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  1. While it is good to hear that we will more then likely be getting the summer sets and put some of the rumors to rest I really feel for Mark and any of the other designers on Nexo Knights. Reading through the comments yesterday and even now just was unpleasant with how much people were against Nexo Knights saying how much they disliked the theme rejoicing in its demise demanding classic castle and such. Really just makes the theme seem even more hated then it already had.
  2. Really seems like the bad news is spiraling out of control with this one. While I think it would be an absolute shame for them to not release the sets they showed off at toy fair two months ago I really hope we still get them. Felt like going into this year could be rough for Nexo Knights would be rough with it having to compete with the Lego Batman Movie and Ninjago movie but it still showed it had some cool sets to offer. The upcoming castle was a surprise but very welcome and it would be a hugely disappointing surprise at this point to not see it released.
  3. Its disappointing to hear that Nexo Knights might end sooner then expected but I hope we get one more wave aside from the upcoming summer one. But hopefully we can get a space or castle theme if it does end before next year.
  4. These villains are looking great and amusing, I think I'm going to need that lady with the fin collar and skirt. Plus I had no idea I wanted a little 3 wheeled police vehicle until now.
  5. Excellent review and I will be honest as much as I know people had been wanting to know about our "mysterious" figure I was sort of hoping you wouldn't spoil the surprise and have some sort of blacked out figure, so I found it to be a very humorous and pleasant surprise when it wasn't spoiled and you used a black place holder keeping to the silhouette. Keep up the great work!
  6. I love that we get civilians with the sets and I am not surprised by them holding Cole's mech for the second wave. I would almost think that they would hold more then one back just to have more draw and hype for the second wave with getting more or all of the mech vehicles.
  7. Huh I did not know this thread existed now i'm going to have to compile a list before putting anything in there, but I know I have a few power plants and some others I would be more then happy to trade. Sadly though you might be a little far for a trade though.
  8. Here I was thinking I would only get one of the rocket boy and now I just don't know how many i'm going to have to get.
  9. So if what I'm thinking is right there could be multiple different prints and colors using the same pieces? So one could be more of a pirate over a highway man for example.
  10. Have to go with Wiley! He has a great frontiersman print and coonskin cap. Plus his roughed up and somewhat broken face is humorous, somewhat of a precursor to the squirebot faces in Nexo Knights when I think about that.
  11. Well this was a shock to see today, I just don't fully know what to think yet. I will be interested in seeing how it turns out and hope it brings some sets to go with it for more unikitty variants and friends. Looks like I'm going to have to finish some of my own variants before this though.
  12. Other then Fire Emblem Heroes I have been going back to some of the other Fire Emblem games as I get ready for Shadows of Valentia this may, and finding time for Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 despite having been playing that game for so long.
  13. Whoa that little guy is awesome! Rogul head and a grey ash attacker helmet!?
  14. I just love the details and feel of this, its something I could almost see being a polybag type set and I would want one!
  15. Very cool design! Reminds me a lot of the bikes from the Jet Moto games for the original Playstation.