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  1. You may well recall the widow Martha Harris, who established herself in the colony of Stormhaven late last year producing high quality hats. Her store became known as the Widow's Hattery, and has gained quite the reputation in the Sea of Thieves. Business is booming, with the demand for tricornes particularly high! (OOC: especially since a certain builder has stopped using shakos as on reflecting he feels he wants to represent an earlier period - indeed he has just ordered another 37 from a Bricklink store in Germany - but I digress...) To supply the growing demand, Martha has opened a second workshop in the settlement of Mooreton Bay, ran by a women she has had in her employ since the beginning, and trained in the art of hat making by her very self. The workshop is located in two new adjoining buildings and features a retail section on the ground floor, with the production line and storage on the second and third floors. Things are looking up for the newly established Widows Hat Company, who recently won the contract to supply the Mooreton Bay Colonial Militia with their supply of tricornes - a factor that influenced the decision to open a Mooreton Bay branch! As I am currently away from home I am again dabbling in LDD. With a new appreciation for what is very much definitely an dark art, here is my second attempt at a digital build! Thanks to @Kolonialbeamter for his advice on my first attempt, the render is much better this time around! I have something much bigger in the works now, and hope to have it ready to go (if my computer can render it!) by the end of the month. Any advice/comments/constructive criticism is definitely welcome! The building design was heavily influenced by @Gideon's The Wrong Proposal. I've tried to make everything realistically buildable, although some of the plate pieces I've used in medium dark flesh would be extremely rare and expensive IRL! This medium artesian property makes Mooreton Bay a Level 4 'Large Town', although I miscalculated and updated the settlement thread to this effect a few weeks ago - now however it is correct! Long live the Queen!
  2. A custom CMF series, all are from different ages of history, or from a non-existing world. Many of them were inspired by ideas from the CMF 18 guessing game, so thanks for them! Hope you enjoy! Forest Fairy Frightening King Harpy Merman Soldier Hired Gun Hunter God Mob Boss Mummy Warrior Retiarius Sand Demon Space Police Viking Shieldmaiden Ice Warrior Pirate Lass Frontiersman Gargoyle
  3. This time I'm presenting my latest LDD work. A Zekiville Volunteer fire station. The building itself contains 20.000 bricks. It meets the latest standards in safety and functionality. The main part of the building houses garages, wardrobes and sanitary facilities for firefighters. The Gray wind accomidates all the administative facilities and the underground levels cover recreational and storage facilities. The training tower is designed to allow vertical rescue training, and structual fire simulations. The top 2 floors on gray wind and a top floor on orange wing (main building) provides 12 apartments for firefighter and their families in order to provide as fast responce as possible. The building also house other volunter emergency services such as: - K9 Sar unit - Dive rescue unit - Cave rescue unit and mountain rescue unit. The garages for their equipmet are locates at the back of the building. The look on the building from the front. Back view. Part of rescue apparatus. Ladder and Tech rescue truck with extended ladder/arm. K9 SAR team. Have a nice day.
