! :wub:

I'm a conformist! everyone ! :sweet:

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The review is just superb. Yeah, the 90s was the best time for Lego town / trains... Now it's only marketing that counts - and every time a new series of trains is released we see a standard kit of sets: straight rails, curved rails, shunts, passenger train, cargo train, station.

That's all.

In the past, there used to be a wide variety of sets where we could choose whatever we want and combine them how we wanted.

Thanks for the review, I really enjoyed it. And I really liked the way you delivered the ideas.

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It was great watching your minifig collection construct this classic 9V set. It's a very nice way of sharing an image review. :thumbup:

This is a 5 star set for me. I didn't even know this set existed until I purchased the Classic Train 3225 several years ago on Ebay and started researching early 9V sets. Now why can't LEGO offer a train car collection like this one now? It would make a neat set and not drive up the price with a motor and track.

My favorite car is the red gondola. I like those red hinge pieces that seem to have been replaced with those that have the grooved hinges (making movement much more difficult).

I've added a poll to your review. I hope to see more from you Sammy. Thanks for sharing. :classic:

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Thanks for this very detailed review!

I remember back when this was first released wanting it quite badly even though I didn't own any other train kits. There is just so much going on in this set, it really is a fantastic booster kit (I'd love to see more of these types of sets in the modern day). Seeing all the details close up has re-triggered my want for this set! :grin:

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Thank you so much guys for all your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed doing it! :thumbup:

@ Brickster: Thanks for adding the poll and index-ing my review! It's a great honour for my reviews to be added/ indexed~ Yap, i do have one more classic 9v train set (4555 freight loading station) that i'm looking to do a review on, hoping to assist in filling up the Train Tech review index!

Thanks again and cheers ~~ Keep on Train-ing! Cho cho ~~ :tongue:

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Yes i love this set even though i can't afford to buy this set right now.

I agree with everyone on that Lego should release a set like this to help expand our trains and car counts.

I guess we'll have to wait for 7939 for some new train cars.

Great review, love how you incorporated the mini figs into the review.

Great job legofan :thumbup:

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I absolutely love this set! It has such a high playability! So many different waggons and quite many minifigs plus some vehicles!

By the way, it's great idea to let the minifigs assemble the cars. Usually they have nothing to do anyway, standing around lazily. :wink:

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Does anybody know the story behind this "limited" release? Has it been a special item for certain toy stores, or where has it been sold?

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Does anybody know the story behind this "limited" release? Has it been a special item for certain toy stores, or where has it been sold?

I bought it in an ordinary toy store in Switzerland.

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