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  2. A few more notes and pictures: 100% Lego, no modifying of any sort on any parts. No cutting of hose pieces No stickers. No painting of parts No illegal joins except for the half end of a 3/4 pin into 2/3 round pin connectors x2 on each laser, and two 6587 3L axle with stud sides into a 6536 pin hole inside the model. This starboard angle picture shows a few more details. The proton torpedo launcher/gap has a modified tile 1x1 with clip (15712) inside it to create the illusion of a recessed round torpedo tube. You can barely see a portion of it in this picture below A straight on rear view showing the engine placement in a perfect (and movie accurate) square when in attack position, as well as a better angle of the rear greebles. The smoothness of the inside of the S-Foil wings, and the recessed 3/4 plate open panel (inverted 4213) is prominently noticeable even with the wedge plates. You can also see the full length of the exposed engine inside the wing.
  3. Ben Pitchford

    [MOC] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer-Subway-NYC

    Thanks, I felt it necessary to include that scene!👍
  4. JLiu15

    LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

    I can see the new motors being the basis for Technic-style Powered Up motors. I can also see the new Technic elements being created in more neutral colors for future Technic sets. Overall, seeing this is making me more optimistic of the Powered Up system. I feel that the wire clippers will also help a lot in MOCs that require lots of wire management.
  5. Awesome! Right in under the buzzer! Thanks for joining, Fangy. I've got the cups out and will start assigning characters and roles! Hooray! It's Mafia time!
  6. Emmet 's ..AND Benny.. SPACESHIP Thricycle! Emmet's Thricycle! (70823) is the original set this set was chosen because it use both technic and regular parts and is also a very special design. we wanted to keep the triple wheel design, so we made a triple engine ship. Each engine is can be oriented independently, each wheel still can turn. the frame is also equipped with red and green position lights. Planty protective bubble , with a healthy supply of soil and air. the other side of the ship is equipped with an articulated arm for the radar dish. The bubble can also be detached and be used as Planty's own mini spaceship The base/gas station had to be enlarged to compensate for the extra width and length of the vehicle. the catapult is replaced by a giant communication dish and the gas pump is now equipped for rocket fuel. The entire set
  7. WhiteFang

    The Forest 3 Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    My name is WhiteFang and nice to meet all of you. It’s a triple yes for me and I am very new to mafia games in recent years.
  8. WhiteFang

    Pirates Mafia - Conclusion

    Sorry townies. I did somehow screw up early in my Day 2. So this resulted somehow I got myself being targeted for attempting to fly under the radar.
  9. That's a hell of an introduction. An incredible version; worthy of a top three contender. The nose and fuselage are especially well done. Very slick.
  10. This is a masterpiece, absolutely beautiful
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  12. by the way, does anyone know a good way to make rocket's guns from trailer 2 without using the overwatch pieces?
  13. legobear

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Seems like they went dark 0_0
  14. GarmaFan

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    It's a wolf. The descriptions call her a wolf.
  15. Playwell Bricks

    [MOC] Haunted House Ride

    Thank you so much! I hope it lives up to your expectation :)
  16. Decat

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    More set dressings for Hogwarts sounds good, l'll probably get the advent calender and will probably open it all at once. And I'm going away for two weeks starting in 9 days time, so what's the bet we'll get the announcment and set pics while I'm away? Stuff always seems to happen when I'm away from the internet XD
  17. Thedarkmaster2

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Well actually it's a Kitsune
  18. GarmaFan

