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Found 2 results

  1. Built for Cat. A: No Limitations After the effects of the Civil War, a number of Guildsmen set sail. This is their story: With uncertainty in the Guilds, many travelers took to the seas seeking a safe refuge. One such group was Charlemagne of Kaliphlin, Constance of Mitgardia and those who had fought beside them during the civil war. Unfortunately, trouble befell them on seas and their ship was dashed to pieces. But fortune had not abandoned these travelers completely for they were near an island. The travelers washed up on the northern shore in the region of Aok Island known as the Aikapu region. When they woke up they were met by the villagers. The local mer-people had seen the travelers floundering in the seas and had carried them to the shore. The villagers of Aikapu and the mer-people both warned the travelers that the island was terrorized by a powerful person called Cocidius and that he did not approve of outsiders on the island. They urged the travelers to flee further inland to find the one safe refuge from Cocidius. Before the villagers could finish telling Constance and the rest where this refuge was, the local medicine woman arrived and told them that Cocidius was approaching and that they must flee now or never at all. They set off quickly, and just in time. The travelers made their way south, around the northern mountain range and entered the Land of Mimsy. As they traveled, other events were unfolding in Mimsy as three of the Noble Families met at Barnaby’s Mushroom House. They met to discuss what to do about Hathor, of the Noble Red Family. She had allied herself with Cocidius and was now a threat to their land. These three factions agreed to mount an attack against Hathor, beginning with the Noble Green Family’s assault on Hathor’s forces. The Mantis Squad attacked Hathor’s Wasp Squad and won a small victory, though Hathor herself escaped. Luigi the Green was reporting his success to Barnaby when Constance stumbled into the clearing. It took only a glance for Luigi and Barnaby to realize Constance and her crew were not native to the island of Aok. After some introductions, Barnaby was able to explain that the refuge they sought was hidden in the mountains. The way too, was hidden, but the Elves of Nadindel knew the route. In Nadindel, the local blacksmith was an elf. Which wasn’t all that strange when you considered that almost all the inhabitants of Nadindel were non-human. She was hard at work crafting one of her blades when Constance and the other travelers arrived at her village. In a short amount of time the blacksmith was able to figure out that they needed to talk to the village elder. He, along with a faun cartographer, met with Constance and shared that they were happy to help point the way to the hidden refuge they sought. They were no friends of Cocidius and would gladly help the travelers escape his clutches. He did apologize and clarified that while they would help give them directions, they could not allow the travelers to stay in his village. The village did not like Cocidius and his hate of outsiders, but neither did they want to incur his wrath by harboring fugitives. The travelers headed further south into the southern mountains. Meanwhile, an emissary of Cocidius arrived at the elvish village. He was told by the elder that they did not hold the fugitives Cocidius sought. Once again, Constance and Charlemagne had escaped his grasp. This time, the travelers ended up in Keyama. This was a country with a rich history. The leader, Wukong, emphasized honor and tradition. Wukong himself was of the monkey race, but many humans and a tribe of ghosts made Keyama their home. Two of these ghosts were having an honor battle in front of Wukong’s palace when the travelers arrived. Wukong welcomed them in and invited them to share their story. At long last! The weary travelers had found a safe haven! No longer did they need to worry about the civil wars back home. And no longer did they need to fear Cocidius’ wrath. Now they could rest in Wukong’s palace and reflect on their future paths. - OoC: A final shot of all 4 smaller builds:
  2. First off I have to give thanks for the inspiration for this MOC, Artizan's great AOEII Ideas project: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=88044 However this is not a build of his model, though it does share some strong similarities. I went through the source material from the ground up and came to some of the same conclusions and some major differences. I would've liked to make the roof dark orange but there were not enough parts available in that color. I added some details not visible in the game like a simple interior. I used a 40 x 32 base because I could not fit real stairs to the tower in a 32x32 model. The top of the 8 sided tower was interesting as I'd never made anything with angles like that and I wanted to keep the interior usable. Here is the source material: