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  1. MikeTwo9398

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    I have read this sad news yesterday morning. I am happy to have met him a few times at LegoWorld in Utrecht. I followed his designs for several years. I build with mostly technic parts but his designs are incredible. He even made me buy the instructions for the Truck T18. My condolences to his family and friends.
  2. MikeTwo9398

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Or just the start of a new generaties of controlled gearboxes. New motors can be used as a servo motor.
  3. MikeTwo9398

    Freightliner M2 112 Model

    You saw it already. Ask Technivor in his topic: MOC Freightliner
  4. Hi everyone, This is a new project I am/was working on. I build an trailer capable to load high objects. For now it’s finished but I am not that pleased with the looks. In Dutch it’s called a “Binnenlader” as far as I know in English it “Innerloader”. It’s used to transport high objects like prefabbed walls. Some transporters use this kind of trailer to have 2 loading floors (Double Deck Trailers). The bottom of the trailer is very low to the ground. The trailer can be loaded by crane but it is also possible to load a carrier that can be load- and unloaded by the trailer. The carrier can be separated from the trailer. This is done by lowering the trailer, open the tailgate, and drive forward leaving the carrier standing. by My model automatically opens and closes the back door when the trailer is moving down or upwards. Don’t think is done with a real trailer but I wanted to make it remote controlled with as less motors possible. I was able to only use 1 motor. Have a look at the video and photo's:. http://youtu.be/D-oJ6EqskxQ
  5. 4 years ago I had the same problem with my Barcode truck 8497. All the insulation of the wires was gone or had broken down. In 2014 I bought a few new original Lego wires (several lengths). I just checked, but it seems that they are also slowly decaying. The electrical cable of my mobile crane 8421 is still okay, but it also looks like it will also crumble. When I bought the original Lego wires they were in there original package. They may have remained good because of that package.
  6. 3:10 4:6 10:4 12:3 1:2 11:1
  7. May I ask where you work and what kind of job you have .
  8. @blondasek I think you are right. You need 6 pins with axle. It's correct in the instructions but the needed materials in the instructions are wrong. Althoug I had 3 3l-pins left over. 2 not used at building step 738 and 1 not used at step 1036. At step 1036 I used a 2l-pin instead of 3l-pin.
  9. MikeTwo9398

    Technic Silliest Builds?

    My ugly TC6 entry: Wiggle truck. http://Wiggetruck 01
  10. MikeTwo9398

    General Part Discussion

    Look at the review of Lego City 60216 Downtown Fire Brigade from AustrianLegoFan and you can see where its used for https://youtu.be/ymtZPv07OPs?t=763
  11. MikeTwo9398

    Axle Collection Thread

    Axel looks great but got one question. Is it strong enough to hold the weight of the cabin? When I buid my refueler truck the front weels bended outwards because of the weight.
  12. MikeTwo9398

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    I saw it this massive fairground attraction last friday too. Not fully completed but is was a beauty to see it in action.
  13. Here is my modification of the upper gearbox. With this modification you can control the upper functions of the crane simultaneous (raising, extending and hoisting). On the left side of this picture you can see the parts I added. On the right side are the parts I did not use. All other parts seens are avaiable in the model. Here you can find a PDF file of the building instructions. The building numbers correspond with the building numbers in the 42082 instruction book. Here is a video where you can see the working of the modification (the video also includes the building instructions).
  14. MikeTwo9398

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    Yeah, thats her name, Kitty . She's a very polite cat, but always sits in front of you so cannot get or see the pieces you want to use . So it takes me days to build this big, beautiful crane (I can only work a few hours a day ). I am making a modification so I can use the three separate functions to work without having to switch. I build in three switches on their own axel. Up to now the motor does not have any problem with operating the three function at the same time.
  15. MikeTwo9398

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    I just started building too and encountered the same. I found that the 8 teeth (number 1 in the picture) was touching part 4211779 number 2 in the picture. I fixed it by repositioning the parts around the gear until the 8 teeth gear did not touch anything. 42082-8gear