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Found 62 results

  1. Lord Alexander's horse business would not be complete without a way to draw in new customers. What better way than to have a blacksmith shop to serve the community? Whenever anyone in Arlingsport needed a new horse, Alexander's horse business immediately was spoken of. They also spoke favourably of his son Micah's fair management of the business. Gregory the blacksmith enjoyed his work. Early in the morning the shop, he would head to the shop to start for the day. By the time Charles would come by with a horse to be shod, Gregory would already be working with his bellows and hammers making some new iron design for usage in the houses of Arlinsport. SAM_6921 SAM_6949 SAM_6927 SAM_6931 Advice and critique welcome. Previous builds: Intro: Silent Wolf FB: "Flying Colt" Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen! FB: Back at the Ranch... Ch1 CatB: Where only the strange men go MRCA Jan: Attacked by Privateers FB: Returning to the fiancee
  2. After the long trip of exploration, Micah was happy to be back in Arlinsport. He promptly dressed up and made his way over to the home of his fiancee's parents. Upon his announcement, Elizabeth quickly made her way to the door. He had much to tell her. SAM_6914 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr SAM_6918 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr I attempted a technique for the house siding that I hadn't done before. I am not entirely thrilled with how it turned out, but it did give a semblance of a clapboard house. Advice and critique is welcome. Previous Builds: Intro: Silent Wolf FB: "Flying Colt" Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen! FB: Back at the Ranch... Ch1 CatB: Where only the strange men go MRCA Jan: Attacked by Privateers
  3. Previous Builds Intro: Silent Wolf FB: "Flying Colt" Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen! FB: Back at the Ranch... Silent Wolf and his friends spent a week with the natives. They were hosted by the village. During this time, they learned some of the information about this land. One of the surprising things they learned was that the village had been visited years ago by other men like the Corlanders. They discovered this when they heard the natives speaking some words that they recognized from their merchant and military missions in the Old World. The natives told Micah and his friends that the previous visitors had come a long time ago. Only the most elderly remembered them. The natives declared that the visitors had been crazy which is why they never came back. The visitors enjoyed spending their time inside the earth. Only crazy people go inside the earth, because every smart person knows it is dangerous. When Micah asked, no one was willing to show them where the hole into the earth was. Later, one of the young natives who was called Hanska told them that though the tribe was afraid of the hole in the ground and the loud noises that came out of it, he had been inside before. He would be willing to lead them there. Leaving Caleb with the ship, Micah, George, William and Arthur followed Hanska through the forest. A girl from the tribe who apparently was interested in Hanska followed the group from a distance. After walking for about an hour, they saw a large rock jutting out of the ground. As they moved torward it, they scared up what appeared to be a pig just like the ones they had back in the Old World. Haska told them they had been left by the former strangers and had grown quite wild and populous on the island. Upon arriving at the rock mound, Haska pulled the vegetation aside that blocked a tiny entrance into a narrow cave. The men lit the three torches they had brought and squeezed one by one through the opening. Descending into the cave, they saw a light up ahead. When Micah walked into a room of the cave, he saw a tiny rowboat sized opening that revealed that this cave opened into the ocean. Then he saw it! Chests and chests full of something! If the one that was broken up was any indication, it was a hidden treasure that had rested their for the last seventy years. They were all shocked! An overview of the MOC:
  4. Previous Builds Intro: Silent Wolf FB1: "Flying Colt" Ch1 CatA: Ahoy, Fishermen! While Silent Wolf and the crew were gone exploring on the "Flying Colt", Charles has been busy going back and forth between the office in town and the ranch. He is working hard to continue to expand the market for the horses they are breeding and training. Whenever a large potential investor comes around, Charles will often take him out to the ranch near Arlingsport to show their horses and training. Today he has a gentleman of Eslandola visiting the ranch to see what is going on. They have just brokered a deal for a lucrative contract over the course of the next two years.
  5. Intro: Silent Wolf FB1: "Flying Colt" After having sailed west from Bellson for several weeks, the crew of the "Flying Colt" spotted a large island ahead. They sailed around the island until they spotted several natives at the beach. What were they doing? Lowering the row boat, Micah, George, Caleb and one of the sailors rowed in to make their first contact. As they approached, they could see the men throwing nets into the ocean and hauling in all sorts of fish and sea life. The children were playing near the beach, while the ladies worked on animal hides that had obviously been recently acquired from a hunting trip. They were all dressed leather, covered in seed and shell ornaments. The adventurers landed and greeted these soon to be new friends. The natives had been surprised to see the large boat anchored a ways off. However, they were quite welcoming of these newcomers when they landed. The children appeared shy, but there was no fear shown by any of the natives. They invited everyone to a meal at their camp further inland. It appears that they are about to make some new friends. If all goes well, their voyage will have been a success.
  6. Intro: Silent Wolf After visiting several ship builders down at the docks, the companions realized they did not have enough funds to buy the large ship they wanted. In compromise, Micah and his companions agreed to buy a Sloop in which they could make a voyage west. They also laid a deposit down upon a large ship that their adventure and businesses would pay for upon their return. Caleb found a first mate and hired some sailors for the journey. William enlisted the aid of his friend, another soldier, and they made sure the vessel had sufficient weapons and ammunition. Arthur purchased the food and supplies, and he supervised the loading onto the ship. George installed two swivel guns on the forecastle in order to protect them from any enemy who might pursue them. Micah checked and double-checked everything. Finally, they were ready to set sail. Micah watching from the bow of his first ship.
  7. Micah "the Silent" of Wolf-Haven, is the second son of Lord Alexander of Wolf-Haven. Lord Alexander was granted his rank and lands from the crown due to his heroic actions and valiant service to the crown during the 49 Years War. He settled down and had several children. His land is willed to go to his eldest son, but the younger Micah is willed to receive the businesses Alexander owns and operates in the various cities. Micah was sent off at the young age of 15 to attend the prestigious Archellon College in Bellson. During college, he was also working at and learning his father's business of raising and selling the best horses in Corrington. Upon graduation, he took over as manager of the business expanding it greatly. He even sailed overseas to trade horses with Varcoast and the Mokolei Empire. These trips gave him a taste for travel and adventure. It was also upon these trips that he acquired his distaste for the corruption of religion that the Oleons follow. Upon hearing of the Queen's offer of rewards for any Corrington who can find and settle land beyond Terraversa, Micah began to dream. In time, Micah enlisted several of his close friends from Bellson and Arlingsport to gather together all the funds they could in order to embark on such an adventure of discovery. It would be no small sum that would outfit this expedition, as they would need to buy a ship, all the guns, and hire a crew. SAM_6757 by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr From Left: Charles, the rancher under Micah who will oversee the business while the other five are away (now in charge of all the horse businesses) Micah the Silent of Wolf-Haven, or to his friends, Silent Wolf George Knight, a former gentleman mercenary (now Captain of the HMS El Bellos) William Chase, an honorably discharged guard from Bellson (now Captain of the HMS Whisper) Arthur Kellogg, local businessman of with a thirst for adventure (now in charge of the WETEC trade ships) Caleb, a sailor who had been employed with one of Corrington's largest trading companies and upon whose ships Silent Wolf had often sailed. (Now the captain of the Flying Colt) The last thing Micah had to do was purchase his own equipment and wardrobe, as well as say farewell to his fiancee, Elizabeth. Though she was saddened to see him leave, she had always known he would not settle down until he had seen what was beyond the seas. SAM_6762 (2) by Micah Van Gorp, on Flickr
  8. Hey guys, I recently bought all 5 Legend Beasts and discovered cards to unlock each beast in Legends of Chima Online (iOS). Does anyone know what button I need to press to scan them? Please post a screenshot... Thanks! legozebra
  9. Before I start, here is some background info: I got the LDD files for these ships back in 2011 from my Brother. He didn't built them, and can't remember where he got them. I have since remade the battleship three times and the sub twice. Here is HMS Timberwolf (the battleship )and the HMS Gray Ghost. (the submarine) The battleship features four guns and a two smokestacks, while the submarine has two propellers and is almost 100% built sideways. ...and yes, the guns do rotate! This symbol goes on the battleship on a flagpole. This one goes on the submarine. The wolves from Legends of Chima are going to run these ships. Wakz will be the venerable Captain of the Battleship. (known as the Timberwolf) While Winzar is the slightly unhinged captain of the submarine. (called the Gray Ghost) This fleet will be called the Wolfpack... and no, this isn't the entire fleet! (By the way: These last four pictures are from Bricklink!) LDD file for all that is in the main pic: http://www.mocpages....1395667879m.lxf Comments, Questions, & Critics welcome!
  10. soccerkid6

