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Found 5 results

  1. This electric high speed passenger train was inspired by both 7745 (High-Speed City Express Passenger Train Set) from 1985 and 60051 (High-Speed Passenger train) from 2014. The train features two locomotives (with no motors in either), one club car and four coaches. The roof of each car comes off to get at the inside, and all but the locomotives have interior details such as tables and chairs. (The cab cars are supposed to have generators and mechanical details, but I couldn't make it look good so they were removed.) The cabs on the two locomotives have computer screens for the drivers, but the rest of the open space is empty. You can add in PF / or 9v motors to either (or both!) of the locos, but I did not due to my personal preference of hand pushing things around. This car is one of four identical ones that all have removable roof sections. The club car's top roof section is removable to get at the upper floor, but the lower section is not accessible at all. (I did try unsuccessfully to make it work. The LDD file for this model is at brick safe. Please note, the red of the train can be completely replaced by blue, if you wanted to give it some variety. Comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome!
  2. As the title says really. Has anyone created anything like this? Would love to see them if so. Same goes for the other way round too. I've seen a nice long base 7710 carriage before on here. Look forward to seeing anything you've created along these lines!
  3. Breakdown

    Proof of 7745 Concept . . . .

    I've always loved my 7745, especially the fact that they printed a custom 4 X 3 panel to transition the colours on the train from red to black, and it follows the slope of the front of the train. One of the things that's always hurt my brain is that the doors on the middle car don't have a black top (too much to ask for tri-coloured printed doors). I'm sure that someone out there has managed to repaint their doors. If not, I'm not going to be the first. I'll mod parts that are already screwed up or extremely common. So here's the concept, carry the white through from front to back of the train. Eliminate the black in the middle of the cars. All black windows become red. White continues across the front of the train. I was thinking about it earlier, but now I'm convinced the top plate on the train has to be black and not red (top before the roof pieces). To compensate for the lack of black in the middle height of the train I'm running tints all of the way across. They make tinted windows for the doors and the 2 X 3 windows, but not the 4 X 3 windows. One thing that I'm trying to explore is acquiring a bunch of the plain (non-train) tinted 4 X 3 windows and either score them lightly with an exacto knife or use a circular saw to mimic the open window look Thoughts??? I couldn't be the only person with thoughts of this racing through my head. I can't stand the look for the front, the white slopes will need some kind of decal on them. I've put some tinted glass behind the windows on the sides to give the appearance (a little) of the tints on the sides. Just looking for some feedback on this one, bad feedback is more than welcome (those aren't fighting words, just rather that people be honest.
  4. Every selfrespecting Lego fan (AFOL's at least) knows the epic 6990 Futuron Monorail: As a kid I always wanted one and obviously never got one. I still want one but I think it's quite expensive and I'm more into trains. So I came up with the idea to combine the looks of the beauty above with the (also vintage) 7745 passenger train: So a 7745 in the colours of the 6990. A white train with trans dark blue windows. The train windows could be replaced by 4x3 trans dark blue panels. With some extra features one could design a nice train. What are your thoughts of it? I'm seriously considering to build it. The only thing that holds me back is the fact that it will need around 20 Bricklink orders and around 200 Euro to build it.. if you have good motivations and ideas, maybe I'll take the jump and order the whole shabang :)
  5. Breakdown

    Humble beginnings . . . .

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah from Kitchener Ontario . . . . . Canada. Till someone shows me something more substantial, home of the biggest most complex 12V lego train layout in the nation. There's only one 12V set that I can recall being sold here and it was the 7857 crossover track to my knowledge. Everything else had to find it's way here via a number of different countries world-wide. My interest was primarily spurned on wanting and then receiving lego train set #7715 one Christmas in the 1980's. I was young and thought that it would be much cooler to have 7715 plus the stupid battery set, over 7722 which had the battery operation more "integrated" let's say. But what got my interest going in the 12 volt stuff was seeing the mini-catalogue that came with the 7715 set and displayed 7745, 7866 and other great late sets in the 1980's grey track collection. It might seem funny, but I always thought that set # 7860 was stupid, because as a child I just assumed that it was like the illuminating bricks, look, the light is changing, I didn't know that it actually could stop and start the train remotely. So . . . here I am today, and most of this layout has been in the basement like this for a while now. There's three 12V engines and in this layout - both ends of 7745 are equipped and one in the 727 train. Even though it looks pretty integrated, it's not there's two completely different circuits and then two completely different transformers with them. Long story short,I was moving a bed into the room (it's in pieces) you can see the mattress and boxspring on the wall there, and invited my now 7-year-old nephew over to play with the big train just one last time and then had some friends over (adult friends) and we went nuts playing with it, and I'm thinking that the bedroom in the basement can wait. Proof that I'm Canadian lies in the outlets and the hockey puck collection on the wall. Just some shots of the honest beginnings. The end goal is something more city-like and visually appealing, a Youtube video and then probably a tear down to be honest or move so that I can get that double-bed in there. I'm looking at a local opportunity to acquire another 7745 train, along with some more track components (honestly, i have absolutely no idea what another one of these is doing here??) Some pics to enjoy, I've been looking through this thread and trying to see similar and not many layouts. To be very honest, this layout is Very space efficient! Hoping to update weekly and we'll see if I can't turn this into something to be proud of.