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  1. Figures on top are Eternals (MARVEL), but I don´t know what that castle thing is, some MOC, maybe?
  2. Mr. Cube

    [MOC] "Fire Walk With Me"

    WOW, BOB, WOW!
  3. Well, it depends on the country. It was sold out on the first day there.
  4. When I'm looking at this set, it's like the travel through the time into my childhood. LEGO knows what they're doing, hehe. I don't understand complaints about black trees. Yesterday I was i forest and many, many trees are very dark grey or nearly black. Having all trees in brown is more innacurate than having black tree there and there. It's also more fitting to the theme.
  5. Mr. Cube

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I was looking forward to this set, as I own only the original interior-based Sanctum from 2016 and I skipped that one from 2018. But now I'm a little bit disappointed with this set, or more specifically with the minifigures. I hope that the build will be great with many nice details and techniques, but I think that this set will not be my "1st day must buy", as I planned before.
  6. I wouldn't call that false advertising. Those pictures are like logos of the certain product themes/subthemes. They are more like edited product photos of hamburgers from fast-food chains than representations of actual products. I still remember how great Din Djarins' helmet looked on the previous box design (even on the current one) and how plain and boring it looked in reality. Color change of that piece helped, but it still look worse than the picture on the box.
  7. Well, they did it with later batches of 75166 battle pack (TFA x TLJ FO Stormtrooper helmet design), but that was just updated print on the same mold. This case is propably more complicated. But I hope they give us new mold with 501st prints until they decide to redesign the helmet again.
  8. Mr. Cube

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I don't understand why every criticism must be labelled as "hate" these days. Sometimes I feel like I just have to love or hate something, no other options. While that older head works better for Infinity War/Endgame Wong, it still looks more like Wong than that new one to me. New head looks more like Luis from Ant-Man than Wong. I would not call that "fu manchu" (which seems to be more longer) and Wong undoubtedly had this style of beard for some time.
  9. Here is my entry for the contest: Theme: The Lord of the Rings Name: "But the power of the Ring could not be undone."
  10. Mr. Cube

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    As a minifigure collector, who owns all Iron Man variants (OK, except that 2012 Toy Fair one ), I have mixed feelings about this. New helmet mold looks great and fits better with the later MCU suits and it's definitely better than that one-piece printed helmet, which I really don't like. But they used it also for MK 3, so I'm afraid that they will use only this new mold in future sets for all Iron Man minifigures. The set itself looks cool, but it's a little bit strange that they changed design of the displays. And that price is...a little bit overpriced.
  11. Every time i look at LEGO stormies, I just think "Why don’t the LEGO stormies and clones have printed waists?" Every new version of trooper has it (FO Stormtrooper/Snow/Flame, Death Trooper, Howertank Pilot, Shoretroopers, Patrol, Mimban, Range....), but, for some reason, stormies (including Sandtroopers) and clones still have plain black or white waists. They did it in in 2005 (7264) and then never again. I just don’t get it.
  12. Mr. Cube

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    While I understand the reason for giving medium legs for hobbits (playability), I think that medium legs should belong to the dwarves, because they are taller than hobbits. And hobbits should get short legs.
  13. Where is the roof? Will there be some add-on like in last years Harry Potter modular wave? The set feels incomplete without the roof. From this point of view, the 2012 set looks much better. And Boba's helmet has still the wrong color. But I like the inclusion of quarren and BIG Fortuna.
  14. Mr. Cube

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    As a Iron Man minifigures collector, I hope that it will be Bruce. :D
  15. They already did 2 waves of HP minifigures, DC, now Marvel....and I don't think that it had an impact on HP, DC, Marvel sets sales. It always depends on the minifigure list choice. They could easily prevent product cannibalization by choosing different characters (or variants) for CMF and sets from the actual wave/s.