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  1. I dislike the NK theme as a whole. I understand the marketing principle behind it, but felt robbed of the Castle themes that I had loved since a child and now in my middle adulthood. I hopefully expect it to pass (unfortunately in some years), so the new Castle theme pops and enthrall all of our hearts.
  2. LegoFanfromPR

    Japanese Fortress (MOC)

    Top tier castle. Love the ninja and the samurai. Excellent job!!!!!
  3. LegoFanfromPR

    Intro: Northern Huntsman

    Nice creation. Love the details. the snow and the dire wolf look top notch.
  4. LegoFanfromPR

    CCCXIV-Great Turkish Bombard

    Wicked!!!!! Incredibly accurate.
  5. LegoFanfromPR

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Amazing. how many minifigures are there? I estimate from 600-700. I'm building a slightly smaller army of 500 men. It will be GoT inspired. Will post soon. Awesome army right there. Fantastic job!!!!! Love the different regiments/divisions of your armies!!!!! Ive posted earlier (maybe 2 years ago) a few of my armies, but since have changed them quite a bit. right now, I'm using GoT inspired themes, using factions as the Greyjoys, helmed by Euron Crow's Eye (with 3 ships, tho Im sure two of them wont be liked much), the Golden Company led by Aegon VI, a Dragon/Targaryen faction led Daenerys (with 3 dragons), and of course, the One True King, Stannis leading an army composed of his household Dragonstone knights, Stormlander knights and pikemen, mercenaries from the Free Cities (pikemen and axemen), Tully heavy pikemen, Freeriders from the Free Cities, House Ryswell (Stark vassals) Halberdiers, House Stark and northern bowmen, two siege towers and 7 catapults to reclaim Storm's End from the usurper Aegon VI.
  6. LegoFanfromPR

    Unofficial Game of Thrones minifigs

    Yes it is the set with the White Walker. The 12 piece set was 7.99 USD on eBay, free shipping from the far East. I havent taken pics from the actual set I own but they are very good detailed. The Melisandre red hood is a bit shabby, and you might want to replace with a real LEGO one. But otherwise, they wont set you back a lot, and would do a good addition to any GOT themed MOC, specially with the White Walkers who are not available via LEGO pieces. Also you can build a Dothraki scum party with the Khal Drogo minifigs coupled with Brickwarriors sickle swords which 100% accurately represent arakhs.
  7. Although I custom made my Thrones fave characters from original LEGO pieces (King Stannis Baratheon, Lady Melisandre, Hand of the King Lord Davos, usurper Hand Jon Connington, and usurper King Aegon VI), I saw a few weeks ago a set on many buy/sell websites. I ordered a set which has 12 characters and they are surprisingly sturdy. Any opinions about them?
  8. LegoFanfromPR

    LEGO Neuschwanstein Castle MOC- 4,300 pieces.

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!
  9. LegoFanfromPR

    Stannis Baratheon rallies Stormlanders and sellswords

    Thank you. That was a dwarven army that mutated due to fire magic and grew long legs. but will need to buy 80 normal legs for the Targaryen army who "donated" their legs to the One True King's Army
  10. LegoFanfromPR

    Stannis Baratheon rallies Stormlanders and sellswords

    more soldiers are rallying to the one true king's banner. pics coming soon
  11. LegoFanfromPR

    Stannis Baratheon rallies Stormlanders and sellswords

    maybe its best if an admin moves it to the post your army thread. thanks
  12. LegoFanfromPR

    Stannis Baratheon rallies Stormlanders and sellswords

    Yes heavy plate armored pikemen. #pikemenlivesmatter
  13. Stannis Baratheon, first his name, King of the Andals, of the Rhoynar, and the First Men, King in the Narrow Sea, King at the Painted Table, King of Dragonstone, King in the Wall, King of Storm's End, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, Lord Paramount and Protector of the Realm, King of Westeros. The true King raising levies from the Stormlands, horse and pike. Volantene bowmen have accepted the Braavosi coins Stannis offered them, as sellswords from beyond the Red Waste which will arrive in a fortnight. Stannis leads, along Hand of the King, Lord Davos, Melisandre of Asshai and a heavily escorted Princess Shireen Baratheon. Pikemen levies from the houses of the Stormlands and Stannis own Dragonstone knights march along the Volantene bowmen. 20151224_142353 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142404 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142413 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142345 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr 20151224_142308 by Jose Rosario, on Flickr
  14. LegoFanfromPR

    MOC: The Crossroads Inn

    I'll try buying some over the net, since I got none available. Thanks for the input