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Review: 5867 Super Speedster

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What makes you buy a Creator set? It would be nice to think that it is because it is a beautiful display model, or a versatile playset; however I imagine that for AFOLs the reasoning is more complex. It might be because the parts are ideal for a particular MOC (and Creator sets give you a price to parts ratio second only to Basic sets), or because it is on sale; often in my case it is because I've already bought all the latest City or Star Wars range and just need to fulfil that bricky urge.

For me, with this set, it was something slightly different - I saw the box art, and thought, I really want to review this. As such, I hope I've approached the review with minimal bias.


The Stats

Name: Super Speedster

Number: 5867

Theme: Creator

Release Year: 2010

Pieces: 278

Figures: 0

Price: GB £15.99 | US$ 19.99 | EUR 19.99 - 21.50 | DKK 179.95 | CAN $ 26.99

Hit the road in speedy 3-in-1 style!

Speed down winding roads with this detailed red sports car, featuring opening doors, front trunk and rear engine. When you’re ready for a change, use the included instructions to rebuild it into a high-speed go-cart or a tough armored car! An awesome 3-in-1 building experience.

* Open the doors, trunk and engine compartment!

* Build a racy red sports car, then transform into a go-cart or armored car!

* Ages 6+

Shop @ Home ... Brickset ... Bricklink ... Peeron (Not yet inventoried)

The Box - Front


The box measures H 260 x W 278 x D 61 mm, standard for a mid-sized Creator set. Small pictures of the alternative models line the lower border. It felt quite weighty leaving the shop.



The rear features a view of all three models, with a detail inset of the main model's rear 'bonnet' opening. As you can see, mine came with a large scratch on the rear; if I'd have noticed when I picked it up, I'd have swapped it for a better one.

The box opens with thumb-tabs, unfortunately.


The side features the usual parts inventory, useful if you're considering buying the set for its pieces. Click the pic for a hi-res image (when moderated):


The Contents

As with most Creator sets, you get a lot of Lego for your money: 278 pieces for £16, giving a pence per piece ratio of just under 6p (or about 7c). The model weighs exactly 250gm, giving a BAR of 16 (I'm determined to make this catch on :grin: ), which is similar to the non-licensed Lego sets I've measured so far.

Out of the box fall four polybags:


and two instruction books. No stickers, but we wouldn't expect any in a Creator set.

The Instructions

Book 1 covers the main model:


The stages are clear; there are piece callouts for all three models, but only about 5-8 pieces are used per average step, although during model 3 I found that the building became slow with fewer and fewer parts used each time. The only colour issue I found was in differentiating between dark grey and silver grille tiles, although deciding which to use is fairly intuitive.


Book 1 also contains a part inventory over two pages. The instructions are smaller than I've seen in previous Creator sets; here is a comparison to 6745 Propeller Power (a review of which will follow :wink: ):


Book 2, roughly the same size and thickness as Book 1, contains the instructions for models 2 and 3, and little else.


The Parts

Most parts are black and red plates, tiles and bricks. There are few functional elements (no technic pins!).

Pieces of interest:

The wheels are chunky and beautifully detailed, with sizing in relief on the side (like a real tyre):


Along with the usual multitude of clear cheese wedges, there are these two clear pieces:


Just about every 2010 set I've opened so far has contained some of these:


Lego seem determined to get their money's worth from these new moulds.

Two pearl silver grille tiles, and a steering wheel:


And a little selection of medium blue pieces. Lovely! Probably less exciting to owners of the Mediaeval Market Village.


And that's about it. There's not very much to make this set appeal from the parts alone. For a full inventory see here.

Main Model - The Super Speedster

The build is straightforward for all three models. It's a brick-built construction, with almost no Technic. The wheels are attached via pin-bricks, and the opening panels at front and rear work via hinge-bricks and pin-bricks respectively.

I've added step numbers to the inbuild shots to give readers a feel for the simplicity of the steps.


SNOT panels make up the front and rear fenders you can see in step 25:


The rear opening panel is formed from a window pane between white 1x1 bricks. It's not obvious when building, but these form the white stripes which run the length of the car.


48 steps in, and we have completed the main model:


Nice, isn't she? Let's have a look around.

