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Location: D04 Magrathera

Tags: Military, Civil

The moment that all some have been waiting for!


*static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 015,

*Beltar has been wandering corridors for some time now*



Madame K: Welcome Mr. Beltar, have a seat.

Beltar: …


Beltar: You must be the-the- M

ad-Madame Kawashita in-in charge of the K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A. division? I knew this was a trap. You locked certain corridors

Madame K: Right you are. I believe you know who that woman in that chair is?

Beltar: So-Sorry to disappoint but I don’t know.

(Woman in chair): Aw, I feel almost insulted! Well, I guess you did have memory loss…





Madame K: Well, you are alone.

Beltar: Who said anything about being alone?

Madame K: What do you mean?

Beltar: You locked corridors, but not computer sockets...Computer?

*Over an inter-com* This is Computer: 38.5% Of Kawashita Base Programs Over-Ridden

Madame K: NO! Shame, you will have to die now.


Beltar: NEVER!...Computer?


Madame K: Looks like your computer is having trouble getting past certain firewalls. To bad…Looks like you will have to take us on alone…

*Explosion at the door way*


Beltar: Robin?

Robin: Yes! I escaped with some help. And my hat is here! I also found these new goggles in their storage!

Beltar: Who helped you?

Robin: Oh, yeah, I brought them too!


Kraig: You were expecting maybe, Squirrel Girl?

Jeb: The

offer is still up by the way.

Beltar: I’ll consider it again later….WAIT, KRAIG!

Kraig: YE-HA!


Madame K: Wonderful, Sonja, Please protect Mrs. Beltar. Don’t let your personal attachment get in the way.


*An all-out fight started*


Jeb vs Rom

Jeb: Take that you Kawash*t! (I needed to use that eventually)


Madame Kawashita Vs. Robin

Robin: My dear, I can’t fight y- aye-aye-aye. That HURT!

Madame K: It’s supposed to fool!


Beltar Vs. Pilot

Beltar: To-to thi-think that when you saved me it was all for this!

Pilot: …


Eventually, Lauren Beltar decided to join in after stealing the staff from her sister, and a sibling battle began.

Lauren: I’ve always been better than you!

Sonja: Well, look where that got you! And who! An INSANE MANIAC!

Lauren: You know, the only reason your in Kawashita is because of ME! With the ENGINE!


Kraig Vs. Rodrigo

Kraig: I never see this much action! Not even in the Mail Room! And there’s lots of action in there!

Rodrigo: AHHHH!

Kraig: I Thought you wanted action? (Forgot what build to link to here..)


Rodrigo: I did. SPARE ME!

Kraig: heaheaheaheahea!



Nu’q: Come on man…Time to pick a side.


Nu’q: You.


Nu’q: Or you.

Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 015 kszzz


Hey, no more extra pics! There is one, but it’s a slight variation of a picture, so I just left it in the photostream on flickr.

Back to longer stories hopefully! And this build is better than some of my recent builds. Also, this is a Part 1 of probably 3. Finally a look at Lauren, a huge fight, and Kraig is back! Who will Nu’q Shoot? Find out next time! (Same Bat-Channel, probably not the same Bat-Time!)

:laugh: And as always, C and C welcome!


Edit: Story Error...

Edited by Commander Beltar

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Holy crap. There's so much going on here.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

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Cool build! Nice variation in the walls and plenty of action!

Thanks! I told you Jeb would do more in my story line...!

Wow, cool fight scene, good starting of a story as well :thumbup:

Thanks man!

I'm wondering how a build can be both civil and military at the same time... :wink:

Also is it for D04 or D09?

Er....It just somehow works :tongue: Also, it's for D09, side note: I didn't realize we took D09, I assume it was because of the Challenge points...

Holy crap. There's so much going on here.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.

Thanks pombe!

Intense! That's quite the brawl.

Thanks SpacerSteve! Glad you like it!


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