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Found 5 results

  1. Built for Cat. A: No Limitations After the effects of the Civil War, a number of Guildsmen set sail. This is their story: With uncertainty in the Guilds, many travelers took to the seas seeking a safe refuge. One such group was Charlemagne of Kaliphlin, Constance of Mitgardia and those who had fought beside them during the civil war. Unfortunately, trouble befell them on seas and their ship was dashed to pieces. But fortune had not abandoned these travelers completely for they were near an island. The travelers washed up on the northern shore in the region of Aok Island known as the Aikapu region. When they woke up they were met by the villagers. The local mer-people had seen the travelers floundering in the seas and had carried them to the shore. The villagers of Aikapu and the mer-people both warned the travelers that the island was terrorized by a powerful person called Cocidius and that he did not approve of outsiders on the island. They urged the travelers to flee further inland to find the one safe refuge from Cocidius. Before the villagers could finish telling Constance and the rest where this refuge was, the local medicine woman arrived and told them that Cocidius was approaching and that they must flee now or never at all. They set off quickly, and just in time. The travelers made their way south, around the northern mountain range and entered the Land of Mimsy. As they traveled, other events were unfolding in Mimsy as three of the Noble Families met at Barnaby’s Mushroom House. They met to discuss what to do about Hathor, of the Noble Red Family. She had allied herself with Cocidius and was now a threat to their land. These three factions agreed to mount an attack against Hathor, beginning with the Noble Green Family’s assault on Hathor’s forces. The Mantis Squad attacked Hathor’s Wasp Squad and won a small victory, though Hathor herself escaped. Luigi the Green was reporting his success to Barnaby when Constance stumbled into the clearing. It took only a glance for Luigi and Barnaby to realize Constance and her crew were not native to the island of Aok. After some introductions, Barnaby was able to explain that the refuge they sought was hidden in the mountains. The way too, was hidden, but the Elves of Nadindel knew the route. In Nadindel, the local blacksmith was an elf. Which wasn’t all that strange when you considered that almost all the inhabitants of Nadindel were non-human. She was hard at work crafting one of her blades when Constance and the other travelers arrived at her village. In a short amount of time the blacksmith was able to figure out that they needed to talk to the village elder. He, along with a faun cartographer, met with Constance and shared that they were happy to help point the way to the hidden refuge they sought. They were no friends of Cocidius and would gladly help the travelers escape his clutches. He did apologize and clarified that while they would help give them directions, they could not allow the travelers to stay in his village. The village did not like Cocidius and his hate of outsiders, but neither did they want to incur his wrath by harboring fugitives. The travelers headed further south into the southern mountains. Meanwhile, an emissary of Cocidius arrived at the elvish village. He was told by the elder that they did not hold the fugitives Cocidius sought. Once again, Constance and Charlemagne had escaped his grasp. This time, the travelers ended up in Keyama. This was a country with a rich history. The leader, Wukong, emphasized honor and tradition. Wukong himself was of the monkey race, but many humans and a tribe of ghosts made Keyama their home. Two of these ghosts were having an honor battle in front of Wukong’s palace when the travelers arrived. Wukong welcomed them in and invited them to share their story. At long last! The weary travelers had found a safe haven! No longer did they need to worry about the civil wars back home. And no longer did they need to fear Cocidius’ wrath. Now they could rest in Wukong’s palace and reflect on their future paths. - OoC: A final shot of all 4 smaller builds:
