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  1. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame)

    If you're willing to exit the realm of superheroes, technically Dogshank from Ninjago was the first female bigfig.
  2. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

    This looks really good. As a big fan of apocalyptic-type aesthetics (perhaps the dragon hunter Ninjago arc was testing the waters for this?), I'm looking forward to a bunch of sets/CMFs surrounding this new motif. I also like the various references to the earlier LEGO movies (the Cyborgs Emmet greets are dead ringers for TLBM Mr. Freeze, the 'Coffee Chain' restaurant rebranded as 'Coffee Unchained', etc.) Mostly I just want physical Sewer Babies.
  3. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame)

  4. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO Incredibles Video Game

    Coco would also be lovely, but yeah; I can pass on Bugs Life, Cars, Ratatouille, and Dino.
  5. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame) Counting down to a trailer? Also, pretty much all the LEGO Batman social media accounts have been hijacked/Graffitied by the Joker.
  6. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Lego Overwatch

    With the whole Nightmare before Christmas thing, I wouldn't count it out. But if they have Junkrat and Roadhog, I'm buying.
  7. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO Incredibles Video Game

    There's also this: With first looks at Syndrome, Underminer, and Screenslaver.
  8. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO Incredibles Video Game

    First gameplay vids are available! It seems a bit more 'kiddy-fied' than usual, but given the subject material that's fairly understandable.
  9. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Harry Potter CMF Guessing Game

    This includes a couple figs from year 4 because a Boy Can Dream. Harry Potter in muggle clothes (Zoo trip, includes Snake) Ron Weasley in Christmas Jumper (Includes Scabbers and/or some Christmas treat) Hermione Granger Polyjuiced into cat (Includes wand and pot for brewing potion) Vernon Dursley Petunia Dursley Dudley Dursley (Philosopher's Stone, Includes Gift Box from CMF series 18) Albus Dumbledore (Opening scene, Deluminator and Baby Harry) Minerva McGonagall (Chamber of Secrets, includes goblet, and herself in cat form) Rubeus Hagrid (Philosopher's Stone, Motorcycle gear) Severus Snape Gilderoy Lockhart (Includes Cornish Pixie and one of 'his' books) Moaning Myrtle Ginny Weasley (Chamber of Secrets, includes Tom's Diary) Colin Creevey (Includes scarf and Camera) Neville Longbottom (Chamber of Secrets, with earmuffs and Mandrake) Sirius Black (Includes Wand and Scabbers) Dementor Fred Weasley (includes Honeydukes sweets) George Weasley (Includes Marauder's Map) Madame Maxime Mad-Eye Moody (Includes walking stick and flask) Peter Pettigrew (Includes silver hand)
  10. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    That's... disappointing, if I'm being perfectly honest.
  11. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Ooh! That was one of my favorite TLNM vehicles.
  12. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I think the dragon hunters might be my favorite villain faction so far. New molds in weapons and armor, amazing motifs and individual designs (one of them is a heccin slot machine)...I'm glad they're so dense in individual sets, so I only need two for a satisfactory clan/army (red dragon and Dieselnaut).
  13. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Oof. That Dieselnaut is so amazing; I hope I can afford it.
  14. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Marvel Studios 10 Years CMF MOC

    I love this series! Big fan of Mk I, Kaecilius, and Heimdall, but my favorite has to be Stan the Man. EDIT: I just noticed the inclusion of Whiplash's BURD. I like that detail.
  15. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Luckily I have a Barnes and Nobel here in town, so I was able to snag the Incredibles Brickheadz. I must say they're my favorites so far (though if the TNBC rumors are correct that could change).