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[WTC] WTC Offices, Quinnsville

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It had been quiet around the WTC over the last months - that did not mean they had been idle though!

With a large factory already set up in Quinnsville, and the prospect of closer cooperation for a mining venture in the near future, setting up local offices was only a logical next step.


Guarding the newly set up WTC Offices, the two WTC Marines could not decide what to appreciate more: the curves of the local ladies, or those of the horses!



Not everybody approved of the WTC now being present in Quinnsville though. Or was it just fear for his horse?



Either way: all hail the WTC!





Licensed as a small commerce property by the WTC.


More pictures, including the backside of the build:




I'm pretty hapy with how this one turned out. Nothing fancy really, but a solid looking facade and some street life in Quinnsville. Note the difference between the green vegetation of Cocovia in general and the cacti brought from Argentia directly in the front of the WTC Offices - you want to feel home, at least a little bit! :pir-grin:

Now with a proper local representation, I plan to have the WTC a lot more active in and around Quinnsville.


As always, C&C are welcome and appreciated.



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Nice façade, I thought it may have been SNOT when I first saw the picture from the back but I see that was just to block out the light for the windows - good thinking! The colour scheme really works well and I like the details in the garden and across the road. Very cool minifig combo for the guy on the horse!

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Nice build. I like the overall composition and the way you did the gables and the stairs. The façade itself is maybe a bit too plain for me. Maybe you could use some masonry bricks in between the regular bricks to give it more texture? Adding some window sills to the windows would also help to make it feel a bit less plain, I think. But all in all, it is nice. I envy your collection of dark red bricks :tongue:. I really need to get me some.

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