  4. The Platipus Class Imperial Shuttle never saw extensive service. It was designed to be slightly smaller than the Tydirium Class with heavy missile armament, but its dependency on supply lines quickly got the project cancelled after a handful of them saw limited action against pirate raiders. The foot soldiers liked it because it was a mix between a Tank Buster and a Transport vehicle ( MI-24 Hind wink wink ) I wanted to design something that had the marks of a Star Wars craft with added shapes inspired by real life animals (Platipus) and aquatic insects (Water beetle) with a Tie Advanced jammed in there :D The craft has no internals. It is just for display. Feedback is welcome
  5. Hi guys for all this time when I think of making a moc I never build digitally. Now I think that building digitally first before trying to build it in real life is a good method to start mocs. I have built in LDD once but that was 2 or 3 years ago. Now i want to know what Lego digital building program is the best. I want something to begin with. My choices are LDD or or Ldraw . Ldraw seems to be a bit advanced but i don't know that if it is that advance. I might go with but I'm slightly not sure if it has technic parts but I am most sure it has While LDD doesn't have some parts ex:- Pneumatics. Tell me your opinion. P.S. Sorry for the bad English
  6. Me again - exercising some more SciFi TV show nerdism. As I was wrapping up the Schwarzkopf, I found an awesome LDD MOC on Flickr by CK-MCMLXXXI (don't know if they're on Eurobricks), and decided to try to reverse-engineer it, similar to how I ended up building Agamemnon - except in this case I only had 3 pics (4 angles) to go from, and no clues to go by for the internals. The designer wasn't sharing the LDD files (which is totally fair - I won't share mine for this either to stay true to that) but I said I'd love to build it, and they challenged me to do so... Challenge accepted! I managed to make something pretty close to their original but had to make some changes as I couldn't make all the bodywork angles match the original design perfectly. Some of the angles for the head were a nightmare to figure out - I had to do an ugly colourbarf mock-up IRL to test whether it was even possible or not! But yep, all the connections are legal in LDD this time - and I think there's enough clutch-power and structure in the 6 supports to hold up the sidepods IRL. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - Bluerender did a great job for the shots below, after I did some lighting experimentation. It's 3455 bricks, but I'm not sure they're all available in all the colours - haven't checked that yet... LxWxH it's 65x35x14 studs/bricks, or 522x280x136mm, according to MLCad. I'd add some stickers to it if I was actually building it IRL, but I currently have no plans to do so (the wife thinks it looks too "stubby" )... More pics including some LDD WIP screenshots are available in my Flickr album, and here's a 360 render (from my Photobucket) as a bonus: Hope the other BSG series fans out there like it! ;) I guess now I've done "The Beast" I should try the Galactica and/or a Cylon Basestar someday... if I could do them in the same scale that'd be pretty sweet, but that may be a stretch-goal too far!
  7. Inspired by the Speed Champions cars. Last year I built a car showroom to show them off. Al's Autos is built on 3 large baseplates. On the left baseplate the blue and white sign has doubled sided brick plate writing and rotates on a Technic turntable. The showroom has a roller door entry behind the office on the left. It is fully tiled inside and lit with PF LEDs. On the right baseplate the brown turntable also rotates on a Technic turntable. The footpath is designed to match up to the Modular footpaths. My own creation cars are a Pick Up truck with removable Camper. A Ford GT40 reverse engineered from a LEGO YouTube movie. The black Pontiac is a KITT replica and has a working red LED scanner in the front. Next was a service centre / workshop for the showroom.The back section is a parts department. On the right are two service bays. The front one has a working Technic pneumatic hoist. Also PF LED lighting. The shipping containers can fit a Speed Champions car or spare parts. To keep the cars clean I next built a car wash. This has a working Technic based linear actuator to move the brushes back and forward over the car. So after a long day. It's off to the Drive In movies. The diner has a projection room, kitchen, counter, seating and toilet. My own creation cars are two NYPD police cars with working light bars. A yellow NY taxi. The two Porsche 911's are modified with brick headlights and door handles. The ambulance has working LED light bars, headlights and taillights One day I will get around to doing close up and interior photos.
  8. After some playing around in LDD I managed to construct a 3 strand braid . This will be quite sloppy when you would build it in real life, but the excercise was fun. Anyone else having some LEGO braid ideas? Click the image to download the LXF-file. You can copy-paste the structure and connect it to the already present one.
  9. Tanith Morgan - no relation to the infamous Captain Benjamin Morgan - is a curious soul. Supposedly rescued from men with most ungentleman-like intentions by Roland Blaze, she spent some time serving on the Crimson Marauder before Blaze found himself founding Haven and becoming it's de facto leader. As construction on more enduring buildings began Tanith had a very particular set of demands regarding her residence. Being the town's premier expert on medical matters - the town's only expert, unless one counts barber-surgeon Zebediah, and somehow few do - few were willing to risk her refusing to help them. And so Tanith Morgan got her tower. Or, at least, the tallest building in Haven currently. While the ground floor is furnished for comfort it often goes unused. Tanith Morgan has never encountered a field of study she did not immediately become obsessed with, at least for a time. Equally driven to record her findings, much of the building is taken up by her experiments and research libraries, be it chemistry... ...biology... ...or her current interest, astronomy. And being the asocial type that she is, Tanith uses the attic as her personal living space. Well away from the townsfolk, and their distracting requests.
