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  1. I honestly never saw the point in this weird ninja/samurai drama they always try to play off. Nya becomes a ninja and suddenly she's barely allowed to even look at her old samurai gear, let alone use it. It feels so arbitrary and dumb that an exchange of hats as some would call it is given so much importance.
  2. Oh? Makes sense I suppose. I stopped trying to keep track of which season is which a while ago. Sorry about that.
  3. I wouldn't be too worried about it. Whoever it is, they're not in the sets (VXL is a Samurai, after how often they've made that useless distinction to create drama I don't think Simon would call VXL a ninja) and probably not a major part of the story until the end. Maybe it's one of Kai and Nya's parents, or Skylor.
  4. Well that was unexpected. I know some people didn't like Lloyd's voice, but I'm sad that it's getting changed anyway. Jilian did a great job for the past five years doing Lloyd, and I hope the change isn't too rough.
  5. Not sure why I forgot that it's been ten episodes each season since I haven't watched Ninjago let alone Rebooted in ages.
  6. Hm. Could have sworn I saw someone say on Twitter they returned for this season, oh well. Is it really ten episodes this season? That's... worrying.
  7. It's okay. Premier episodes for Ninjago usually aren't as good as the rest of the season, but it's a bit odd that they had trouble stretching this episode out when they have multiple new characters and a full story to flesh out and only eight episodes to do it. Do we know how many episodes are being written by the Hageman brothers this season, if any? They and the other writers for Trollhunters seemed to nail giving every episode a purpose and didn't struggle with pacing (although that can be because of no arbitrary time limit being part of Netflix's format) very often, so it's odd that with their influence over Ninjago's story that this wouldn't carry over. edit: pointless sure, but 2017th post in 2017 yaaaay
  8. Mandate

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Not ashamed to admit I was wrong, that was surprisingly good.
  9. Mandate

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    At this point I just don't like the movie. It's not that change is scary, and it's not that I've got a problem with them changing things for a different continuity, it's that this does not carry any of the heart NINJAGO had. It's the fundamentals of the story (x amount of ninja + Sensei vs evil dude with four arms) retold as a big-budget, slapstick comedy. This is evident in every facet of the design, the over-the-top jokes such as Wu failing to catch a simple chicken, to the ninja's overdone and wacky hairstyles, to the mere presence of a Taylor Swift song. It's not that it's going to be a bad movie or anything, for me personally the film just doesn't appeal to me. In a lot of ways it's like Michael Bay's Transformers movies or the BIONICLE reboot - you've got the characters, the macguffins - yet you've still missed what it was about. The TV show closely follows "rule of cool" to appeal to kids yet keeps it as just the setting. It doesn't go out of its way to rub the marketing in your face and show off ultracool ninja dudes fighting robots and giant snakes. The conflicts and characters are given relationships that grow and evolve over time, the characters learn and grow outside of cheesy moral lessons and the standard gimmicks of a TV show based on toys (this isn't a constant rule mind you, but it applies most of the time). Here it feels like the opposite: bringing on big-name popstars, famous songs and big-name actors, the set-ups ridiculous and over the top. It's The LEGO Movie With Ninja, not LEGO NINJAGO: The Movie.
  10. Mandate

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Zane's haircut is terrifying. I do like how his torso feels very Classic Space in its design, though. Not sure I like the whole 80's action movie vibe they're going for, even as a parody of it.
  11. Honestly, my enthusiasm for HoT has tanked after this trailer. I'm glad we're getting individual villains that are all actually going to be doing something for once, but I can't shake the feeling they're all going to end up being completely one-dimensional with so many of them, like Day of the Departed but with more screen time. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. LEGO shows femininity and masculinity through printing black slopes on the sides of figures to indicate that the figure is female. Except in the cases of gender neutral stuff that City has, this is consistent in Ninjago's minifigure designs not including the original Samurai X armor, which was deliberately designed not to show anything. Your Zane argument is a bit silly, Zane is a male character and PIXAL is an AI stored inside his head - there's no need to show PIXAL's form coming through because it's not her body. While it's not a stretch to assume she could be placed in a gender-neutral body, I doubt LEGO would completely change a character's entire look and color-scheme like that.
  13. Unless it's going to be a "Mystery Character" in the show like Samurai X was, it's almost certainly not PIXAL. There's no feminine look to it, which all female characters besides the original Samurai X have had.
  14. Looks pretty good. I find the more toy-like renders of the characters interesting.
  15. Wu said he had been "waiting decades". So less than a century. Which, while it clarifies the time the Serpentine Wars took place in and makes a lot more sense given its reduction to myth, it also complicates when Lloyd was born and when/why Wu and Garmadon started aging. There's definitely still explanations, but I'm interested to see if the Hageman brothers will address it or not.