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Found 18 results

  1. On the remote planet of Sci-Uridae the indigenous race of super intelligent squirrels work hard to build up food storages for the next winter. Sci-Uridae has an orbital period of 12 Earth years and thus the winter gets quite long. Luckily the squirrels got lots of extraordinary nutritious space nuts to keep them fed. Here we can see a scene where space nuts are distributed at one of the tree-shaped space stations. A small defensive anti-spacecraft station protects the space station from incoming attacks. The war against the woodpeckers might be over but it's just a fragile truce. There is also a small saucer for scouting missions. Thanks for watching! /Etzel
  2. Si-MOCs

    Sci-Fi Month Winners!

    It's been a wonderful month of Sci-Fi month, and there was an astounding 226 contest entries (new EB record?). I want to thank each and everyone one of you for making the first Sci-Fi month such a phenomenally successful one. The quality of the builds was nothing short of stunning, and the true winners are the members of the LEGO community who got to see all these wonderful builds pop up everywhere.... First a little recap: 97 Micro Sci-Fi entries: 64 Forbidden Animal Planet Entries: Due to the unprecedented number entries, we've decided to go from 3 prizes in the two building contests, to SIX prizes EACH + THREE judge prizes! And the winners are..... Forbidden Animal Planet Contest 1st. 37. rEvolution - zane_houston Prize: 70705 Bug Obliterator (provided by TLG) +Trophy + 2nd.5. Duh-Nuh - madLEGOman. Prize: 70704 Vermin Vaporizer+Trophy + 3rd. 22. Pigs VS Cows - Ninja Nin. Prize: 70702 Warp Stinger +Trophy + 4th. 15. Chicken Moonbase - vecchiasignoraceppo. Prize: 4x Alien Buggoid, Olive Green + 5th. 17. Attack of the Fish - cmaddison. Prize: 4x Alien Buggoid, Dark Red + 6th. 40. Dinosaur extinction? - Cecilie Prize: 2x Sci-Fi CMF's + And rounding out the top ten: 7th. 16. Froghead - Yatkuu 8th. 36. The Source of All Ants - Ryclen[/color] 9th. 24. BannanaTank - alex54 10th.52. Ivory Poaching - Ecclesiastes Micro Sci-Fi Contest 1st: 8. Iron Giant - cmaddison. Prize: 70701 Swarm Interceptor + Trophy + 2nd. 65. Planet Express - Oky. Prize: 70700 Space Swarmer +Trophy + 3rd. 5. Freighter over Ice Planet Biodome - Lt. de Martinet. Prize: 2x Sci-Fi CMF + Trophy + 4th .28. Ice Planet - Crystal Station - Siercon and Coral. Prize: 4x Bright Green Robot Sidekick with Armor + 5th. 6. Ice Planet Colony - Dark_Alamez. Prize: 4x Dark Azure Robot Sidekick + 6th.13. Invasion! - 4estFeller. Prize: 2x Sci-Fi CMF + And rounding top ten. 7th. 15. Landing on Xurus - K.Kreations 8th. Dark Shadows Over The Colony - Mr.Brickman T9th. 23. Micro USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge - toutouille T9th. 72.The City of Tomorrow - touthomme Sub Committee Incharge (of) Finding Individuals Hopelessly Overlooked (SCIFI HO) judge awards: Micro Sci-Fi: Best Science: 7. Saturn V launch - Legonardo Prize: 1x of each of 4 GS figs + Best Fiction: 32. Survivors - Teazza. Prize: 2x Sci-Fi CMF + Forbidden Animal Planet: Best use of Big Animal: 52. Ivory Poaching - Ecclesiastes Prize: 1x of each of 4 GS figs + 1st. 4. Kristel. Prize: 1x Sci-Fi CMF + 2nd. 22. Oky - Prize: 1x Sci-Fi CMF + Vote Raffle winners: Using random number generating droids, the voting raffle goes to #35, 120, 43, in the Avatar, MSFC and FAPC voting threads.... each get 1x Sci-Fi CMF: Winners: LFCMessi, Shadows, gedren_y Congratulations to all winners! Winners: please PM me your: Real name Shipping Address For top 3 in FAPC and MSFC - rank your preference for which trophy you will like, and I'll try my best For Sci-Fi CMF (Collectable MiniFig) winners - rank your preferred choice(s) - either Evil Robot or Space Marine (I'll be even be nice and try to fulfill any CMF request you have )
  3. Cecilie

    FAPC: Dinosaur extinction?

