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  1. legotrainfan

    Assembling a small shunting engine

    D'oh! One of my own posts could have helped me. When I asked you guys for help, I had totally forgotten about that post! Well, I started that thread 8 years ago. Freestorm, you are a real detective!
  2. legotrainfan

    Assembling a small shunting engine

    Thanks, freestorm! That's the engine! Thanks a lot! And thanks to those who offered help!
  3. legotrainfan

    Assembling a small shunting engine

    Here are some pictures:
  4. Hello everyone! I have got a small shunting locomotive. I built it after I found instructions on brishelf. That little engine fascinated me and I bought all the necessary parts. I needed two train windows 2 x 6 x 2 (the ones of set 4512) and a 6 x 16 train baseplate, element number 3058, and several other parts to build it. What I liked most about that engine was that old dark grey, light bluish grey and very few dark red parts were used. I found that colour scheme fantastic. The following dark red parts are needed: plate, 1x2, five pieces plate, 1x3, two pieces plate, 1x4, one piece plate, 1x6, two pieces plate, 2x4, one piece I am not going to list all the needed elements here. The ones listed above should help you figure out what locomotive I mean. Some black parts are also needed. Today I disassembled the engine, thinking that I had the complete construction manual for it. I remembered having saved it once. You never know: Sometimes things are taken off Brickset. I actually wanted to check and count the elements the engine consists of so that I could add them on Rebrickable. However, when I wanted to reassemble the shunting eninge, I found out that I had only saved one half of the construction manual. And now I am sitting here, not knowing how to reassemble the whole thing. You can see the little engine in this picture on the very left. But the engine is a bit far away and the quality of the picture is not so good. If you think you might be able to help me, let me know. I could send you the part of the instruction manual I have. I could take some photos of the partly assembled engine plus the several parts still lying around and upload them on Brickset if you think you could help me better that way. I'd be glad if anybody had the complete instruction manual or good pictures of that engine.
  5. legotrainfan

    [MOC] Jurassic Brick

    Those are really some awesome and fantastic creations! Keep up that excellent work!
  6. legotrainfan

    Cheapest way to obtain parts for MOCs?

    This is now slightly off-topic, but has anybody noticed that on Pick a Brick you can find the train wheel holder and the black train wheel, but not the axle you need to connect to wheels and which you then squeeze into the train wheel holder? That's a bit strange and also a bit annoying.
  7. legotrainfan

    What did you buy today?

    The big 5005031 black storage brick plus the small one (5005020). Because of that purchase I am also going to get a 5005047 Nexo Knights poster and the 5004419 Knights Retro Set.
  8. legotrainfan

    Review: 75827 Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

    Thanks for your review. I like the building's detailed interior and from the outside it also looks awesome! It's definitely on my "must get" list, but I need to save some money first.
  9. legotrainfan

    REVIEW: 10249 Winter Toy Shop

    A lack of money, maybe? That's the thing that usually holds me back. Anyway, I have the older version, so I am not interested in this set.
  10. legotrainfan

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    I have one of each except for Grand Emporium, of which I have three copies. Two of those three copies are still sealed. All of my modulars were bought as brand new and sealed sets.
  11. Why were there two different types of black 12V wheels? I'm asking because I have a 12V set which is MISB. If I lift the front part of the box, I can see that the wheels have a red pin in the middle. However, I have a used 12V waggon and its wheels are entirely black with no red parts.
  12. legotrainfan

    What did you buy today?

    I bought a used 4554 railway station on eBay. In the pictures it looked perfect and the seller has a perfect feedback record.
  13. legotrainfan

    10249 Winter Toy Shop

    This is a Winter Village set that I don't need since I have two copies of set 10199. I'm not going to buy the re-release. At least this decision will help me save money.
  14. legotrainfan

    10247 Ferris Wheel

    OK, I have assembled that wonderful set. However, somehow I must have made a mistake because the yellow lever mechanism doesn't work properly. Has anybody got the same problem? I don't know where to look for the mistake. Help is highly appreciated. Edit: The problem has been solved. The lever wasn't in the right position. That's why it didn't work properly. Now everything's in order and works well.
  15. legotrainfan

    How do you build your Lego sets?

    Especially with bigger sets, I'm glad that there are numbered bags. It would be very time-consuming to build a large set without having those bags. Despite the bag system, it still takes me a lot of time to build a modular building, but I enjoy every single second of the build. However, I wouldn't want to spend more time on a modular.