    Valdrfell Stables

    Here is my Phase III Stables build for AoM. I'd like to gain credit for the following UoP certifications: roofing [Architecture], wall techniques [Architecture] (for the log cabin), roof rakes [Architecture], and raising livestock [Agriculture and Zoology]= 4 credits This was my first try using tilted walls (for the foundation of the tower), and I think they worked pretty well. This was also my first time building a log cabin using SNOT 1x1 round bricks. All three buildings have a full interior and all the doors/trapdoor function. And I tried using a dark grey background rather than white in hopes of having the snow show up better. Any feedback on that? Trained Great Wolves are in high demand and fortified stables have become common in Mitgardia. Valdrfell Stables is a fortified stables located in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia. The fortress has a stable inside, and a corral just outside to train the great wolves in. More pictures can be found here: link All C&C welcome
  11. Here is my phase II Stables build for AoM. This was a fun quick build that let me try building some more viking-esque buildings, and try a pine tree design that I haven't used before (credit for which goes to Blake Baer). The stables has a full interior and all the doors work. Great wolves are common in the clan lands of Mitgardia and some have been captured and tamed. Great wolves are smaller than a horse, but are quite strong and almost as fast. A wolf stable is quite similar to a normal horse stable: There are some more pictures here: link Any comments/criticism welcome, phase III will be coming before long
  12. Well I've finally started some AoM builds, and this is my Phase I Stables build. I received the white leaves as a Christmas gift and have been wanting to use them for a while. There are giant wolves in Mitgardia, and some have been captured and tamed to become formidable mounts: Any C&C welcome