  10. I'm trying to replicate an RC car from picture instructions in LDD, however I can't seem to make it fit while it does in the video. Lego RC Trophy Truck I'm stuck @ 3:32. I have checked everything, but I can't get it to fit. The black frame on top hit's the motor so that it's not possible to attach the part to the motor mount. RC Trophy EX.lxf If someone has an idea or wants to check it out, I would be very happy!
  11. [Render] Exo-Force Devastator Figurine by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr Devastators were elite warriors of Meca One in his war against humans of the Mount Sentai. Possessing limited sentience unlike their Drone brethren, Devastators were assigned to pilot the most advanced and dangerous mechs and vehicles at Robot Army's disposal. * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  12. As requested by Inkpanther in my last thread on the EAS Agamemnon, here's another B5 MOC! This time it's just in LDD/LDraw, but the renders give a pretty decent idea of how it might look IRL. Front (got guns?): Side (oh yeah, don't forget the missile launch tubes as well as the guns ): Top shot (new greebles, new parts, another view of dem guns): If you're familiar with the reference material, or if you've seen the other thread, the Nova-Class Dreadnoughts are predecessors to the Omega Class Destroyers - without the rotating section but with a ridiculous quantity of guns and slightly fewer Starfuries. This beastie is for takin' names and kickin' megablocks. As a result, it wasn't much work to translate the Agamemnon into what I want to call the Schwartzkopf. The reference images I used are the Antares, but I prefer the one that was a topical reference (well, it was at the time!) to Stormin' Norman. Stats-wise, this one is 104 studs long (still legally a SHIP, right?), 30 tall and 20(ish) wide - or about 83x29x16cm. It contains 3720 parts, almost exactly 1000 less than the Agamemnon. I don't think I'll build this one in the brick (I'd have to make a UCS plaque) but just in case, I put the plaque holder on the opposite side of the stand from the Agamemnon so that they could face each other head-to-head on display at home. The model has 5 not 7 "ribs" in the midsection compared to the reference shot of the Antares but I'm fine with that - it fits my scale better so I'm taking artistic license. After placing the side-panels in the LDraw version, I can tell there could be some brick alignment issues with them around the midsection that would require a minor redesign of those, but they could probably do with a minor tweak anyway. The full Flickr album is here. As well as the renders there are a few reference pics I cribbed from the web, including a side-by-side comparison of a Nova and an Omega. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. I'm trying to build an old steam ship as a model, first in LDD to see if its plausible and to estimate the required parts. But I've run in to a tight spot. the engines (2) where triple expansion steam. 3 cylinders. 2,5m long 2m high scaling to 1:40 via gives me approximately 8 studs long. Only I'm stuck at 10 (11), which wouldn't be a problem you'd think, but the engine room where they are going into is small and there is other equipment to place as well (or I'd like too) So if there is anyone who has an idea how to downsize what I've got length wise. without losing the ability of the pistons going up and down when the crank rotates. best regards, Bart
  14. Hi, folks. During last SHIPtember, Ryan Olsen created a SHIP based on Babylon 5 - the EAS Agamemnon. I stumbled across it at the time thanks to some Lego blogs, and at the end of the year decided to build one for myself. Credit for the original Lego design goes to Ryan, of course! I took his WIP pics (here) and final pics (here - awesome photography & Photoshopping!) and reverse-engineered it in LDD to understand how it all held together and what parts were required. Then I used Rebrickable to figure out what parts I needed. To build it, I used the "hide" tool in LDD - hide bricks in reverse order, then undo to play back the build as you follow along. Much more helpful than the absurd LDD-generated instructions... Here's the end result (Flickr album here) - my pics & lighting are not studio-quality, unlike Ryan's! The middle section rotates (manually) and stays put at any angle, so it's well balanced and the turntables provide enough friction to keep it stable. Stats-wise, it's about 95cm (~117 studs) long, 35cm tall and 15cm wide, using ~4700 bricks, weighing-in at just over 3.7kg (8.2lb). I made some guesses as to internal structure (e.g. the turntable connections in the rotating section) and the greebles on top & bottom are my own, but it's very close to Ryan's original design and some reference images of the original. Ryan was kind enough to share the image files he used for the stickers, so I was able to complete the model. I couldn't connect the front & rear side plating in LDD - as I learned here, the connections are just illegal as there's not enough clearance between the side plates and overhanging top & bottom plates in software - however, it obviously works in the brick. I converted the LDD to an LDraw file (using SylvainLS's updated parts mapper here) and used LDCad (which can ignore collisions) to place the plates in order to use POV-Ray to make the renders you can see in my album. I learned a lot doing that! Note that I made some tweaks in-the-brick but haven't re-done the LDraw file or any renders to reconcile the minor differences. It was a fun, frustrating at times, but very rewarding journey, and I'm really happy how it turned out. The SHIP looks awesome on display in my living room. Thanks for the inspiration, Ryan, and thanks to those on this site who helped with the digital stuff! Here's a 360 degree render:
  15. after lego stopped build with chrome now they have closed all their digital building tools why do they keep stopping services that a lot of people use like ldd?