Quite imposing from the front:


Shots from the front and rear:


I wouldn't want that grille imprint on my leg! The rear round 1x1 bricks are meant to represent the exhausts. The rear reminds me quite strongly of a Lamborghini; I don't know which but I'm sure someone reading this will! (where's prateek when you need him? :wink: ) It doesn't have a Lambo's vertically opening doors, though.

Another shot from the rear:


A very sporty angle, lovely! I like the way the slope of the rear opening panel matches that of the grilles.

From the side:


I'm not quite so keen on the side view; a little blockiness is beginning to show itself. You can see the rear spoiler is kept horizontal with hinge bricks. The top-down angle demonstrates quite nicely how the doors are angled to give the body some shape, and also the continuation of the white stripes from front to back.

The roof - a single 6x4 black plate - is a little barren. I might have liked to see one of these instead. It is, however, easily removed to view the interior:


You can't easily fit a minifig in there without some structural work. Plus this car really wouldn't fit into the average Town display!

Finally, the bonnet and boot open (hood and trunk for our transatlantic chums) - though I'm not sure which is which on a rear-engined car!


You can almost fit a spare wheel in the front, but you can't then close the boot. Plus there isn't actually a spare. The rear view shows the engine detail, simple yet effective, using hinge bricks, grille tiles and 1x1 round pieces to give a V8 look. Unfortunately, the rear bonnet opens with non-fiction pin bricks, so it won't hold itself open without moving it right back as I have done.

More thoughts on the Super Speedster

It's a nice model: weighty, sturdy, and fun to push around the coffee table. There's no steering, which is a shame, but it cuts down on the Technic requirement and makes the set available to a lower age group. Primarily, for AFOLs it'll be a display model, and the bright colours cetainly stand out (particularly from my hordes of Star Wars grey).

Model 2 - 4x4 (Armored car, according to Shop @ Home)

Inbuild shots


Again, the build is straightforward. The chassis is constructed from a number of long plates, necessary when using parts from the main model. Then the undercarriage is added.


In step 24 you can make out a number of 1x1 white bricks used on the nearside rear; the offside uses a single 1x6 brick. This is again necessary to avoid having extra bricks in the set that are not used in the main model. It doesn't seem to detract from the overall sturdiness, but is a little fiddly.


Note the hinge pieces at the front of the mode (blue arrow). These connect to the corresponding pieces on the windshield, to create a vertical SNOT effect. It's a clever technique, and again saves having to include a standard 6-wide windshield piece in the set.

40 steps in, and the 4x4 is finished:


It's reasonably good looking, sturdy yet not exciting. The doors open and you can angle the wing mirrors, but the bonnet doesn't open and neither does the rear glass pane.

Let's have a look around:


The front is dramatic, and looks the part, but the rear is quite workmanlike. That might be appropriate for a Jeep or Land Rover type vehicle, but they wouldn't usually be found in such ostentatious colours! The studs you can see in the rear window serve no purpose.


On these side views, you can again see the 1x1 white bricks, which look a little untidy; the silver grille tiles and 4x2 tiles on the bonnet look great.

This is the sort of vehicle that might appeal to this character, but perhaps not in red and white!


Leftovers from Model 2:


Model 3 - Go-cart

Inbuild shots


The chassis comes together quickly at first, although you can see from the step numbers that the build isn't strenuous.


A SNOT panel makes up the rear bumper, and hinge bricks attach the seat back at a slight angle.


A further SNOT panel makes the front bumper, and hinge bricks angle the steering panel and the steering wheel itself.

The model is finished by step 34:


Some different views:



These shots show off the features. The grille slopes at the front are meant to represent the pedals; I seem to remember them from the last time I drove a go-cart about ten years ago. The rear shot shows the engine: it appears to be a V4 - unusual for a go-cart; they're usually two-stroke single cylinder engines I believe. The white cylinder is the exhaust, a nice little touch. In the rear shot you can also see the two grey 1x1 round plates which I presume represent dials.


A nice view of the side and the wheels. Of the three models, this is the one that could most do with steering. There aren't much in the way of functions.

The leftovers after building model 3:


This model looks more fitting for this character; I had to remove the steering wheel, but then I'm not going to let Rocky drive it, being as he is without a crash helmet!


Rocky Raccoon appears courtesy of Mrs Rufus.

[Edit - Rick tells me it's Ricky Raccoon. Oops!]