  2. Be warned! This is a long story. Maybe read it in chunks, or during a particularly boring work meeting. If you aren't familiar with my past stories, it might help to read some back story on my main character Wyndor, a supporting character Charlemagne, their connection, and Charlemagne's start. Less important is reading up on Budd-apest. If you're not scared away yet, here's my story: With the death of Pjeter, many things had changed in Dalig Ulv. Wyndor had taken over civic responsibilities and his brothers, Mattimeo in particular, had stepped up to help in any way they could. Mattimeo’s specially trained troops had been particularly helpful in defending against the Algus’ constant attacks against the towns of Mitgardia. When Wyndor received a message from the Sultan of Budd-apest asking for aid, he first thought of some of Mattimeo’s men… or woman as the case was. “Thank you for being willing to go Constance.” “Of course, I know we wouldn’t have stopped the Algus if it weren’t for the dragon Charlemagne helped you get. He deserves our help.” “Yes, and you know I would go myself if I could. But I can’t leave Dalig Ulv undefended right now. The Algus have grown bolder since that blue beam appeared in the sky and I need to be here in case they try to break through the wall. But there’s more that I need to ask you to do. In addition to trying to find Charlemagne, I want you to see if you can find the King’s son.” “So the rumors are true?” “They certainly seem to be. The King went missing after the defeat of Revolword, but now his son has returned to claim the throne! Many leaders across Historica have left their homes and the only reason I can think of is that the true Heir has actually returned. But at the same time, the Spire has grown bolder with their ranging parties. You’ll have to travel with just a few men to sneak past them.” “Don’t worry, we’re good at stealth. If there are any Spire forces we will avoid them.” “Try to find and save Charlemagne, but also lend aid to the Prince if you can. And take this blade. I had the dwarves line it’s edges with dragon steel. It’s not as effective as a pure dragon forged blade, but if you meet any Algus on your journeys, it should be enough for you to stop them.” “Thank you Wyndor, I will represent Mitgardia well.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Constance traveled across Mitgardia to the East before heading South towards Budd-apest, on the northern edge of Kaliplin. She arrived and asked for an audience with the Sultan who had sent the original message to Wyndor. “Thank you for coming.” “Of course, the relationship between our two cities is something we value. If someone has acted against one of your top citizens, then they have acted against Dalig Ulv! Do you know where he was last seen?” “Unfortunately I do. Some of the Spires enforcers were trying to win him over to their cause right before his disappearance. We’ve done some reconnaissance and now know that their base of operations is in Nocturnus, just on the other side of the Kelra Labyrinths” “I’ve heard some nasty things about the Labyrinths, but I’ll do whatever I need to. Now, I also needed to ask a favor of you. Wyndor has heard that the Prince has been found. Do you know anything about his possible whereabouts?” “Ah, fortune may be smiling on your after all. We have had many travelers pass through Budd-apest these days, and all of them have been heading to the Labyrinths. It seems that the Prince has worked out some way through the Labyrinths and is preparing to strike against the Spire. Perhaps you’ll find both Charlemagne and the Prince there. Though I must let you know that my loyalties are to the true King, the Desert King.” “I’m sure the Desert King will welcome Cedric’s heir. The Desert King has done the land a great favor in driving out those Ulandian usurpers and will be a welcome leader to the faction of Kaliphlin. It’s not as if the Desert King would want to rule the other factions as well, right?” “Let us hope that all is as you say, I don’t think any of us would welcome another war any time soon.” _________________________________________________________________________________ Constance set out from Budd-apest and made her way north through the Rakath Mountains towards the Kelra Labyrinths. As she and her men descended from the mountain pass through a forest of bone trees, a rabbit hopped onto the path. “Are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “Wait, did that rabbit just talk?” “I’m not just a rabbit, I’m the appointed spokesperson and I need to know, are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “You’ll have to forgive my friend here. He wants to know if you are part of the Allies Looking to Impede Creatures of Evil. A.L.I.C.E. for short.” “Does that mean you are against Raavage?” she asked while readying her sword. “Yes, we have long resisted his rule and now that the true king has been found we have someone to rally behind. Now, are you A.L.I.C.E.?” “Well, my name is Constance, but yes. My men and I are here to find the Prince.” “Excellent, the main force has already gone ahead. My friend here insisted on one last sweep before going to join them. We must move quickly before the battle begins.” “Battle?” “Have you not heard? Prince Alexander has returned! He has gathered a force to be reckoned with and each day more flock to his banner. But we can talk more on the road. We must move with haste if we are to be of any help in this final