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Found 5 results

  1. Rumble in the Jungle by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Extract from 'The continuing adventures of Padre François by his companion, Monsieur Gallo' ...It was then that we descended into the dell. While a general sense of foreboding had been surrounding us the entire journey, here it reached a peak. We had found only small hints that the colonists had come in this direction. However, they were no longer our main concern. Other mercenary companies were out scouring the hills for them. The Padre was more concerned about the head-hunters. The dell was the dark heart of this jungle. No longer a golden isle, but one given to bloody savagery. It appeared quiet, but there were signs the cannibals had been here recently. Shrunken heads dangled from the trees, totems and spears surrounded the clearing, and a trail of blood led to a cave at the foot of a huge rock wall. The Padre ordered a pause while we surveyed the area, and the militia set up a perimeter under the acting-Lieutenant's orders. Unfortunately, that's when the attacks started. A dozen or more of the savages launched a vicious attack, with spears, arrows and blow-darts. Some of the troops were slain immediately, while the rest returned an uneven fire. Soon the entire clearing was wreathed in powder-smoke, and this may have done more to protect us than any defence we might've offered. In desperation, the acting-Lieutenant pulled the remaining party members into the mouth of the cave. Shortly afterwards we heard our pack animal being cruelly cut down. Then, for the longest time, there was nothing. No sound, and only the dim light from the dell, slowly turning to darkness. And then we heard the drums again. And the chanting. "Al'su". It brought to mind the words of the lumber workers back in Fatu Hiva: "Skulltaker prophecy". The chanting and the drumming rose and rose in intensity until a crack akin to musketfire came from just outside the cave. The heathens abruptly stopped, having apparently fled. Their noises were replaced by a malevolent hum. The acting-Lieutenant offered to send a sentry to investigate, but the Padre refused. This, he said, was his mission alone. He left the cave quietly and calmly, his staff gripped in both hands. I followed to the mouth of the cave, and what I saw shook me to my core. There, in the dell, was a daemon; a sight which has stayed with me to the end of my days. Well over 7 feet tall, it was formed from darkness, with a skull for a face, and two glowing eyes that were unblinkingly fixed on the Padre. Then it swept towards him. The Padre thrust his staff into the abomination' s middle, but the daemon kept on coming, grinning its skeletal grin, and raising its arm to strike. It was then that the Padre exclaimed a word from a language I have never heard before or since. What that word was, I cannot recall. I likely would not be able to repeat it even if I could remember. Nonetheless, with a flash of light, the monster was rendered far more corporeal. When the Padre struck again, it was driven back. When he struck the daemon for the third time, its grinning daemon skull was thrown from its shoulders, and its body disappeared into fog on the breeze. The Padre strode over to the skull, and mercilessly crushed it underfoot. Apparently the savages had also been watching the encounter, because this action caused them a great anguish. Much wailing and moaning was heard from the trees and, in time, they moved slowly away. This creature, then, was Al'su, the Skulltaker. Its coming was foretold among the natives. Some, had held onto it as a way to defeat the colonists, and had made sacrifices at this spot in order to encourage it. Others had fled, fearing its malevolence beyond all else. When the Padre destroyed the daemon, he won a powerful victory for the Order of the Faith. The Head Hunters were driven back. In time they might be overcome by locals or other expeditions. Without their daemon, their resolve would be crippled, and their cohesion would crumble. Meanwhile, the rest of the island savages, hearing of this victory, would recognise the power of the Aplynacian gods and convert. The Padre, following this confrontation, deemed his work here a success. We left the Île d'Or not long after. While his path has often been beset by danger, I only saw him enter such immortal peril on a handful of occasions. Each time I was reminded that only the truly righteous can tread such a path and remain unscathed. So that's the end of the Padre's adventure in Fatu Hiva. I wonder what island he'll tear apart next?
  2. Destroying the idol by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Expenses claim, August 618, Fatu Hiva, Île d'Or. Sum: 50db. Associated account: Padre François, priest, Temple of Hades mission. Expenditure: Gunpowder, 5 barrels. Reason for purchase: demolition, pagan idol. Please give full details in order to help us expedite your claim: Your eminences, With the official summons from the governor, the rumours in town, and the results of my own investigations, I determined that the disturbances here merited the further attention of the Order of the Faith. My mission left Fatu Hiva in July of this year, heading into the interior alongside one of the larger streams. For several days we saw nothing but the accursed jungle that covers this isle. However, one week after we set out, we came across a disgusting heathen idol. The thing was festooned with pagan fetishes, votive offerings, and shrunken heads. I immediately detailed half the detachment to begin despoiling the site, while the other half was sent back to town to find enough powder to destroy the thing. They returned two weeks later with the supplies, and we set about preparing the demolition. The miners and soldiers among my conscripts laid the charges, primed the powder, and prepared the fuses. When my people had cleared the area I lit the fuses and retreated into cover. The five barrels my people procured proved sufficient for destroying the idol. Perhaps now these godless fiends will realise the errors of their ways. Addendum. After the idol was destroyed, we heard distant drumming. The natives among my conscripts fled into the jungle, yelling something about "Al'su". I sent men after them. We found their disembowelled remains the next morning. It was the professional opinion of the soldiers among my ranks that their deaths were at human hands, rather than animals. Such barbarism cannot be tolerated. Your humble servant, François
  3. Fôret d'Or Lumber Yard by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Transcript of an interrogation at Forêt d'Or Lumber Yard, Fatu Hiva, as recorded by Monsieur Gallo, temple notary. Candidate #1 was asked to explain the circumstances surrounding the 'Fatu Hiva Incident' of 19 June 618. Candidate #1 responded with incoherent mumbles. Candidate #1 was asked to speak up. Candidate #1 told temple representatives to leave, with expletives. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked the same question. Candidate #2 yelled something incoherent about "Al'Su". Candidate #2 was asked to elaborate. Candidate #2 yelled something incoherent about "Skulltaker prophecy". Candidate #1 was asked to corroborate the account of Candidate #2. Candidate #1 confirmed Candidate #2's account and explained that "bad juju" had happened to both the colonists and the subsequent survey teams. Candidate #1 was asked to elaborate what that meant. Candidate #1 refused. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked about the "Skulltaker" mentioned. Candidate #2 refused to answer. Candidate #2 was restrained. Candidate #2 was asked again. Candidate #2 explained that the "Skulltaker" tribe had met the colonists, had been displeased, and had "awoken" [?] something. Candidate #1 told Candidate #2 to stop talking, with expletives. Candidate #1 was restrained. Candidate #1 was asked to corroborate Candidate #2's answer. Candidate #1 told temple representatives to leave, with expletives. Candidate #2 was asked to explain more. Candidate #2 refused. Candidate #2 was restrained. Further questions proved ineffectual as Candidate #1 had sustained a broken jaw, and Candidate #2 was rendered catatonic, apparently through fear. All records certified to be accurate and correct by Padre François of the Order of the Faith. Aaaaand here it is without the minifigs: Fôret d'Or Lumber Yard (sans minifigs) by Ross Fisher, on Flickr I figured terrified natives would want to cut the jungle back as far as possible, build stronger pallisade walls, and, if possible, get more material to build boats out of (So they could leave in a hurry). A lumber yard fulfills all of these needs! It also seemed like a good place for Padre François to start an uncompromising assault on the island. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Altar of Cthonic Hades by Ross Fisher, on Flickr Your eminences, As we discussed prior to my departure, I have found that it would be beneficial to send a 'message of intent' to the people of New Terra. As such, I have commissioned the building of a new Altar of Cthonic Hades in the town of Fatu Hiva. I would have liked to build it in marble, but the cost of shipping it here would have been prohibitive. Instead I have been forced to use the local stone, which is passable. The icon is forged from an old spiked cannon, and displays a likeness of the Underlord based upon the icon I brought with me for personal prayer. I had expected to meet more resistance to this project, but the town has seen (and caused) so much death recently that few people voiced any displeasure, and none were willing to obstruct the project. A bowl for offerings has been placed in front of the statue, which should generate some initial funds for the project here. I consecrated the monument with a sacrifice of half a dozen pigs. In time, the gods may see other, larger sacrifices here, and understand our humility. Your humble servant, François Well this was fun. This is my first construction freebuild. It is a small arts and culture building. It's based on other historical altars. These originally started out as just a rocky platform where you could kill an animal. Once you've killed one there, you might as well kill them all in the same place. Keep the blood contained. Doing all the butchery there also makes sense. And then if you're giving a cut to the gods, you'd leave it there. Can't be taking food from the gods. If you were really grateful you'd burn the whole animal to a crisp and leave it there as a holocaust. Eventually, these places got built up and built up with the ashes and bones of dead animals. And then you start getting extra ornamentation, like on the Ara Pacis in Rome, and what started out as just a platform becomes a massive structure, with steps and columns and everything. As our boy François is a priest of Hades, and Fatu Hiva is the start of his journey, and it has seen a lot of death recently, this build seemed like a nice fit for my free small building. Hope you like. Ross
  5. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] Work in Paradise

    Hey there, just a quick dream of a warmer place in November... Work in Paradise After having successfully taken mineral samples from different locations of the island, the Oleander expedition is participating in the peculiar wave riding ritual of the natives on Île d'Or - for the sake of a better cultural understanding. This will be licensed as a prospecting scene. I just didn't feel like doing the standard digging-a-hole MOC, so I interpreted bits of the info about Île d'Or and used that. Not much more to say about it, hope you enjoy it anyway C&C welcome Vive le Roi!