  16. Hey there - don't post much but the new xwing windscreen being available in trans-yellow inspired me to update one of my MOCs that I was never quite satisfied with until now. Backstory: In order to combat the increased incursions from the Blacktron forces and protect against their raids on commerce lanes, the Legoland Space Forces commissioned the development of a new scout and patrol craft. A decided departure from earlier, lightly armed, exploration craft, the LL919 is a high-endurance, single seat combat vessel designed to fill commerce escort, interception and interdiction roles. The Galaxy corporation developed a series of prototype craft from the successful LL901 light scout vessel. The basic spaceframe was stretched to accommodate an advanced high-power compact fusion reactor, a FTL jump drive, high performance sublight drives, additional armaments and an advanced AI system to assist with target tracking and identification and navigation on long patrols. The wing area was increased to accommodate additional radiator capacity to dissipate the heat generated by the advanced combat systems as well as improve trans-atmospheric performance. Armament features dual high rate blasters on each wingtip to engage smaller craft. Dual forward particle cannons and 6 under-wing hard-points carrying auto-seeking anti-matter torpedoes allow the LL919 to effectively engage heavy vessels. The FTL jump drive capabilities are classified but experts estimate that a jump drive in a craft this size would be capable of around 6 intersellar jumps before requiring maintenance and refueling. However, the craft does appear to have dorsal Bussard scoop which might allow the LL919 to extend its maximum endurance by travelling through dense clouds of interstellar hydrogen gas to replenish its fusion reactor. The craft features retractable nose gear and the ventral fins pivot to serve as the rear landing supports. The LL919 has had nothing but praise from the initial test pilots and it is now being rolled out to the LLSF's elite units. The photo below shows an LL919 wearing the famed "Scarlet Vipers" squadron colors. It is expected that the LL919 will be sent to equip all of the LLSF's patrol squadrons, replacing the current issue X-1 patrol craft, Cosmic Cruiser, FX-Starpatroller and other units, once Galaxy Corp. completes the initial Low-Rate-Initial-Production models and is authorized to begin full scale production. Link to brickshelf gallery Builders Notes: This MOC is proof that a build is never done. I have had different variations of this build in LDD for several years and I was never quite satisfied with the look. The new T70 xwing canopy struck me as perfect for this build so I recently re-designed the canopy section to include it. There is a "design progression" picture in the brickshelf gallery that captures many of the iterations of this design over the years. The nearly studless exterior features significant SNOT construction techniques. Total piece count is 343 bricks including the pilot minifig. The design is obviously inspired by the Buck-Rogers Earth Directorate "Thunder fighter" with the tail section somewhat inspired by the A-wing. For now, this MOC will likely remain a virtual creation as acquiring some of the pieces in the colors needed will be difficult. This is my first attempt a using "Bluerender" and I just want to say a big thank you to those who developed it. I found it very easy to use on my first go-around and can have the satisfaction of a more realistic visualization of this creation until I can find a color scheme I like that where all the elements are commonly available. One of the next things I need to try is to figure out how to include the classic-space logos in the render. Anyways - thanks for looking drc
  17. Hey guys, so ive not used LDD in a while and thought id load up some old models i made, as you can see from the pic this is what happens with most of them. If i turn off brick outlines they look fine, my drivers are up to date so im at a loss at whats causing this...heeeeelp! ALSO: If i select the whole model and move it about on the plane it looks fine but as soon as i place it, it turns in to the below.
