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Found 2 results

  1. Commander Beltar

    [K-D09] Madame Kawashita Presents...

    Location: D04 Magrathera Tags: Military, Civil The moment that all some have been waiting for! ============================================================================================================================ *static* Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 015, *Beltar has been wandering corridors for some time now* … Madame K: Welcome Mr. Beltar, have a seat. Beltar: … Beltar: You must be the-the- M ad-Madame Kawashita in-in charge of the K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A. division? I knew this was a trap. You locked certain corridors Madame K: Right you are. I believe you know who that woman in that chair is? Beltar: So-Sorry to disappoint but I don’t know. (Woman in chair): Aw, I feel almost insulted! Well, I guess you did have memory loss… Madame K: Mr. Beltar, meet Lauren A. Beltar. Beltar: WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HECK. Beltar: I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON FOR THIS! Madame K: Well, you are alone. Beltar: Who said anything about being alone? Madame K: What do you mean? Beltar: You locked corridors, but not computer sockets...Computer? *Over an inter-com* This is Computer: 38.5% Of Kawashita Base Programs Over-Ridden Madame K: NO! Shame, you will have to die now. Beltar: NEVER!...Computer? Madame K: Looks like your computer is having trouble getting past certain firewalls. To bad…Looks like you will have to take us on alone… *Explosion at the door way* Robin: He is not alone. Hello my friend! Beltar: Robin? Robin: Yes! I escaped with some help. And my hat is here! I also found these new goggles in their storage! Beltar: Who helped you? Robin: Oh, yeah, I brought them too! Kraig: You were expecting maybe, Squirrel Girl? Jeb: The offer is still up by the way. Beltar: I’ll consider it again later….WAIT, KRAIG! Kraig: YE-HA! Madame K: Wonderful, Sonja, Please protect Mrs. Beltar. Don’t let your personal attachment get in the way. *An all-out fight started* Jeb vs Rom Jeb: Take that you Kawash*t! (I needed to use that eventually) Madame Kawashita Vs. Robin Robin: My dear, I can’t fight y- aye-aye-aye. That HURT! Madame K: It’s supposed to fool! Beltar Vs. Pilot Beltar: To-to thi-think that when you saved me it was all for this! Pilot: … Eventually, Lauren Beltar decided to join in after stealing the staff from her sister, and a sibling battle began. Lauren: I’ve always been better than you! Sonja: Well, look where that got you! And who! An INSANE MANIAC! Lauren: You know, the only reason your in Kawashita is because of ME! With the ENGINE! Kraig Vs. Rodrigo Kraig: I never see this much action! Not even in the Mail Room! And there’s lots of action in there! Rodrigo: AHHHH! Kraig: I Thought you wanted action? (Forgot what build to link to here..) Rodrigo: I did. SPARE ME! Kraig: heaheaheaheahea! ... Nu’q: Come on man…Time to pick a side. Nu’q: You. Nu’q: Or you. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 015 kszzz ============================================================================================================================ Hey, no more extra pics! There is one, but it’s a slight variation of a picture, so I just left it in the photostream on flickr. Back to longer stories hopefully! And this build is better than some of my recent builds. Also, this is a Part 1 of probably 3. Finally a look at Lauren, a huge fight, and Kraig is back! Who will Nu’q Shoot? Find out next time! (Same Bat-Channel, probably not the same Bat-Time!) And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar Edit: Story Error...
  2. Commander Beltar

    [K - A04] Some Old Friends...

    Location: A04 Myndernis Tags: Spying (PauL is…), Building (Kind of...) ============================================================================================================================ Begin Log, Chapter 1, Part 013 Beltar: Ugh, really computer? This contact better be worth it….The smell is getting to me. Computer: Well, you have met them before. Jebadiah: Are you sure the man is coming? Robin: He will my friend! *Loud Noise* Beltar: *Cough* COMPUTER! THESE ARE YOUR CONTACTS! REALLY! I UNDERSTAND ROBIN, BUT HIM AGAIN! Beltar: So just how did you guys host this escape? Jeb: Your computer contacted me, and told me to contact Robinhood here. We then had some…inside…help. Robin: That is mostly correct! Beltar: There we go. Little trace. Computer: Wait. Beltar: Huh? Jeb: ? Robin what iz it robot! Computer: Wait. Computer: I’m getting 2 AIs’ in the vicinity. One is deactivated. But… Beltar: WHAT? Are you certain it isn't you? Computer: Affirmative. The other one One is active. Standard protocols mean that they should be deactivated before being thrown into the recycling plant. *Random Noise* PauL: Ksskkzzz…Orders Revived. Beltar: WOAH, PAUL? WHAT? WHO OPENED THOSE? *All say not them…* PauL: Hello there. *Random magnet clicking and coming from the trash on the other side* PauL: My designation is aPauLo-14. You killed my cousin. Prepare to be caught. (Or Die) Beltar: What. The. Absolute. H*ll. Computer: I think we should leave. Robin: Agreed. Jeb: Agreed. Robin: I will hold him off. Go my friends! Beltar: But.. Robin: GO! PauL: You are very brave archer. Foolish. But brave. Robin: Ahaha! PauL: Surrender. Robin: Never. PauL: Very well then. Such a waste of a possible asset. Robin: … PauL: Eliminate Him. Madame Kawashita commands it. Close Log, Chapter 1, Part 013 ============================================================================================================================ Thanks for reading this installment in Beltar’s story! Hope you like the build and story! Oh no! What will happen to Robin? Anyways, I spent the extra week working on SoNE and the PTV Contest, so this isn't as great as I had planned...And the story was more of a filler for what was going to be "Alone Against K.A.W.A.S.H.I.T.A.". And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar