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[SR-MCRA] A Rat Among the Rats!

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Sources from an unknown Rat amongst Rats disclosed to the KPA that Captain Larvey and The Drunken Monkey were diverting to Tortuga due to "taking on water". 

It's confirmed that Captain Larvey is indeed in Tortuga as that same Rat spotted him at a local Rathskeller where tonight's special is red tuna. 


He wasn't the only infamous Captain there though.   It seems that Bluebeard's recruiting more lads already after the capture of some of his crews recently. 


Another lowlife enters the room the lesser known Captain of LaPetunia and his trained Falcon. 


Brandi is a great barmaid and she's often told what a good wife she would be ...


Suzette is Brandi's daughter...  She's easy on the eyes just like her mama


Apparently too easy and this young sailor seems to have lost his sea legs when she winked at him from across the room. 


But back to our story at hand.  It seems as though Captain Larvey being the cunning sailor he is ....

tortuga1 edit

... And apparently a braggard!

He was heard saying "Me goal was to bring er keel up to get the tar patch above the water line to fix er good an proper"

 As he told it, he began to take on water and ordered the men to unload ballast, tossing it to the sea to lighten her. 


He apparently forgot he had locked a man below as punishment, but ordered any dead weight thrown over just as well. 


He now claims that The Drunken Monkey handles better and as proof he sailed twice the distance to Tortuga just to prove it.   He claims he intends to add a couple more guns to her as well now that she handles so well.  


OoC: These builds settle two purposes for me it explains the stats change for The Drunken Monkey and explains how she wound up in Tortuga. 

Comments and criticism welcomed 

The "bar" is a basement bar and all of the walls are removable for pictures.  There will be upper floors added later. 



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Just now, Ross Fisher said:

Isn't Bluebeard hanging from a yardarm now?

Bluebeard escaped on a small sloop while his larger ships and much of his crew were captured.

Now, the pirate Montroy was captured by Corries who made port in Calisto, but we've received no word on what has happened there...

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