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  1. The Nonagon 200 years after the Grey Plague, the planet Earth remains a barren wasteland. No plants grow on the surface of the planet, all life has moved to the deepest caves. But the Circle of Engineers have now regained enough of the lost civilisations knowledge to build gigantic greenhouses, biodomes. They are named Nonagons. In current times they can house entire forests, but back then the technology wasn't as advanced, and the Nonagons could only host a few plants. However this new agricultural revolution truly changed the world! Hope you like it!
  2. is back (probably)

  3. BLACKTRON INVADER CAMPER VAN Although in recent years the Blacktron Empire has settled down, and no longer invades people every other week, the Blacktron Camper van is still a feared sight in any intergalactic camping site. The Blacktron are known to be the loudest, rudest, most destructive campers in the known universe. Arriving late at night in gigantic black vans (left from the invading days) blasting Spacecore from their speakers, knocking over a tent or two, they are are the worst nightmare of anybody who wants a good nights sleep... ERADICATE ALL NO PARKING SIGNS!!!!
  4. Alopex

    What are you listening to?

    Not for everyone, but I love it!
  5. Alopex

    FAPC: MonkeyPunk

    In the late 50's a team of researchers created a species of hyper-intelligent monkey. These primates, capable of advanced speech, and solving complex logical puzzles, were left in an enclosure in a rocky barren wasteland. The scientist wanted to see if the sapient animals could create a primitive culture without any human influence. The information about this experiment was found over 50 years later in early 2011. Although almost positive about the fact that the monkeys had died out years before, the U.S government sent an expedition to find this "lost monkey civilisation . The results were not what they expected. The monkeys, more adapt to cooperation than us humans, had built an advanced, peaceful civilisation. The humans wondered at the amazing buildings buit on stilts (the monkeys had an unexplainable urge to live high above ground), advanced electronics, and high standard of living. Gigantic farms were built under glass domes, and iron was mined from places humans never knew of. Humanity was shocked. They were jealous of the monkeys' advanced technology, and peaceful ways. They were afraid that the monkeys would break out of the wasteland, and destroy humanity. To prevent this from happening they corrupted the monkeys. Taught them of war and power. Sold them weapons. Told them not to be content, and lust for others wealth. Within a year the monkey town had decayed into a dystopian nightmare. Warlords fought each other. The once beautiful buildings fell into disuse. Crime ruled the streets, and no monkey was happy evermore... The main building. Yes, thats a banana on the billboard. Da Monkee'. My favourite part of the MOC, and the first thing I built! More pics can be seen here Hope you like it!
  6. Alopex

    Sci-Fi your Avatar Contest!

    I Dont really have an avatar so I built a new one: The White Lady of Pluto.
  7. Does "Biggy Baby Poo Poo" have anything to do with "Little Bunny Foo Foo"?
  8. We won! Many thanks to JimB, Amy, Tammo, Adam, Shadows (Our interactions didnt go very well, but you turned out to be scum, and I loved your little game on day five! ), Nightshroud for being such an amazing scum team!!! Thanks to all the players, and thanks to our dear host def for hosting such an amazing game!! Sorry Shadows for not believing you, but to much was on stake. If you would have been town, you could have destroyed our game. By the end of the day I was more inclined to believe you were scum, since only you, and TinyP (Who was obviously town ) contacted me, and the other team would have had to be stupid not to contact me. I'll post more later, in a few hours time. Thanks for the great game!
  9. I am not the killer, neither am I a converter. I'm not scum at all. I am the blocker. As for why I targeted Pandora? I didnt know her exact role. Yesterday she was still under suspicion, so I went after her. Seems I didnt read yesterday's thread well enough. Ask me to block anybody, I'll prove it for you tognight. Yes, I know I haven't posted very much, and haven't added very much to the conversation. The truth is I didn't have very much to add. I dont have a gigantic network of PMs. Also I misjudged the amount of time I need for the game. If we lynch another innocent townie, the game will probably end soon. And we wont be the winners. We have killed one scum, thats good. But there's still lot's of scum sneaking around. Choose as you will. Sorry for any mistakes in my text, Im on a phone.
  10. Reading through the thread, I find Zepher the most suspicious, judging by his posts. I do hope he is scum, because if he isn't, we wont have much hope for winning by tomorrow. Vote: Zepher
  11. It certainly is a hard situation. The truth is I dont really know who to vote for. We must vote for scum today, otherwise we wont have much chancing for winning anymore... I'll think about it, but I don't think noncontributing is a valid reason for voting for anyone now. I'd rather look for scumtells (we've already seen a few) and vote for a real scum.
  12. Sorry I'm a bit late! Wow, lots to read. Reading everything, and seeing the day kill, Scouty's story seems to make more sense. Loved ya' rhymes Hinck, but I'll feel better with one less scum around. Vote: Hinckley
  13. Interesting stuff you found Hinckley, but as others said I would like to hear what Scouty has to say.
  14. Hinckley, I must say you just made my day so much better with all this sing n' dance. Bravo!
  15. Corny was probably killed by the scum killer, and Darkdragon by the psycho. Or maybe she was killed by the vigilante? I guess yesterdays chain saw kill could be attributed to the vigilante too, since Capt. Redblade was a quiet lurker, likely to be killed by a clueless vigilante the first night. Corny was almost definitely killed by the scum.