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  2. legonerd54321

    More LEGO Ghostbusters in 2020?

    It's odd we're getting pictures of this really early, unless they're deciding to go with a November release due to the movie being pushed back even farther to July next year? Also I wonder how much of the rust is stickers and how much is printed. Surely they're stickers, allowing us to do it with or without the rust.
  3. Hello dear castle theme fans, I am so glad that I found your topic. I am trying to bring back castles so I made a wolfpack themed castle on lego ideas. If you like it please consider supporting it:
  4. JintaiZ

    Vampire Mistress

    Excellent build! Keep it up!
  5. vitreolum

    Vampire Mistress

    Vampire Mistress by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  6. Captain Genaro

    [OL TROOPS] War with the Red Coats!

    I like the use of the dark red on the road. I don't think I have seen that combination before, and it works really good (maybe some clay in the dirt).
  7. mark1991t

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That is not correct. It is the 14th. Cafe Corner released in 2007 and Assembly Square was released in 2017 at the 10th anniversary. Since then LEGO has released 3 new modular buildings, not 4, as they would have when 2021 was the 15th anniversary.
  8. The piano is also a cool and innovative set so I wouldn't complain if it wins
  9. It could, but there's a lot of other popular stuff too... I'm expecting the piano to win though.
  10. Fraunces

    [OL TROOPS] War with the Red Coats!

    We will see! Nice addition this is, to the ongoing development.
  11. Fraunces

    [SR - FB] BirdBase - The Sereen Cay

    Many thanks guys! You will!
  12. Vindicare

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’d love this. While we did just get two buildings, I enjoyed the DO build & the set is great. Having that but if a “gap” breaks up the otherwise repetitive single building facades we mostly get.
  13. Hello All, I'm after some advice, I've been having a bit of an existential crisis when it comes to me Lego collection ... perhaps a Legostential crisis. Apart from some Speed Champions and 18+ SW builds my Technic Collection is sitting idle so I'm thinking of downsizing but I'm after some advice. Firstly I'm thinking can I drop some colours out of the collection that I have broken down into parts (set like the UCS cars are kept in their original boxes), but I'm not sure which ... at the moment I'm leaning towards keeping White, Black, Grey (both), Orange and Yellow ... and dropping the rest at least for beams, panels, connectors ... obviously pins, axles, gears I need the other colours. But would this give a good colour range ? and a good range of parts ? If I did downsize this way, so dropping Red, green, blue, purple what's a good way of selling technic individual parts, instructions, stickers ? set up a small bricklink store ? or just eBay some bits ? I've also got some used Technic sets that are in their boxes and I'll most probably eBay them thanks
  14. And booting EV3 with Python support takes...........for..........ever....... Let me ask the most important question; what do you want to do with Mindstorms and what are your expectations?
  15. In Fatu Hiva, a sight being replicated across the empire.... Riders gallop along country roads to spreading the word, "War with Corrington! All able bodied men are called upon to fulfill their duty to the crown!" Already 60 troops have been assembled in Fatu Hiva to answer the call. The country is prepared... resolute... All felt it was only a matter of time before the treachery of the Red Coats was once again demonstrated. Most accept the news with relief, it was not a matter of "if" only of "when" Oleon will be triumphant! The Red Coats will beg forgiveness for their treacherous... backstabbing... opportunistic... adventurism.
  16. Mesabi

    [OL - AMRCA] Le Terreur

    @Bregir Dang, that's the first time I think that those areas have been defined. I was under the impression that Yeldo was Tam as well. The flickr page for it is private, so it might be one of those things that was defined but not public
  17. HarryVader

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    For those in the US who didn't get the Taskmaster Ambush set, I saw a rumor that the set will become widely available via Amazon and Shop@Home starting tomorrow. Is this real? I hope it is because I can order the set on shop@home and return the damaged one from Amazon.
  18. Seasider

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    So I completed the build a month or so ago and meant to post some form of observation / review. So here goes ... If you look back a couple of posts you’ll see I had my parts split into 6 large trays, these were all used parts from BrickLink. In my mind the Tantive isn’t supposed to be clean so going for weathered white parts was part of my plan. I then built it gradually over a few weeks. I might have made some assembly photos as I went along. This is the point you marry the cockpit to the main body. Eventually you’ll end up with this. I honestly didn’t appreciate how big this would be. So it’s currently on a desk next to my computers rather than the shelf I’d like it to have gone on (it’s just to big in all dimensions. So what do I think ? Well I love it, to me this is the most important ship in the whole of SW as this is what it all started with. @Kit Bricksto has perfectly captured the shape in my opinion and some of the greebling that’s been done are great. So now for some observations. As I said I bought all mine as used, to get the tired/battle worn look but also to keep the cost down. Sorry I can’t remember what the cost was but I think it was about the same as an expensive UCS (~£300). I bought from U.K. and Europe sellers. The hard parts were as said before the radar dish, grey ball pin parts and the 11 wheels for the engines. I did a part replacement which was for one of the display screens, which I went for this instead. So some other bits, remember this is a display model. It’s very unwieldy to move and How the engines and body link means getting it perfectly straight are difficult. Also using old bricks I’ve got engine sag. But I’m not bothered about this. I’m sure I could fix it with some newer bricks with better clutch power. Also I found a few things in the pdf instructions where some pages repeated a step and some things were skipped. I also added a 2x6 grey plate where I felt it was missing in the main body to hold some white slopes on and I think the instructions have a plate for the stand in the wrong location (but you can check that easily with the stand at the S stage). The main thing I found is the pdf doesn’t have the grey on the engine. I used an image of various models to decide where to put them, but I know the CAD file contains the grey bits. So the model is now proudly on display on my desk at home at least until the new year when I may finally get round to building the Falcon and it’ll have to come apart then. Oh one more comment ... keep the white 1x2 plates with 1 stud and the groove (15573) to one side otherwise it’ll be a nightmare trying to find them in all the 3794s you’ll have. 😎
  19. Zerobricks

    General Part Discussion

    I tested mine from the lambo and it seem smoother than the old type.
  20. TechnicRCRacer

    General Part Discussion

    @Leewan I’m wondering if it’s made of a different plastic?
  21. Mechbuilds

    Torque in Practice

    Thank you for doing these experiments!
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