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The Citadel of Der Golad

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In the northern plains beyond the elven cities, lies the human city-stronghold of Der Golad. Ruled by its wise king, the city serves as a human enclave in the north and as protection against the evil schemes and machinations of the Dragon King and his henchmen. The king, blood related to the mighty Emperor, has witnessed the utter destruction of the elven cities by the Dragon King and his monstrous army, who has steamrolled thru all that opposes him, aided by fearless armored uruks, giant trolls, dragons and evil potentate warlocks. Sending word to the Emperor, the people of Der Golad prepare for the great siege that will come as part of the Dragon King's campaign to ensnare the North into his power. But Der Golad's walls are impregnable, they possess the finest archers of the north, and every citizen has taken arms to defend their city and livelihood. A mercenary company, led by Kara the Amazon and Rustius have come forth to fight for the King of Der Golad, albeit for the right price. Time is running short, and allies are in scattered in the wind.

17181060135_47981dbedf_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134601337 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The City of Der Golad

16560904503_11e4b81b45_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134458025 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

Aerial view of the city

16560911063_9f815ed750_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134431615 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The city's Keep

16973576297_800c2b6b72_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134424720 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

Heavy Infantry

17180491601_b948107e65_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134413092 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

Archers and the Keep's catapult

17180497131_1eff0a2734_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134403874 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The garrison at the wall

16994916679_f3d99f4a12_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134356420 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The gate guard

17180510351_4b20b3ffca_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134349495 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The finest archers in the North

16973704407_9ce7bb1f66_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134340334 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The King of Der Golad and his generals meeting Kara, Rustius and the merc company

16558552244_bfa8fb8cbd_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134335518 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

The company

17181023355_fcf407a8ab_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134730805 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

Kara and Rustius

16560854343_15dbeeb62f_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134734815 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

17155086986_2bf26c628c_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134748016 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

Soldiers of the Company

16993486900_c462ab3eb0_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134809624 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

More of the Company

17180410491_622bed99dd_c.jpgIMG_20150417_134820764 by jarosarionieves, on Flickr

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nice job I really like how simple but how neat it is great job!!!!

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Wow, that's really an impressive army! The posing is very nice, too! :thumbup:

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