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  1. You could try this (not tested just an idea). https://bricksafe.com/files/MikeTwo9398/steering/Steering_option.jpg/800x450.jpg Servo 1: select steering mode Servo 2: Both axles rotate in the same direction Servo 3: Both axles rotate opposite If no mode is selected with servo 1 then funny things might happen
  2. MikeTwo9398

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    When I tried to make it RC I used all kind of gears that are in the set. Added the same kind 8, 12, 16, 24 colored tan, black and dark gray gears. Used a modified servo motor controlled 3steps Gearbox from @Sariel. Played with the car and was working good on a flat surface, but gearbox was not strong enough driving outside. Then I rebuild the car and did not know which gears I added and which are original. I only flipped the differential and was surprised the gears did not crack anymore.
  3. MikeTwo9398

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I have build the Land Rover for the second time after several attempts to make it RC. With the second build I maybe only switched some gears of my own collection and flipped the differentials 180 degrees and there is no cracking of gears this time. So I can confirm @kbalage story that it is possible to build it with cracking gears.
  4. 29: 10 59: 6 30: 4 53: 3 47: 2 24: 1
  5. Found the instructions, I believe 2 days ago, and used it yesterday to motorize my Lego Land Rover 42110. Already tried several ways to make the Land Rover remote controlled with controlled gearbox but your gearbox is working the best. I changed one (actualy 2) thing and used another axle as out put. I replaced the axle next to the output axle with the 16 and 24 gear by a differential. This way I am able to use both ends. I also added an extra 8 teeth gear on the opposite side of the 8 teeth gear in your gearbox to prevent slipping the 8 teeth gear on the differential. I am using a buggy motor so I have to gear down a few time to make the car move. At the moment it's driving but has no torque when climbing.... I am thinking of changing another part of you gear box to make one speed very slow with more torque to climb. The other thing I changed is using my broken Servo motor so I can use the normal remote . The servo does not return to the middle position when I stop using the remote. Just giving a short click on the remote to the other direction it's stops in the middle when going to the opposite direction.
  6. Yes I have the same issues. I think almost everybody. If you change the gear setting friction becomes less. You can have also cracking gears. In the long 42110 topic a few causes are mentioned. Just shift the low friction gear and the car runs very nice.
  7. I thinks I know what happens. But first check if the red differential is standing still when you rotate the back wheels. If so then the front wheels will rotate in the other direction because of the differential. Rotate the front and the back wheels at the same time in the same direction. Then the red differential should also rotate including the fake motor.
  8. 1: 10 18: 6 5: 4 7: 3 19:2 23: 1
  9. MikeTwo9398

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    I have the same clicking/cracking sound only in the gear setting when the pisitons move at it's fasts. I noticed that the gears shown in the video from RacingBrick at 4:00 are slipping/jumping over each other. And there is no gap ..... Everything else mentioned here is OK.
  10. MikeTwo9398

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Then I was luckier. I bought the last one today at a local store for €158.30. They only had 2 and already regret that they did not order more of them.
  11. MikeTwo9398

    Ingmar Spijkhoven Passed Away

    I have read this sad news yesterday morning. I am happy to have met him a few times at LegoWorld in Utrecht. I followed his designs for several years. I build with mostly technic parts but his designs are incredible. He even made me buy the instructions for the Truck T18. My condolences to his family and friends.
  12. MikeTwo9398

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Or just the start of a new generaties of controlled gearboxes. New motors can be used as a servo motor.
  13. MikeTwo9398

    Freightliner M2 112 Model

    You saw it already. Ask Technivor in his topic: MOC Freightliner