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  1. The Target near me was a mess this morning with new wave sets scattered alll across the toy section after the early birds had gotten their fill. Saw about half dozen each of the Duel on Mandalore and Mandalorian Starfighter in various places before finding a Marauder tucked next to a Starfighter. I was able to grab it from it's odd location next to Jurrasic World toys. I'm about halfway thru the build and quite pleased so far.
  2. Yeah, the name change is probably to match the current name system of starships like 'Luke Skywalker's X-Wing.' Maybe it will get an official name change in BoBF. Either way I'm excited for the set since I currently don't own a Slave 1 and the small size is great for my limited shelf space. I'll probably wait on a discount for it, same with the Mandalorian Starfighter. Need to add more Mandalorians to my growing collection. The Trexler Marauder looks good to me and the minifigs look great. Most likely will be a day one purchase for me.
  3. Man, I hope this one is true. I've been wanting a minifigure for the Armorer since they started releasing Mandalorian sets. Paz minifigure would be nice as well as the collection of Mandalorians grows on my shelf.
  4. vgsprites

    2018 Lego Trains

    I was waiting for this day. I'm definitely getting the cargo train. I love how it matches the Cargo terminal so well. I'm not too interested in the passenger train but it does look a LOT better than the leaked images showed. I'm also sold on the HE with that much detail at low price point. I might get more that one to mod it like everyone else.
  5. Hello everyone, I've decided to throw my hat in to the mix and get some trades to complete some incomplete series on my limited income. All are opened but in their original packet, mint, and complete with leaflet. I would prefer US and Canada only but I'll work with ya internationally for good deals. HAVE: Series 5 1 x Cavewoman 1 x Lizard Guy 1 x Fitness Instructor 1 x Lumberjack Series 6 1 x Leprechaun Series 7 1 x Swimmer 1 x Nerd Guy WANT: Series 2 Mexican Spartan Witch Jungle Explorer Mime Artist Pop Star Skier DJ Surfer Pharaoh Series 6-Completed! Roman Solder Series 1, 3, & 4 ANY (I missed out on these 3 series) I'll take any of the the above, one each. I would like to complete the near complete series first but I'll take an older series minifig if you're willing to with it. Thanks for looking.
  6. vgsprites

    How fast do you run them?

    I don't crash on purpose given the fact my pets would chew and hide my separated Lego if given the chance. Otherwise I would see how much speed my trains can handle. I keep my 9 volt dial at the 3rd 'click.' My trains go at nice comfortable speed on my small layout that I enjoy watching for hours.
  7. vgsprites


    Hello and welcome! You can find the little train images here at the (new) Lego train depot. The Grey area (12 volt) page should suit your collection needs. Good luck and fun making your sig!
  8. vgsprites

    MOD: Burlington Northern GE C30-7

    Great job Stefanwest! The decals look beautiful especially on the front nose. The colors and detail of the Burlington Northern of old look great. The trucks look good also not sure what the difference is but I'll check it out later. Is it fully functionally to go around a system of track as part of a train or for display only
  9. vgsprites

    MOD: 3180 Tank Car

    Looks great so far mostlytechnic! Octan cars are one of my favorite train cars. I think it would great with the wedge pieces when you obtain them in matching black. I can picture 10 of these beauties in a long freight train.
  10. vgsprites

    What's in a name ???

    vgsprites pronounced Vee Gee Sprites. It's meaning is Video Game Sprites which are the frame by frame animations of video game characters as you play such as 8 bit and 16 bit games. With the use emulators one ripps each unique frame and pubishes the frames on a sprite sheet. I was into flash movies and video game sites at the time of my username change so made one with both of my likings at the time. I use it on varying forums and it's rarely ever used. I even use it on online gaming. It's variations are vgsprites22 (my American football number in high school) and vgsprites07 (the year I graduated high school).
  11. +1 AmperZand Generous, nice fellow and business man. Thank you for bringing CMFs 5 to Las Vegas!
  12. vgsprites

    Classic town vs City sets, which are your favorite?

    Nice topic jd5775. I bought all of 2010 city sets except the police and fire staions but I grew up seeing the sets in the first post Lego catalogs. I own 4563 and believe it's is better cause of the fact it came with a forklift. Every town with cargo needs a forklift. Other than that most of the classic town sets I wanted to own but have yet to obtain. I wish to obtain 6348 first and I like the compact size of it with nice little details. Overall I like look of the truck. Plus the old harbor 6541 is vastly better than the new one. Intermodal cargo is better, especially for a train fan like me, than grain cargo. Objectively thought the new harbor does go well with the farm sets. I love classic early 90 sets and 4 stud vehicles and I probably always will.
  13. vgsprites

    2012 City sets

    It's nice to hear we'll be getting some new vehicles after Christmas in Jan. A line of vehicles with trailers, new trucks and to top it off a new ambulance. Might have to spend my gift money on some new sets. I'm curious of how the new forest theme will look color wise. I'm a lil dissapointed that they sound like different colored versions of this year's police models. Hopefully they bring their own uniqueness to the city line. I also hope the forest fire truck looks something of the sort like this. I live near the Bureau of Land Management office, so I see of these trucks at least once a week. Can't wait for the images to leak of these new city vehicles.
  14. I would be interested in them also. I live a short drive aways from the strip. How much would be cost in US dollars?
  15. I love your sig. I always get the English theme of Monster Rancher stuck in my head when I read one of your post. Monsters Rule. ;)