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Maybe they put the Golden Weapons in Cyrus Borg's vault and won't use them anymore. Tommy Andreasen always says that certain things are removed to keep the Ninja from being "overpowered". Which was why the Golden Weapons and the Tornado of Creation disappeared for so long.
  19. I have had an enjoyable 40 year life journey trying to build the perfect Lego X-Wing. My first childhood model in 1978 used primitive 3149ac01 hinge plates. Since then I have continually evolved my X-wing (including a notable 2001 MOC on Brickshelf, now badly outdated), drawing inspiration from many on the internet - which rapidly drove the advancement of Lego X-Wing modeling accuracy. Today I am pleased to present the current version of my X-Wing: There are many great X-Wing models posted on the internet, and each advance makes it harder to add something original that hasn't been done before. I have blended ideas drawn from many others (acknowledgement and attribution at the end of this post), as well as added a few of my own to create a unique build that, as a whole, I feel is materially different than others posted before. I humbly offer the following individual aspects of my model as being unique enough to represent an advancement in building techniques. 1 - tapered, accurate canopy with lines flowing smoothly into the other fuselage lines and direction 2 - smooth, fuselage side paneling from nose to rear. Straight lines and angles, minimal protrusions 3 - smooth nose cone with constructed sensor window. 4 - redesigned S-Foil. Structurally sturdy, but also containing smooth interior, exposed engine cutout (two studs deep), 3/4 plate deep exposed 4x4 paneling with smooth surface, triple "fin" at back, and two plate thick pin holes for the saucepan laser base. Also note the SNOT technique inspired by Jerac's build, with added smooth transition to the fuselage panel 5 - Nose cone has the smoothest side diagonal along the red stripe that I have seen built so far, with no gap transition 6 - Proton Torpedo launcher has fuselage pathway exit angle exactly parallel to the forward line axis of the ship. 7 - Landing Gear is retractable, and sturdy enough to push the model across a flat surface without any hint of collapse. (Note the tradeoff of a slightly off center gear position on the rear gear) 8 - Working cargo compartment - this is where Luke's base camp equipment seen on Dagobah was stored. 9 - Canopy opens at proper hinge point at 90% of the total length, unlike Lego one piece canopy which opens at the far end. 10 - Transition between canopy and back fuselage is clean, smoothly angled with rest of rear fuselage, and avoids the near ubiquitous 2x2 corner slope and its jarring angles 11 - New laser base. Minifig saucepan used as a round, smooth base (although a bit small in diameter), attached to wing through 1x3 inverted tiles, and 1x2 rounded plate with open studs. Gap covered by minifig utility belts and a rubber band. 12 - High relief greebling on top inspired by actual X-Wing models, hiding the technic S-Foil opening/closing mechanism - the 1x2 liftarm piece near the middle. Swing this piece counterclockwise 1/8th a turn to close the S-Foils, clockwise to open. 13 - Six sided rear with angled greebles and key features of prominence replicated I've drawn inspiration and technique from many posters here and elsewhere on the internet. My thanks and credit to you for advancing the state of the art X-Wing in my mind (I apologize if I failed to acknowledge builders who have shown concepts prior to the ones I listed - these were the ones I personally saw first that inspired me): dmaclego and atlas_er inspired the front upper fuselage. My upper front fuselage is virtually a straight up copy of those excellent builds. The laser tip and flashback suppressor is a 100% copy of what I first saw on dmaclego's model Jerac had a unique gearbox for the S-Wing opening. I redesigned it on similar principles using half the parts, reducing some of the wobble, and increasing attach points/sturdiness to wrap the rear fuselage around it. Jerac's model also showed me the rigidity of the SNOT scissor action on the S-Foils. I modified this even further to create enough rigidity to hold a 2 stud deep engine cutout that starts just one plate deep from the front wing edge, and ends just 4 plates from the back edge. (Note: The inner wing engine parts and front cowling were constructed to add to the structural integrity of the one plate front edge). Inthert built the first model I saw with a good custom X-Wing canopy L-DI-EGO had the first posted pictures I could find using the minifig saucepan as laser base, however the inverted 1x3 tile was not available then, so that model could not put the laser at the end of the S-Foil. L-Di-EGO also inspired the "3 fins" on the S-Foil near the engine, I used a different mounting technique to achieve greater smoothness with my deflector panels. Thank you for your time reading my first post. I am happy to answer any questions, and welcome your comments and feedback. I hope you enjoy my contribution!
  20. Thingyman

    General Discussion and Announcements

    I found you through Google, actually :D Thanks for approving the post, that's very appreciated. I'm hoping that someone from here will be interested in representing Eurobricks :)
  21. My real name is Kristel. And I need to learn how to get more creative.
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  23. You did a really good job on the review! I appreciate you doing an English version and I look forward to seeing more.
  24. ninjagoyax555

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    is there still hope for fire snake pyramid set as ninjawhip kinda hinted it a while back?
  25. Picked up the Quinjet and the Avengers Tower promo this morning, first one through my local LEGO store! They threw in the chick promo they had leftover, as well as the Captain Marvel art. I love the Avengers Tower. Some fans have pined for a Marvel/Star Wars/licensed architecture subtheme before, and I think this is an excellent start. The tower is about 2/3 the height of the 2015 “minifgure-scale” model, and detaches easily from the black base. I at first thought that the Avengers logo dish was exclusive, but it’s the same one included in 76123. I actually replaced Iron Man’s stand here with one of these dishes from the bike, as it looks smoother and doesn’t require a minifigure to be displayed with the model. That being said, Mk. 8 is a nice minifgures to get, and is detailed well, with a few prints of uncovered mesh and metal around the front and back torso representing extending and/or exposed armor. While it isn’t the choice I would’ve gone with, I think it looks good. The promo is fantastic over all, and actually has more pieces than the aforementioned 76123. I like it much better for a $20 value, and if you have a means of reaching the threshold, you won’t be disappointed by 40334!
  26. Does anyone know if there are any feel guides posted yet? I managed just fine putting together my own for the Harry Potter series, but I’d like too see other people’s opinions on what to look for.
  27. I've been known as Sir Stig ever since I got knighted by the holiness known as myself. Me me me. The one and only. But before that I was known as the artist that called himself "Musebajs (mouse turd)"
  28. Boettner Builds

    [MOC] Haunted House Ride

    WOW!! Just from a few pictures I can tell this is going to be breathtaking!
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