    Did the dinosaurs really get extinct? Or were some of them smart enough to leave the planet? Seems like at least one group is doing well for themselves... If the world is going under, time to leave in the spaceship! Ensuring food supplies is important. And keeping the lava flow from reaching the spaceship before it can take off... Making the last pre-flight checks. And of course, a guard is making sure no un-authorized dinosaurs get aboard. Loads more pics to check out on flickr!
  4. MR. DAVE CHICKEN OF THE TEXTURED SOYLENT PROTEIN FOOD GROUP INC. T.S.P. Food Group Inc. - Proud providers of supplies to the Galaxy Squad, Galactic Patrol and Space Police forces. Mr. Dave Chicken recently travelled to Galaxy Squad base ‘Sigma-19710’ to check out how those guys are enjoying T.S.P. food packs. Here we see Corporal Lou Simons about to tuck into yummy ‘T.S.P. JEL-OMG!’ “It’s nutritious and delicious!” Lou said, with a smile. “It’s just like Mom’s home cooking.” T.S.P. Food Group inc. secured sole provider rights to all deep space missions thanks to a pan global deal with all space faring nations. The contract is good for the next hundred years, so those guys out there protecting the galaxy can be sure of a hearty meal when they need it most. Safe in the knowledge that T.S.P. Food packs will give them all the muscle they need to fight the good fight. Source: THE TEXTURED SOYLENT PROTEIN FOOD GROUP INC. Press office. Flickr set
  5. zane_houston

    FAPC: rEvolution

    In the not too distant future, with deforestation rates at an all time high, a tribe of well-equipped chimps take matters into their own hands. rEvolution by zane_houston, on Flickr rEvolution by zane_houston, on Flickr And the star of the show: the Ape Armor Ape Armor by zane_houston, on Flickr This was a really fun build, the trees and the whole... diorama thing are a bit foreign to me so I'm glad I took a whack at it. Special thanks to Simon and Eurobricks for hosting the contest and LEGO for donating some awesome prizes!
  6. Si-MOCs

    Sci-Fi Month Winners!

    97 Micro Sci-Fi entries: 64 Forbidden Animal Planet Entries: Out of 161 entries: 17 prize winners and 3 raffle winners were chosen! Did you win?
  7. Classicsmiley

    FAPC: Nutcracker Mech

    The squirrels of Heartlake City used to be a pretty contented lot. They foraged for nuts when they could, and enjoyed the occasional handout from the friendly citizens of the city. However, that all changed when the Giant Mutant Nut from Outer Space landed in their peaceful forest. The squirrels suddenly found that they were smart, they were hungry, and they had the great urge to build a giant robot squirrel (which they decided to call the "Nutcracker"). Why beg for handouts when you can just take what you want? So, if you're ever wandering in the woods near Heartlake City, please be cautious. You probably shouldn't feed the squirrels, but you might not have much choice... Full set on Flickr
  8. Joff_Draeven

    FAPC: Black Widow Interceptor

    Here is my entry to the Forbidden Animal Planet Contest. The Giant Spider Colony of Arachnos V has had enough of the human incursion into their territory, so decide to attack an outpost on one of the smaller moons orbiting the planet. The humans are taken completely by surprise by the airborne assault, and the outpost is soon ablaze. Defensive cannons and anti-aircraft cannons fire up at the attacking Black Widow Interceptors manned (or should that be 'spidered'?) by the elite Red Guards, but damage to the Spider ships is minimal. Wolf Spider Stealth-Recon Ships flit over the battlefield, directing the Giant Spider Shock Troopers, but this infantry has to contend with the human's Main Battle Tank as it defends the bridgehead. Will the Giant Spiders succeed in their mission to retake their territory, or will the humans 'stamp' out this rebellion? Giant Spiders Attack! by mjfirefly, on Flickr Main Battle Tank - Microscale, with Giant Spider Pilot for reference by mjfirefly, on Flickr 'Wolf'' Spider Recon Ship by mjfirefly, on Flickr More pics can be found by clicking on any of the above pics which will take you to the relevant Flickr set. Thanks!
  9. The_Creator

    FAPC: The Cat

    Far away in a galaxy hardly ventured into even by the most daring spacemen, there was a planet. No no knew the name of this planet but everyone knew that those who went there never came back.... The truth is, on this planet, commonly called Kultez by the nearby life forms, there lived a cat, yes a cat. Now no one knew where this cat came from or how it got there but they did know one thing.... It was telepathic and even the strongest biological alien races couldn't survive his powerful mind. As you can see many eras of spaceman have attempted to explore or possibly conquer but were enslave by the Cat and suffered to do his will. Mostly working toillessly at his gardens and mines in order to see to the one race did was not susceptible to his telepathy.... They were cyborgs, though very little remained of their biological side. They came to buy and trade for the Cat's minerals and often his food to sell to others who dared not venture here. They chose not to conquer the Cat due to knowing that he would dispose of all the slaves and thus they would have no one to mine or work for them... To clear up some things: No one knows where the Cat got the horse, perhaps it was going to be used as mean on a space ship that landed there? We can only hypothesize... The small ship isn't meant for very much space travel. It's mearly a transportation from the main ship that's waiting outside the planets atmosphere for the boss so he can discuss business with the Cat. Another thing.... Id I hadn't ran out of time I would have put some more work into the base and added an edging. FAPC: The Cat, a set on Flickr: Thanks for viewing, comments and criticism welcome. Also, how do I make it so the pictures can be clicked to open in Flickr?
  10. Masked Builder

    FAPC: Scorpion Mech

    My last contest entry for this month. I was having a hard time deciding what animal I wanted to use, so I pulled some out and the Scorpion gave me an idea. This is what came out. I'm really pleased with the scorpion, and some of the shapes I've made in this MOC. The vehicle of the explorers is something I'm really proud of. Flickr Set Facebook
  11. Alopex

