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  1. Whoa that little guy is awesome! Rogul head and a grey ash attacker helmet!?
  2. I just love the details and feel of this, its something I could almost see being a polybag type set and I would want one!
  3. Very cool design! Reminds me a lot of the bikes from the Jet Moto games for the original Playstation.
  4. I would say you got really unlucky with those from the sounds of it. From the 5 packs I have got so far I only got one of the anvil and have yet to get more then two of any of the shields. Only 6 out of the 25 were duplicates (excluding the two I already had from other sets) half of those being the knights crest ones. As for the Nexogons the versatility is almost surprising.
  5. As much of a presence as Roberto has in the show I really hope we will get him since we have what looks to be his statue of the queen in the castle. I don't think it has been said here but the knights in the battle pack all actually have 3 new faces for the kings guards!
  6. Wow I blown away by some of that stuff in those photos! Like is that last one a Lego bison!? I know I have seen those Ice Planet drawings before and a few more that go with them but would not think they came from Lego, but a fans creation so it is exciting to think they might have looked into making a revival for Ice Planet!!
  7. I am not sure what to think of this yet. Even having seen the info elsewhere I had to check my calendar and make sure it was not April 1st and I was reading some sort of joke. Will be interesting to see if anything really comes of it though.
  8. I want to assume it was a last-minute change given how it also looks in the battle suite instructions with its silhouette matches up with how it looks in the show. I'm almost tempted to build one more accurate to the show but regardless anymore I think I will be getting more then one of the small one cause of its nice selection of parts. As far as if the theme sticks around or not I would be pleased to see it stick around longer and I want to say some of the sets this year might be stronger then last year, but if the theme goes away after the 3 year plan I am glad its a theme we got none the less. But I know I will be annoyed if Jestro changes back to being good at the end of this year and they make him evil and the villain again. If he stays evil and is the villain again then I'm totally fine with that.
  9. Well we have an evil cloud that can bring statues to life.
  10. Looks like Lego just put up all of season 3 on youtube.
  11. Some great angles I had not seen yet in that video. At about 3:30 you can get a good look at the treads on Axl's rubble maker and it looks like they could detach from the rest of the vehicle and attach to the battle suits the same way as the horse making the centaur but this time making a treaded battle suit almost like the Guts dozer from Megaman. The head and neck section of Macy's dragon look like they could detach and I would assume the cannon on top of Aarons climber but not sure. That's part of what I find odd about it, its not like these troops are real unique or stand out from the other royal soldiers we have got. If it had 3 more stand out characters such as one or more of the "Tighty Knighties" I might think the price would be more fitting to the smaller pack. Even if that makes it less of an army building pack and more about getting special characters.
  12. Haha Yah, I went into the app and cross checked them the best I could and knowing the names people should be able to find better or clearer versions of what they look like in the app or else where on the net. Also dark drop is the one with the inking octopus and its one of my favorites in that wave along with honey bees with its honey comb pattern and the bee, artic breath for its snowflake pattern, and triple backstab just because it looks sort of neat and I like the sound of it. xD Is it just me or is a little odd that the new battle packs (ninjago included) have 3 minifigs instead of 4?
  13. $15 Is not as good of a price point as I was hoping for given how small it is. But seeing how it has 153 pieces its not so bad and I'll still end up getting it.
  14. Not that I know of but I made a list from what can tell or at least best guesses. Clay- Roaring righteousness, Beam jump, Ship wrecker, Air portal, Drop the beat, Jumperman, Sir tauntalot Aaron-???, Gaze of the gorgon, Sidekick, Boomstick, Honey bees, Mechanical griffin, Out of soap? Lance- Silver whip, Griffon of graciouness, Globe of light, Artic breath, Battle cry, Beared ballerina, Rolling hedgehog Macy- Dark drop, Hyper kick, ???, Triple backstab, Bull race, Commanding shout, Mirror me Axl- Clover of misfortune, Shark attack, Rock'n'roll, Pie guard, Standing ovation, Sun flare, Tooth buster
  15. I am blown away by this series a lot of fantastic characters and great details!! I will admit I usually am not a fan of the costume or suit ones but the rocket ship I am going to need to get and there is something I like about that corn cob suit guy as well.