battle.” ___________________________________________________________________________ Constance, her band, and the members of A.L.I.C.E. made their way toward the Kelra Labyrinths. “Let us pass, sir.” “Just because Prince Alexander has struck a deal with Lord Ssilyrrlith to allow him to rule Nocturnus after Raavage is defeated doesn’t mean you get to boss me around.” “Please Reptrian, we are in a great hurry. Let us pass.” “We labyrinth keepers gain nothing by allowing you to pass freely. It’s not fair that you Minotaurs keep leading them through the maze so quickly. We need prey! At least Kyran gave us fresh meat.” Recognizing that name after talking with the Sultan, Constance spoke up. “Wait, you said the vampire, Kyran, has sent people here?” “Maybe…” the Reptrian admitted reluctantly. “Have you seen a half-Leander by the name of Charlemagne?” “We don’t name our prey lady. No need to get attached to what you are about to eat right?” “Just answer the question!” “Alright, we did have a few Leanders running around the maze, but most managed to escape our clutches. I think one is still deep in the labyrinth, but I can’t make any promises. And if we catch him, we aren’t giving him back!” “You’ve done enough stalling Reptrian. Let us pass.” And so they entered the Labyrinth. _____________________________________________________________ Although Prince Alexander had worked out a deal to allow his forces to pass through without interference from the Reptrians, that didn’t stop the rest of the monsters that inhabited the labyrinth from trying to kill Constance and her companions. Thankfully, all in their group were skilled fighters and they were able ward off all attacks. Constance knew that meeting up with the Prince meant they had no time to spare, but she couldn’t help but look around corners and down alternate routes every chance she could. It was by doing this that she heard a groan coming from one of the dead ends that frequented the maze. She rushed to see what creature needed aid, much to the chagrin of the Minotaur leading them. Favor was on her side as she realized that against all odds, she had found Charlemagne! “Back you devils! I won’t let you take me!” “Charlemagne, it’s okay. We’re friends. I come on behalf of Wyndor and your Sultan.” “Oh thank goodness! I’ve been fighting off monsters for longer than I can remember. Can you help me get out of here?” “Yes, but we must hurry!” ______________________________________________________ On their way out of the labyrinth, Constance explained to Charlemagne about the Prince’s return. She also comforted him with the knowledge that the Reptrian knew that a number of Leanders had escaped the labyrinth and that his wife and friends were most likely safe. Soon after exiting the labyrinth they came upon the Prince’s camp. There was indeed an impressive host of people from all four guilds gathered there. There was a commotion happening on the far end of the camp, so Constance and her companions made their way over there. “As many of you have heard, my father the King, is dead.” It seemed the Prince was just getting underway in explaining what was happening. Constance listened closer. “After Revelword attacked the capital, my father was grievously wounded. We fled the Valyrian forces and made for the coast. My father had heard tell of a great healer who may be able to restore him. We sailed for many days before coming aground on an island. As fortune would have it, it was the very island where this healer lived. He worked for many days to save the King and was able to prolong his life. However, he never regained enough strength to make the return journey. He died three fortnights ago. Before he passed he made me promise to return to our home and re-take the throne.” At this there was much cheering from the crowd. “Now we have gathered to defeat Raavage and stop him from finding the Necromancers Helm. Rest up tonight, for tomorrow we attack!” ______________________________________________________________ The rest of the day was spent planning. Prince Alexander summoned many of the faction leaders to his tent to give them their orders. Constance was surprised when a courier asked her to join one of these meetings. “Thank you Constance, for joining us. Charlemagne and Glorfindel have spoken very highly of you and they have recommended you for this mission.” “Thank you sire, I would be honored to serve you.” “Excellent, now as I was saying, if we are going to stop Raavage from getting the Necromancers Helm, we will need to get a small force over the river.” He indicated the river that stood between us and Raavage main host. “Our spies tell me that Raavage believes he has located the Helm and will retrieve it tomorrow. We will send out main forces against his army tomorrow at dawn. Meanwhile, a few of us sneak across the river tonight and prepare to ambush Raavage before he can get the