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[RCB - OL] Nouveau Oleandia Party

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Excellent work. As for licensing, I would guess artisan or commerce, depending on the nature of each shop, and I'd say it passes for a royal property.

The court may want to go through it and see if any parts need a bit of updating, but I doubt that should be an issue.

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And here we are! The final turn has been completed! Turn 20, by CAPOnBOBS! He added a large flagpole!


And now, let's look at the final photos. But first, I suggest a little music to get into the mood.


Let's start with an overview of the square. There are a few brightly colored buildings we can see and some residents of Nouveau Oleandia bustling around. You certainly won't mistake this town for any other! Off to the right, there's a stage with performers; an excited crowd has come to watch.


A nice close shot of a fountain. Toss a coin in, and maybe you'll get some good luck when you venture out into the swamps!





Here is out first building in a bright, inviting color. Blue shaded railings for Oleon along with plants to remind you we're on Crocodile Island.You can see the details put in by all the members who worked on this project.




Continuing counter clockwise around the town, we arrive at our second building, a warm yellow one with brown accents designed in seemingly a mix of the shotgun style of design and the Creole townhouse. There's a balcony just like the first building, but this one is supported by columns jutting out. Don't forget to notice the flag colors of Nouveau Oleandia: green, purple, and yellow.



Let's take a look at this stage with some musicians. There's a guitar player, a singer, and a man absolutely loving playing the accordian. I mean, wouldn't you love to do that for this crowd of lovely people? Say, what does that gentleman in the back of the photo have there? Let's go check it out!





Why it's some food vendors! Beer, sausage, they have it!


Continuing on, we can see at the edge of the build there is some nature. As Nouveau Oleandia is fairly new, there is some encroachment by nature to be expected. Just watch out for crocodiles!





And now to our third building, a cool light blue building. Some minifigures are watching the festivities out on the street.




And now on to our fourth building! This certainly seems like a bar. And look at those proud Oleander soldiers taking some time off to enjoy the town and merriment. They are certainly enjoying themselves and all Nouveau Oleandia has to offer. So just what are they looking at?






Why it's a parade! Complete with musicians and even a prize! Even Herbert and Ol' Bessy were able to make it out. Look at all the townspeople coming to enjoy the music, the food and the attraction. A great time to be had by all! You still listening to the music? Who dat, indeed.




Our fifth building is similar to our first in style, but smaller and a more neutral tan with varying overhangs. Also there is more nature to help give borders to the town.


And this is our final building for this collab! A nice purple building drawing off of the colors of the flag. But there is still one more thing we need to see.





The glorious flagpole to show that Nouveau Oleandia and all of Crocodile Island belong to Oleon. Big flags that signify the power blowing in the breeze.







And finally some big wideshots of the build.

The final piece count is 7,398 pieces, with a base of 96x128 studs (12,288 sq studs), and with 79 minifigures. I want to give a big thank you to the talented builders who helped make this massive build happen, @NOD, @Professor Thaum, and @CapOnBOBS. Thank you all for being a part of this absolutely huge, crazy endeavor. I loved seeing all the things you all added to the builds. From techniques to little side stories of minifigures and such, this has been a highlight of Brethren of the Brick Seas for me. I'm very happy we were able to have cross-faction teamwork as well. For everyone who has not been able to see the files to build this and is seeing all these photos now, I hope you looked closely at the photos to see how much work and the builders put in, there are some really creative ways to use pieces in here.

Thank you again to the builders and everyone following this project. Thank you for staying as long as you have to look at the photos and read the text in the post. Now as we say in Nouveau Oleandia, "Laissez les bons temps rouler."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go grab myself a Hurricane, or whatever the equivalent is here in Nouveau Oleandia. I need it after these past seven days of rendering photos (seriously, seven whole days to render these). And work. And because why not have a good time in Nouveau Oleandia?

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Although it took ages for me to load those pics, it was definitely worth it!! Great work guys!!!

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9 hours ago, evancelt said:

Spectacular! Great work guys!


7 hours ago, NOD said:

Marvelous!:pir-love: I can see a lot of details in the large photos. Thanks @KotZ, @CapOnBOBS and @Professor Thaum !


2 hours ago, blackdeathgr said:

Although it took ages for me to load those pics, it was definitely worth it!! Great work guys!!!

Thanks, blackdeathgr! And yes the photos are large, but it allows you to zoom in and see so much detail, as NOD mentioned.


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