  18. Hello Everyone, My name is ARTOBRIX and I would like to introduce myself. I am an AFOL, MOC maker, Collector, and YouTuber who has been collecting LEGO for about 4 years now. I only just started getting into MOC making and would like to share with you my creations and hopefully get some constructive criticism. I'll leave that for a different thread though. I've also just recently started a YouTube channel documenting my future LEGO endeavours ranging from MOCs to set reviews. If I do anything LEGO related, it will be on there. You can find me by searching ARTOBRIX on YouTube but I'll also provide a direct link to my channel at the end of this post. I look forward to contributing to this forum and hope to find some new and interesting LEGO related content! Thanks for your time! -ARTOBRIX LINKS: YT: Twitter: Instagram:
  19. Hey Guys, i recently thought about modding the Scarecrow Special Delivery Set, the little Gatehouse to be precise. I tried to keep it in the Spirit it already is with it`s Colors and overall Design.I got the Idea for this when i found two 6x8 printed Slopes from an old Dino Adventure Set i will use for the Roof. TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-2 TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-1 TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-3 And this is a detailed Picture of what i have planned for the Inside. There is a little Filing Cabinet with a small Plant on it,a large Computer Desk with Surveilance Screens and Internet. If something goes wrong (and in Gotham,everyday something goes wrong) there is a big red Button that triggers the Alarm.The Desk Chair can be rotated and to the left there is a small Table with a Coffeemaker. Just in Case everything goes Haywire,the Security Booth also has a Pair of Handcuffs,a Walkie Talkie and a Gun. TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-5 TLBM-Scarecrows Pizza Mod-4 The real MOC is already halfway build,and only a few Pieces are missing,guess i need to visit the little Brickshop in my Area again tomorrow... So,what do you think of my Mod?Comments are welcome
  20. Hello all, I got a question. I want to Seperate certain parts in ldd. As example the lever (it is called antenna? In ldd) i want to only have the base of it, not with the other part in it. Same for as example a bicycle. Want to only have the wheels, and not the complete bicycle. Is there a way to do this? Just can't seem to figure out what to do to get the parts seperated. Hope someone knows. Also is it possible to use a part in a custom palette in normal mode and later use it in extended mode? So basicly switch modes with custom palette? Thank you :)
  21. I working on custom instructions for a WeDo 1.0 and trying to add a rubber belt connection between parts 4185 (Wedge belt wheel) and 6590 (Bush for cross axle). But it seems that V-belt part in LDD is not flexible. And I wonder is any models for LDD from WeDo 1.0 like sensors and USB hub?
  22. So I've got kind of an unusual question. I'm working on a computer generated film right now—it's really a personal project, but I intend to publish it and possibly sell copies if it does well, so I'm making sure to account and budget for all necessary licensing fees to ensure I don't unwittingly commit any copyright violations—and one scene calls for stuff that looks like it's made out of LEGO. I figure that from a technical standpoint, the easiest way to do this would be to actually build those props out of LEGO in the LEGO Digital Designer and then convert them into Maya objects. My question is, does anyone know if I would need to acquire licensing to use the LDD brick models, or rights for the likenesses of LEGO products, or anything like that from the LEGO Group® in order for this method to be legal?
  23. Hi guys, i'm here because i found an issue in some pieces present in the lego digital designer palette. Some pieces have non uniform measures and this imply that these pieces cannot be correctly mounted upside-down. Note that in the real pieces these problems don't occour. In the first image the distance between green and red pieces should have been of 1/6 of lego units, that corresponds to the distance indicated by the grey piece. But, as you can see, this distance is slightly less and this doesn't allow to create a perfect match between upper and lower pieces. In the second image the height of the red and green pieces should be the same but in LLD they differ slightly, as you can see from the small step between the upper surfaces of both red and green pieces. I don't know why LDD presents this error, but it affects a lot the techniques we can use while creating a model. If someone can help me find a solution i would be so thankful. Luca
  24. Hi guys, my son has been working for a week in LDD on his MOC and suddenly the file won't open "parsing error". I have tried this: But it doesn't do the job for us. Can somebody please lend a hand, thanks. file;