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Help with 8x4 Pirates Layout for my Son

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Hi all

I am preparing a 8x4 Layout with 32*32 plates for my son. It's a mix of my vintage pirate sets, and newer soldier sets released several years ago.
My goal is to have a good playability for him, like rowing with the small boat behind the Soldier's Fort to help escape the Pirates from Prison..

I was thinking to give the pirates some beach space on the right, in order to hide the treasure and build some rocks.. Any help regarding the layout / placement of the items?
It would be lovely to build a small lagoon, but due to the massive size of the two ships this gets quite tricky with 8x4 baseplates..


Item list:

  • 6260 Shipwreck Island
  • 6270 Forbidden Island
  • 6273 Rock Island Refuge
  • 6234 Renegade's Raft
  • 6257 Castaways Raft
  • 6285 Black Seas Barracuda
  • 10210 Imperial Flagship
  • 6242 Soldiers Fort

I just love the pirate layouts of those movies from Bricks Planet:


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Well, I would put the Rock Island Refuge on the center of the beach (attached to it) and the two islands a bit ahead of the  beach so as to "oversee" it. Then the pirates would have to cross those small islands one at a time to enter pirates "castle" :wink:

Oh, well, that's what I will do when I will be able to build something like that. I need spaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!


P.S: You and your son can gradually build on the beach to make it more lush and not that flat :wink:

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Thank your feedback.
I was first also thinking to connect the Rock Island Refuge to the beach.. But when you look at the raised baseplate, its covered on all four sides with water.
The beach will be extended with rocks and hiding places for the pirates, but of course also a place to hide the treasure.
All inspired by the very first Lego pirates picture I can remember from my childhood:

Honestly I was just too lazy to draw it on PC, we will just start to build it once the beach is there with the available parts.

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Can you go to 2 tables wide?  So 8x8 or 64 baseplates?  I know it's MORE, but it will give you a considerable amount more to work with.

If not, maybe this can help with a few ideas for you.  This is our winning EB entry for Brickworld 2012, Pirates. Might not be ideal for younger viewers ears, sorry I didn't make the video.

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No sorry 4x8 is the maximum size, which fits quite nice into his room. Thanks for the link, your fortress is just MASSIVE :-)

The plan is to put the playtable on top of some cardboards, so it's the perfect for him to store other lego and play on all four corners with his friends.
Good for me that I still have some years to plan it, he is still busy playing with Duplo ;-)

Sample image of lego playtable:

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On 8/2/2017 at 9:48 PM, swisspiratefan said:

he is still busy playing with Duplo ;-)

You DO know that with those precious "little" DUPLOs, you can give height to any construction of yours, right? :wink:

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