Helm.” Just then, the Desert King himself walked into the tent. “Majesty.” “Sire, thank you for coming. I was surprised to hear that you came yourself when I asked for forces from you, but I am honored that you have chosen to fight beside me.” “You are the King, it is only right that I should fight by your side. And I can think of no greater responsibility than to help protect you as we strike Raavage personally.” “And I’m sure having a chance to avenge Kaliphlin by killing any Ulandians who might be there doesn’t hurt.” “Yes,” he said with a glint in his eye. “It was a blow to find out Ulandus had sided with the traitor Raavage. But revenge is not why I am here. Though I will not hesitate to strike down any of the usurpers if they stand in my way.” “Alright, let’s go over the plan one more time and then we must get across the river.” _________________________________________________________________________________ As morning dawned, the forces of Raavage lined up on one side of the river opposite the forces of Prince Alexander. There was much rustling as both sides waited to see who would strike first. Finally someone yelled “For Historica!” and the rush across the bridge began. The armies of Raavage hurried to annihilate the free peoples of the four guilds. The fight to decide who would rule had begun. _________________________________________________________________ Meanwhile, deeper into Nocturnus territory Prince Alexander and his small band were approaching a graveyard. It was there that Raavage had discovered the location of the Necromancer’s Helm. “Guard the yard. Now that I’ve broken the enchantments on the tomb, it shouldn’t be long before I return with the helm. Let no one enter!” Raavage’s minions, a leader of the Algus, the Drow, Ulandus, and the vampire forces allied with the Spire set about securing the perimeter. As Raavage entered the crypt Prince Alexander struck. The battle was swift. Although each of Raavage’s men were skilled fighters, they were surprised and outnumbered. In a matter of minutes they all lay dead, scattered across the graveyard. “Huzzah! We’ve struck a great blow against our enemy, but quickly, we must not let Raavage get the Helm!” Just then, Raavage exited with the Necromancer’s Helm. He was so blind with greed that he didn’t even look around the Helm to see who was there to greet him. Alexander leapt forward and with a decisive blow, ended the life of the tyrant Raavage. The Prince turned as all present cheered. The war was over! The Necromancer’s Helm had been kept from the clutches of those wishing to use it for evil! But then, the unthinkable happened. The Desert King turned on the Prince and stabbed him. Gasps of shock were heard all across the graveyard. “Now, I shall claim my rightful throne! My kingdom of old spanned from shore to shore, now it shall again!” He placed the Necromancer’s Helm on his head. “No!” cried Osric. “I fought for you, how could betray us like this?” “Sire!” cried Charlemagne, “You didn’t have to do this, Kaliplin would have forever been yours! Why did you kill the Prince?” “There is no other ruler except for I! I am immortal. Everyone else who claims a throne across Historica is only a usurper and a rebel. I am the rightful ruler. All shall bow to me!” “You will never convince the peoples to follow you!” "You will pay!" “Hasn’t this day proved to you that the free peoples will stop at nothing to remain so?” “No one will be able to stop me.” And with that the Desert King muttered under his breath and the fallen Prince rose again. But he was no longer a healthy human being. He has a mindless zombie, now under the control of the Desert King. “Grrrr!” “You see, I will turn everyone you’ve ever lost against you. I will raise an army that can never die! No one will be able to resist me. But take solace in this. After the rebels have been dealt with, the land will know my mercy. I am a sympathetic king when my people submit to my rule.” “Are we all to become your mindless puppets today?” “No. I will allow you all to live. Take this news back to your lands. Let them know that anyone who accepts my rule will be welcome by my side. All others should fear for their life or flee this land.” And from that day on, the four guilds were ruled by the Desert King, Ark’Mora Raa.
  3. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming Defense of the North The Sultan's Rider Charlemagne was almost regretting not listening to Kyran's threats. Now he was a captive of the council of vampires that had sided with the Black Spire. Another of the vampire lords was showing him their recent war efforts as their built new siege engines. Charlemagne knew he never would have sided with Raavage, the Desert King was the only true ruler. But it sure would have been nice if his captors would have left him in his cell rather than talk his ear off.
