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  1. Very nice, works smooth and quickly. You managed to load the new cargo quickly.
  2. That looks more solid then what I used. I had suspension on the axle and used the spring as lever to go up and down.
  3. The pivot point for making the wheel go up and down was an axle supported on both sides. For the wheel I used an axle going through 2 beams, but the pivot point there was a black pin.
  4. I once made an attempt to. My cargo were the walls of the Rough terrain crane 42085 set https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/170913-moc-truck-with-inner-loader/ It's hard to get the wheels stable without making the trailer to wide.
  5. The same as for the 42140 more pictures can be found here: https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC01_NOBG.jpg https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC02_NOBG.jpg https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC03_NOBG.jpg https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC04_NOBG.jpg https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC05_NOBG.jpg https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC06_NOBG.jpg https://www.brickmerge.de/img/sets/l/LEGO_42139_WEB_SEC07_NOBG.jpg
  6. Looking at the video it is hard to see what is going wrong but first check if the red levers are correct positioned in the red moving driving ring (building steps 31-33 starting at page 75). What also might help is activating some (or all) of the other motors to make the gears rotate, that might shift the driving ring into the correct position. What I did with my 8043 is changing the two 16 gears, used for switching, into a 12 and 20 tooth (placing the 12, step 29 page 72, on the motor axle and the 20 tooth gear in step 35 page 79). This way the motor needs les torque/power moving the shifting levers.
  7. Very nice looking and fast riding Trophy truck. When I looked at the video the back axles seems to bend through (at 2:09) This might cause more damage to the crossaxles. I would strengthen the rear axle so it doesn't sag. I have made a Trophy truck aswell (based on Madoca1977 Baja Trophy Truck) and yes with the buggy motors the axle started to worn out after a while. I geared it down to gain more control of the car and gave it more power to drive over rough terrain.
  8. Looking at the terrain I think the Zetros performs very good. I agree with @Ngoc Nguyen the hood popping open must be frustrating....
  9. @Jim (or anybody else) can you show us a picture of the Zetros next to the Arocs 42043. I would like to see if the scala of booth models fit.
  10. In this video new elements are shown for the 42129 https://youtu.be/AI4SA6keh8A?t=1274 Did not check complete video (was only interested for the 42129).
  11. Found a few other pictures. Also the backside of the box showing the position of the m-motor.
  12. MikeTwo9398

    SBrick maximum amperage

    I did use 3 LiFePo4 batteries and 3 spacers with a SBrick in my Baja Buggy. The buggy has 1 servo, 1 LED and 2 Buggy motors (each on 1 port of the SBrick). So far nothing got damaged. Powering Locomotive motors will probably no problem. Just make sure the voltage does not exceed the 10.8 [V]. The only problem I encountered, was that not every battery box worked.
  13. Don't know if there are white axles in this set. Look at the speedbuild video from Brick Depot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFOyAjlmB3U
  14. Reading the story I made this drawing of what I think you did. If not please add a picture so we can see what you are doing. At the bottom I draw the current situation. The motor drives the right part of the middle differential, the front axle wheels and the middle differential will rotate. If you block the middle differential the small gears in the middle differential will make the back axle rotate (left side of the middle differential). The back axle will rotate in the correct direction! To make it work correct the motor should drive the middle differential directly on the 24 gear side (or the other side). Both left and right of the middle differential will start rotating. If you don't flip the back axle differential the front and back axle will not rotate in the same direction. Good luck...