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  1. Are those updated FO stormtroopers really from the FO speeder BP? Because this could be easily done with brasso aplicated on FO Executioner helmet. It would be nice to see some recent unboxing video as a proof.
  2. "New FO Stormtroopers in the speeder battlepack" - what battlepack do you mean?
  3. The torso is also slightly different.
  4. [MOC] - LotR "Mines of Moria"

    ...and I saw this and that Weathertop on :) Was it created by you or you just bought it?
  5. That shield is great piece. There is my custom Mordor Orc.
  6. JakeChambers: My last hope were the Dimensions sets. Instead of updated Gimli and Legolas they could bring us some of the most desired characters - Sauron, Éowyn and generic Gondor Soldier.
  7. I don´t think that there will be some return of the LotR/Hobbit theme. But we can create some MOCs with the existing pieces. And some new pieces are very interesting, like this new shield from LEGO Elves:
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Maybe because of this:
  9. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    And this is perfect for Morannon Orcs:
  10. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    It was popular, but IMHO mainly among minifig collectors/LotR-Hobbit fans and AFOLS, not kids. And many AFOLS were dissapointed with the 2nd Lotr wave.It existed just for a couple of years because of the Hobbit trilogy. And about high prices - the prices of the retired products rise up... ...I´m still missing Blue Coat Bilbo from Blu-Ray...59€
  11. Castle Eras and Factions

    Well, even the first pirates had smiley faced heads (with some additional prints - beard, moustache...) and I think that everybody will agree that they were "bad guys". For me, the Dragon Masters are separated "rebel" sub-faction of Black Knights.
  12. LEGO LotR - general discussion

    Stupid finale. Orthanc itself is a great set, but Gondor faction, Balrog and Witch-king + Fellbeast are still missing.
  13. (MOC) Dol Guldur Battle

    Hello! Thank you for the comments! There are some photos of the final MOC:
  14. [MOC] Battle of Helm's Deep

    Thank you for all replies! I´m glad that you like my MOC. MAB: Yes, brown Rohan helmets are from Jimmy´s store ;) original LEGO helmets just without printing. Deathleech: I have about 130 uruks + berserkers total (including 17 berserkers), in this MOC there are about 100 uruks + u-h berserkers. If I remember that correctly, I bought 16 berserkers sometimes in 2013 from one BL store, which had them for a good price, I bought also many uruks from that shop, it was pretty cheap (just heads, torsos and legs...the rest of the equipment I bougt from another sellers). There are some final photos, mostly details: