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  1. LegoDad42

    Review: 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition

    - The blue axle pin and the red do different things I believe. The blue technic axle has the smooth pin end, while the red has the axle on both ends. Different frictions I'd guess. - Making a new blue colored LED light would definitely bring the model up in price considerable. I believe they set the price points/budget in advance of design, etc. -Perhaps the design and the weight of the arms made them use that particular ball joint? To keep it sturdy. -The hands for play would be open to use the repulsor rays, then you could also swap out for the'jackhammer' forearm. The fire extinguisher is to be used by the Jarvis hydraulic-arms from the base. -No knee joints is definitely for stability given the weight of the model. Chubbybots on YOUTube has a great mod for it using the NinjaGo Water Striders legs for flexibility and sturdiness. I'd guess if Lego did his modifications, the price point would be around the $200- range. His mod for this model is a definite improvement. It's great looking too. -Again with the restricted hip is for the stability and weight of the model. Chubbybots has the fix in his mod. -The little glow on the round tiles is to show the mini arc reactors that power the different parts of the suit. It's just a nice little detail they put in. I like it. -Yeah, again the weight issue. That's why they put those rubber tires under the feet to help with grip and to not tilt and fall over. Could've perhaps designed it with a slight bend in the knee? But again, these designers know what they can push and pull to get the model to market. -I guess the openings are for the twisting at the hips and the arm and shoulders to have more movement. It is a great play model. My kid loves it. It's a friggin' giant action figure. It's very sturdy for play. -I'm with you on the stickers. I think Lego with any model with plaque decals to have those printed. BUT, again that'll raise the price. I feel it's a great model. A giant action figure and there are other great mods out there to definitely improve the kit. But as is, still an incredible design and looks great on display too.
  2. Diggin' the new figs... -The the 'Shhh' on the cup and 'Origins of Species' book. bald head piece...yeah...something I can relate too...;) -Mohican...looks bad@$$. -House Painter...boring but useful for Town and City collector's. the gun and splattered graphics. -Warrior Woman...great looking fig. Love that shield graphic! -Sea Captain...nice seagull element. -Roman General...great looking fig. Now we have a leader to go with the Centurions. -Baseball Player...allright, now we have the glove element to field a full squad now. of the bunch. Head piece is fantastic! Clash of the Titans Moc's here we come! -Pagliacci..."Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says "Treatment is simple. Great clown Pagliacci is in town tonight. Go and see him. That should pick you up." Man bursts into tears. Says "But, doctor...I am Pagliacci." -Skydiver...face graphic is fun. -Mean Girl...hey, an iPhone -Bumble Bee Girl...another fun costumed fig. -Tattoed Mechanic...tough guy fig. with tats on the arms. Great for the garages of Town and City. -General George Washington..."If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." -Midas to get one...hope to get one...but won't spend a ton to get one.
  3. Your reviews are always a treat! You are the Master....and I love the comparisons with other figs. The Sci-Fi line is coming along nicely. Very inspired to do some small moc's with them. I was on the fence with this series but once gettig all the figs, seeing new parts like the fringe collar for Shakespeare, the diver's helmet, fairy wings, etc...this is a great new line. Even a fig like having a new cheerleader definitely can add to any new sports moc's out there. One small note. I believe the Football players body piece is backwards. Usually it's the more 'v' neck collar to the front on those uniforms. I could be wrong though. Once again, your reviews are great and enjoy reading them. Quick question...I know we just started on series 8...but am curious, any advance word on what might be in series 9?EDIT...with Football, it's 'end zone' not 'dead zone'....and you're right, totally originated from Rugby and then had rule changes with a line of scrimmage, and the biggest one...having forward passing.
  4. LegoDad42

    VOTING: To sail the Technic sea

    Incredible work all around. Great engineering. My favs... 8) 4 points 10) 2 points 13) 1 point Fabulous models!
  5. Long time since update...YES, still on deadlines but enjoying Christmas with my son!

  6. Queens Mall Lego Store has 'em for $9.99. I guess it's a good bargain there compared to other stores(smaller shop maybe). S@H does have them for $11.99.
  7. LegoDad42

    Post your own art

    Wow, great artwork here guys. Loved going through this thread. Here's a couple of things I like to draw from time to time. I get a few people that like that I draw in their sketchbooks or do illustrations on those blank variant covers that Marvel Comics puts out from time to time...
  8. If ya' get it at your local Lego Store, they're selling it for $9.99. I agree $12.00- $14.00 is a little too much for this set. Also, don't forget to tilt your side vents all the way down or all the way up to use as shields against the Coelophysis! Like the rifle with clip and the ATV is a nice little vehicle.
  9. LegoDad42

    Non-Lego skills man, great space-scape painting. Excellent. Besides Lego, I used to play guitar (not as much anymore), avid softball player and loved Sumi-E brush painting. But my main thing is I love to draw, especially comic books and the like.
  10. Mean and dangerous looking. I like...;) Love the sharp edges and angles. Makes me think of Lynch's version and style from the Dune movie.
  11. Just watched a repeat of Ripley's Believe It or Not on Chiller and they had a Lego Mosaic done of then host Dean Cain (of ole' Lois & Clark fame).
  12. LegoDad42

    Lego Store Special Super-VIP event!

    At Queens Center Lego Store there were only about 15 people that came in and out within the hour. Felt very easy to shop with just a few people, I could concentrate. Usually I'm there shopping when they have the MMM Builds so it's always a mob scene. Got a nice badge and lanyard (made me feel so special...;) to wear around the store. I wore it most of the day till my wife hit me in the head...anywho... ...beside some bigger kits for me, my kid and nephews for Xmas some notable pick-ups were all 3 holiday ornaments (I think they sold out of these already there), all the holiday polybags, scored a couple more Ramses Pyramids and Ramses Return plus Race 3000 all knocked down (all of the games except Heroica were at 50% or more off), couple new DINO sets, Holiday Xmas Set 1 and two Set 2's (one for me and one for my brotha' bmwlego) 3 PaB box's...but only scored the 10% scratcher (pull tab) and used my Vip points plus another $5.00 Club coupon to ease the credit card pain a bit. Had fun and got to make some new AFoL friends, but wish they had more items on sale instead of just the games...and an exclusive just for ViP's attending the event. Over-all another fun Lego day!
  13. LegoDad42

    Need simple builds ideas for 4-5 yo children

    This is a nice beginner set that uses basic bricks with some really fun, cute ideas.
  14. LegoDad42

    Lego Retail Stores

    A couple more from the Queens Store (from various times the past year or so. Kai at 6ft. tall the most recent Build Event...)
  15. LegoDad42

    Lego Retail Stores

    Some cool stuff from the Rockefeller Lego Store, NYC... Lego Building Event Queens Center Mall, Elmhurst Queens, New York. 8ft. tall R2-D2...