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  1. I saw the pic you posted of your hover bike, i was wondering if you have a parts list?

    1. Space Police XVIII

      Space Police XVIII

      Sorry about the late reply, I don't check this account very often.

      And which bike is that?  I've posted a few. 

  2. You captured the scene perfectly! Well done.
  3. Just about every Walmart in my area has at least one case in stock. Got most of what i wanted this morning. Happy to be pretty much done this early.
  4. ttoole73

    Is Pharaoh's Quest worth picking up?

    I absolutely love this theme, so I would recommend it. Just be prepared for the aftermarket sticker shock on the big sets. I definetly recommend shopping around, there are still some good to great deals that pop up on E-bay from time to time.
  5. ttoole73

    [LDD MOC]Pyramid Fortress of Dathan

    Good looking design, with a lot of detail. Your soldiers are pretty impressive also.
  6. ttoole73

    Favorite Space Line?

    Space Police 3 for me, Set 5981 (Raid VPR) is, in my personal opinion, the greatest set ever.
  7. ttoole73

    Edelwald Troops

    That's a really good job, using the different torso combinations, to create one cohesive looking army.
  8. I honestly can see that happening, but I wonder if they would do an Ice King first?
  9. I don't think the official names have come out yet.
  10. Just got my order of helmets and armor in today, as always, top notch.
  11. Found them on an end cap in Target yesterday. Put a photo on my flickr page, they weren't in the system but the cashier rang them up at 3.99 after i told her the price.
  12. Crest toothpaste on a wash cloth works as well. I've used it with great results.
  13. ttoole73

    What set/sets brought you out of your dark ages?

    Space Police 3. As soon as i saw the sets i knew i had to own every one.
  14. ttoole73

    Your LEGO regrets

    Not getting into castle earlier. Hoping that 2016 will ease the pain.
  15. ttoole73

    First Prototypes Sci-Fi Army

    Very nice. I knew the first time i saw that armor, that it would make a good base for a futuristic soldier, and in my opinion, you nailed it. Your bots and drone are just icing on top.
  16. ttoole73

    [MOC] Predator Warlord

    That is an excellent representation of a predator. If this was an actual set, i would buy it in a heartbeat!
  17. ttoole73

    Space Police mech

    That is truly impressive. Love the size and the look.
  18. ttoole73

    60's Sci-Fi Robot

    Excellent representation!
  19. ttoole73

    Nexo Knights 2016

    'Faefrost I'm just gonna leave leave this here without comment Wow, now that is just, I don't even know where to start.
  20. ttoole73

    Pulsar Requin

    Wow that thing is huge! I love the rear landing bay.
  21. ttoole73

    Space Samurais

    Very nice, has an old world feel placed in a future world setting. Really impressive.
  22. ttoole73

    Galaxy Squad: Cleaning up the Universe

    Nicely done, the mechs are definately the stars here.
  23. ttoole73

    What kind of budget do you set?

    I never really set a budget. I just buy what I want when I can.
  24. ttoole73

    [MOC] Bug Invasion of Six Legged Insects

    Very nicely done. I like how you incorporated the torso for the tail.