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Well this is my third MOC.

It's approximately a 1977 HZ Sandman panel van. It was the 70's in Australia, so lairy graphics and goodies style fonts were standard. Two kinds of people bought sandman's. Tradie's and surfers. Surfers loved them because you could fit surfboards in the back, without needing roofracks. The other think you could fit easily in the back was a mattress. More than a few Australian children of the 70's and 80's were conceived in the back of a sandman.

The real ones look like this:


My lego one has the following features:

  • Opening doors, bonnet, tailgate and rear window.
  • Live axle rear suspension
  • Front independent suspension
  • Steering wheel and TOG (tailpipe of god) steering
  • 4 + R gearbox
  • V8 engine (thanks jorgeopesi)
  • Lairy graphics
  • Removable body

So the lego one looks like this:

21186747725_c2601beeba_c.jpg2015-08-23 12.14.28 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr

20998540750_408af45098_c.jpg2015-08-23 12.16.36 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr

20565484303_7fa6feb725_c.jpg2015-08-23 12.17.05 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr

20563961694_42a03991be_c.jpg2015-08-23 12.18.32 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr

21194529681_21e8afb395_c.jpg2015-08-23 12.15.58 by Russell Murphy, on Flickr

And you can see more on my Flickr:

Keen to see what everyone thinks.

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Very cool little model :thumbup:

I like the bodywork, but I love that small function packed chassis even more, especially since you can put a different style body on it pretty easily. :classic:

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