As Creator sets go, the Super Speedster is a reasonably interesting build, and the model is fun to push around, and looks great on the shelf. There isn't much scope for integration with other sets; although similar to some of the other Creator cars, such as those in the 6753 Car Transporter or the recent 6743 Street Speeder, this car is larger; it's far too large for even the richest and most flamboyant minifig to drive around Studsville, even if he could fit behind the wheel. The opening doors, bonnet and boot are nice touches. Steering would have been a useful addition, but would put the model beyond the skill of younger KFOLs.

The alternative models, while perhaps not going to cause the average AFOL to break out in a sweat, are interesting and varied, at least; I like the fact that no extra parts are required, and both alternatives can be built using only the parts in the main car.

Design 9/10 A beautiful rendition of an unspecified luxury sports car, looks great on display; steering would have brought it to 10/10.

Build 7/10 Straightforward, with minimal repetition and some interesting SNOT techniques, but not taxing; you don't have to give it your full attention and could watch a good film at the same time; the end result (of the main model at least) is however satisfying.

Playability 7/10 These cars are fun to push around, and sturdy enough to withstand a tumble down the stairs or a collision with a table leg, but the lack of integration with other models loses it points.

Parts 7/10 Nothing too spectacular, but I did 'ooh' over the medium blue tiles for a while. Those big, detailed tyres are nice, as are the silver grille tiles, even though there's only the two of them. Otherwise, nothing special.

Price 8/10 You do get a lot of Lego for your money, but the price has risen considerably even over similarly sized sets from last year.

Overall, 76%. A pretty model for the shelf, but unless you're a Creator car fan, or like me just have a Lego itch to scratch, there isn't that much incentive to buy this set. If you do, though, I think you'll enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed the review. Please let me know what you thought of it.


Similar sets (click for reviews where available)

6743s.jpg 6743 Street Speeder by Etzel

6753s.jpg 6753 Highway Transport by mrpolyonymous ... by Siegried

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Great looking review, not personally my kind of set, but a great review, and a pretty good looking model.

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Nice review! From the Creator line I mainly buy the houses because they go well with City sets. However, I bought the previous two versions of this one (yellow and green) on discount for parts. This looks like a nice parts pack again and I'll definitely be keeping an eye out when these go on clearance again.

Rocky Raccoon appears courtesy of Mrs Rufus.

That's Ricky Racoon (my Fabuland alter ego). :wink:

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Great review! I really like this set a lot. All of the vehicles look sturdy, unlike some models of the past.


I wouldn\'t want that grille imprint on my leg! The rear round 1x1 bricks are meant to represent the exhausts. The rear reminds me quite strongly of a Lamborghini; I don\'t know which but I\'m sure someone reading this will! (where\'s prateek when you need him? :wink: ) It doesn\'t have a Lambo\'s vertically opening doors, though.

That\'s a Countach :tongue:

Edited by prateek

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A Great Review Rufus!

I really like all three models. But that Go Cart is the best out of them. :wub:

The parts in this set are a nice selection.

The pics are great. :thumbup:

Thanks for the Great review!


Edited by CommanderFox

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Thanks for the comments! :classic: And thanks to WhiteFang for frontpaging! :blush:

That's Ricky Racoon (my Fabuland alter ego). :wink:

Oooh, sorry, I know next to nothing about Fabuland.... thanks for correcting me!

That\'s a Countach :tongue:

Somehow I knew you'd know! :grin:. I thought it was a Countach, had a picture of one on my wall as a kid, but I couldn't find a pic to confirm. Thanks!

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Thanks for the review 'Rufus' - what an AWESOME set !! :laugh:

That sports car is too cool for school !

Doors, bonnet and boot open - that makes this set a winner !

You could sticker one of these as a sports racer or drifter !

I'm a conformist! ! :grin:

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Thanks for the comments! :classic: And thanks to WhiteFang for frontpaging! :blush:

No problem at all, I should thank you instead, for bringing us this 2010 Creator review to Eurobricks, and of course helping out to complete the Creator index. :sweet:

This is a great review, and of course, has somehow tempted me to get this set. Unfortunately, I don't have the yellow and green car, earlier ago. Otherwise, I will definitely get this set for sure. Then again, I am fond of all 3 designs. :blush:

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Nice set.

A great way of showing kids on how bricks can be used. All three models are nicely done.

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