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  1. Mr. Cube

    Future Star Wars Sets

    There was not controversy...just some stupid people blaming LEGO for something inspired by the movie from the fictional place and time.
  2. I take SW UCS sets like large display models, so it´s good that it lacks play features, play features belong to MBS sets, imho.
  3. I don´t think that people are strictly against comic based sets, but they would rather welcome more Endgame sets now. Why? Because they want to complete their collections of their favourite characters from the last Avengers movie. From the biggest super heroes movie. From the movie which made $2,794,895,335 and still counting. They want original LEGO movie accurate minifigures, maybe even some nice builds. But when they will not get them, what then? Bootlegers are super fast - I see plenty of various MCU characters bootleg figures on instagram every day. I´m against all those knockoffs, bootlegs etc. and I would never buy them. But I don´t understand, why TLG doesn´t capitalize on this kind of demand. As a LotR and LEGO LotR fan (we never did get the 3rd wave with the Gondor), I fully understand the feelings of MCU LEGO fans. TLG can release some comic based sets literally anytime, but 2019/2020 could be the last opportunity for the Endgame sets.
  4. Or there will be two different versions of them in two sets - just like with the two variants of Death Trooper (battle pack/bigger set).
  5. It IS just "watermark", it was confirmed by the original poster on keep calm and enjoy new 16 minifigs.
  6. Mr. Cube

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    ...and I disagree. As an AFOL, I don´t know why should I see some storytelling in this set. What I see? Iconic T-Rex...brick built T-Rex with great shape and even movable. Iconic JP gate. Finally not some down-scaled version of gate. I could live without those scene-vignettes in the back of the gate, but I take them as some kind of homage to the original Jurassic Park film. They are not meant to play with them. They are just there to remind us the original Jurassic Park film, full of mystery, adventure and fun. This set should be displayed on shelf, it´s not targeted on kids, I really don´t get all that disappointment (or even "frustration"...come on!). As i said above, I would be more happier, if they included Ford Explorer and the minifigs/display stand had more accurate JP logos on them, but I really like this set.
  7. Mr. Cube

    [PRESS RELEASE] 75936 - Jurassic Park

    (+) Brick-built T-Rex is great! I mean - it´s LEGO, after all. It´s large D2C set and it´s labelled as 16+. If you want molded dinosaurs, there are plenty of sets with smaller molded T-Rexes and other dinos. (+) The gate! It´s not oversized. Just take a look on the gate in JP - it is really big. (+) nostalgia (-) Jurassic World logo on display stand. I understand, that the whole franchise goes under the JW licence, so there is JW logo on box, but on display stand should be JP logo! (-) Nedry and Arnold have wrong version of JP logo on their torsos. They should have yellow version of JP logo instead of the red. In the set for 250 USD I would expect more focus on details like that. They could also give Hammond that bald headgear piece, instead of hat. http:// (-) No Ford Explorer.
  8. I bought few boxes (in sealed boxes) and ended up with 0 Anna (!) and army of Ednas so yes, it is possible to buy hundreds of minifigures in original boxes without getting at least one complete collection of 18 :/ I´ve opened plenty of CMF boxes to this day, but something like this never happened before, until now. Something went wrooong in the factory...
  9. Mr. Cube

    [Compilation] How to Collect All LEGO Iron Man.

    Great compilation! There will be at least one another version of Tony Stark/Iron Man in 2019:
  10. They reused them for Geonosis Clone Troopers, but in different color with different print.
  11. Well, they did it with the 75166 battle pack too (TFA Stormies x TLJ Stormies)...but this change is bigger. Strange move from Lego.
  12. Well, they are very similar, so it does fit, IMHO. And it´s movie-accurate, after all. I just take it as a slightly different design of FO Stormie helmet - I can live with that.
  13. New mold? I think that they´ve used mold for Mimban Stormtrooper helmet.
  14. Mr. Cube

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    It´s not as simple as that. We do not know what exactly was in the licence contract. Maybe just 2 LotR + 2 The Hobbit waves were planned, but this has to be changed after The Hobbit became trilogy, so they did 3 Hobbit waves instead.
  15. Mr. Cube

    Lord of the rings sets returning?

    Are there some official sources for this? All I´ve found are just some speculations and AFOLs opinions. I think that there still is a chance for one or few big exclusive sets of iconic builds/locations (like micro Hogwarts) with the most famous/desirable characters.