  4. MKJoshA

    Giant Trouble

    See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim Charlemagne's Residence Dragon Taming Stuck in a sack, Charlemagne, Hildegard, Morpheus and Balthazar found it difficult to breath let alone move. They felt themselves being carried over a great distance, but they didn’t know where they were headed. They had been snatched one-by-one by a giant and unceremoniously stuffed into the giant’s bag. Certainly not the smartest creature around, what the giant lacked in brains it made up for in size.
  5. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 -What Has Past- Chapter 3 The Green Dragon Inn Bustle at Treacleheim At the Gates of Budd-apest Dragon-Forged Blade in Treacleheim “…So you see, if the Desert King were to ally with The Black Spire, it could be very beneficial for the both of us” stated the vampire. “Kyran, I don’t see why you persist with these advances,” started Charlemagne, “I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again that while the city of Budd-apest fought on the side of the Desert King, we have no sway in his policies.” “Yes, but the rumors are well known of your involvement in the war Charlemagne, or should I say the Scarlet Magnolia?” replied Kyran. “Yes, well, rumors are just that” stated Charlemagne. “Nevertheless, were such a person of influence to recommend a course of action to the Desert King, I’m certain it would be well received” continued Kyran. “Just remember, Budd-apest is not that far from the Nocturnus borders. There is much unrest in our guild still, and Lord Raavage would be a powerful ally. I would hate for your fair city to become a casualty were another war to break out and you were found without enough… ‘protection.’” Morpheus, one of the Leanders Charlemagne rescued from the Ulandians growled, “We don’t appreciate threats, especially not in our own home.” “All I ask is that you think about,” replied Kyran. Meanwhile, at the front door, Wyndor and Valanice where met by Balthazar. “Hello,” began Wyndor, “We’ve been studying at the library and were told we might find it faster to speak to the master of the house. Is he in?” “It depends,” was Balthazar’s answer, “Who’s asking?” “We are travelers from Mitgardia” answered Valanice, “We’ve been researching…” “Say no more!” interrupted Balthazar, “As long as your aren’t from Nocturnus, I’m sure Charlemagne will be willing to speak with you. Would you mind waiting in the garden until he is available?” Wyndor and Valanice wandered around the small garden admiring the different plant life. Valanice stepped over to one of the corners and was admiring a broad-leafed bush when a rabbit hopped out. “Oh!” she said, “Well aren’t you cute!” “Are you A.L.I.C.E.?” asked the rabbit. Valanice stepped back in shock. “Did you just talk?” she asked. The rabbit just tilted its head at her and then hopped away. Valanice turned to Wyndor, “Honey, the strangest thing just happened to me!” Before Wyndor could say anything Charlemagne walked into the garden. “Thank you for waiting, I had to get away from unwanted solicitors” he said, “I am Charlemagne and this is my wife, Hildegard and my advisor, Morpheus. Balthazar tells me you have some questions for me?” “Thank you for meeting with us” replied Wyndor. “As I’m sure you’ve heard, we are facing a threat in the North by a race of beings that are nearly unbeatable. What research we’ve done has led us to believe that dragon forged weapons will allow us to combat these fiends. We were researching where we might find such weapons at the Library of Budd-apest when the librarian said you might be a faster source of information for us.” “Indeed I have heard of your plight with the Algus” answered Charlemagne. “As for dragon forged blades, I can do one better. How about a real dragon?” “Dragons are hard to come by and not something one gives up readily” said Wyndor. “What’s the catch?” “When I rescued Morpheus and Balthazar from the Ulandus, we came back to Budd-apest with dragons” said Charlemagne. “It turns out that the Ulandians had information on how to find and train dragons that had been lost to us generations ago. With their help, not only have we been able to care for the dragons we brought back from Ulandus but we’ve found signs of a small clan of dragons in the Rakath Mountains. With some coaxing we should be able to match you with one that will be willing to help you.” “And you’d be willing to do this for us?” asked Valanice. “Of course!” answered Charlemagne. “I’m something of a sucker for people in need of help.” “Well,” said Wyndor, “Please lead the way!”