    FAPC: MonkeyPunk

    In the late 50's a team of researchers created a species of hyper-intelligent monkey. These primates, capable of advanced speech, and solving complex logical puzzles, were left in an enclosure in a rocky barren wasteland. The scientist wanted to see if the sapient animals could create a primitive culture without any human influence. The information about this experiment was found over 50 years later in early 2011. Although almost positive about the fact that the monkeys had died out years before, the U.S government sent an expedition to find this "lost monkey civilisation . The results were not what they expected. The monkeys, more adapt to cooperation than us humans, had built an advanced, peaceful civilisation. The humans wondered at the amazing buildings buit on stilts (the monkeys had an unexplainable urge to live high above ground), advanced electronics, and high standard of living. Gigantic farms were built under glass domes, and iron was mined from places humans never knew of. Humanity was shocked. They were jealous of the monkeys' advanced technology, and peaceful ways. They were afraid that the monkeys would break out of the wasteland, and destroy humanity. To prevent this from happening they corrupted the monkeys. Taught them of war and power. Sold them weapons. Told them not to be content, and lust for others wealth. Within a year the monkey town had decayed into a dystopian nightmare. Warlords fought each other. The once beautiful buildings fell into disuse. Crime ruled the streets, and no monkey was happy evermore... The main building. Yes, thats a banana on the billboard. Da Monkee'. My favourite part of the MOC, and the first thing I built! More pics can be seen here Hope you like it!
  12. Tazmaniac

    FAPC: Stompy

    I said I'd enter and with only days to go I decided to come good on my promise. "Put down the carrot dammit, it's not worth it" I had planned to do a lot more but between work and Brickvention I've had to throw this together in a day, and seeing as my collection is in a state of chaos I'm pretty happy with it despite it's short comings.
  13. Maxim I

    FAPC: Invasion of Teddy Bears

    It's the year 2013, A fresh new company starts producing cute little teddy bears. Super quality for a very cheap price! Every child in the world wants to have one, even the kids of the Presidents and greatest generals. Little do they know that when they are asleep, the Teddies come alive and search for important information. It's the year 2015, Little Jimmy wakes up and notices that his Teddy, mr. Cuddle, is gone. While trying to find him, he suddenly hears a strange noise outside the house... The invasion of the Teddy Bears has begun... Equiped with high tech battle mechs, the Teddies are flying over the cities, shooting at everything that moves. Once the biggest obstacles are eliminated, the battle mechs land on the ground and transform to their ground mode, able to step and shoot at every direction they want! (air mode) (Ground mode) I made an extra challenge for myself: build something with bricks coming from one set (Creator set 5764) It was sometimes very tempting to cheat, but in the end I am very pleased with the result It has a very great playability as it can transform from Air to Ground Mode without rebuilding something. And I will be honest to you, I am already playing with this thing the whole day C&C welcome!!
  14. bloei

    FAPC Chicken Chase

    Hello everybody, may I present my entry for this fun contest, Chicken Chase: Chicken Chase by bloei, on Flickr Chicken Chase by bloei, on Flickr Chicken Chase by bloei, on Flickr Don't muck with chicken's or you will get fried! Thanks for viewing.
  15. Hello everyone, I will not pull the entry, so I'll start with the MOC.In this model, the main character is a little Pteranodon, escape the jaws of a giant snake. The portal opens at a time when the hunter caught his prey. The portal is made mainly in bright green and black colors. Other images: Thanks for watching!
  16. legoalbert

    FAPC : Frog Terraformer Project

    Froggies agressively colonizing the distant planets of the galaxy, since they found out how to travel in space. After they landed on planet Damogran, in no time they found the Great Lakes of Progonia. Their leaders' are fat toads who like to spend their days resting in luxury, so right now the massive crawlers transporting compressed duckweed from the landing pad to the above mentioned beautiful lakes to make them comfy and green. Also my first try on forced perspective.
  17. Here's my entry for the "Forbidden Animal Planet Contest". So... King Parrot was tired of standing on Brickbeard's shoulder and it decided it was time to tell it to the captain. This is my first try of a "Caribbean Steampunk walking thing". In my mind it was really better than the actual result, but at least I qualified to enter the contest. Criticism, suggestion, flames and so on are welcome! I hope you'll enjoy it! [Higher res photos on my Flickr. See the signature for link]
  18. Kez

    FAPC: The Crabber

    The Crabber More photos can be found here: (May not work for tablet users but the link to my Flickr photo stream is here: ). The backstory: Evil Dr krabs has created a new giant crab controlled crab monster called the Crabber that can obliberate anything in it's path. Sadly for Dr. Krabs his giant creation has turned against him and mankind. It's up to the space men to try to stop this mega monster. Can the space explorers rescue themselves and their colleague robot in the back of the crabber? (Any Comments and Criticisms are appreciated ). Also a big thanks to Lego and all Eurobricks staff for hosting this great competition and good luck to all contestants. EDIT: I have updated my pictures with an improved baseplate and two new animals: I have also included the Statue of Liberty which has 2 monkeys by it, this part kind off resembles the planet of the apes