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  1. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello, The best way is by email. My email is written on the top of the Bluebrick website (in case I change my email): Yours.
  2. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello, Yes, I still maintain Bluebrick. I will have a look to see why the subdivision impact this, when you disable the subdivision. Thanks for reporting the issue. Yours.
  3. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello, A quick note, to tell you that I've released the version 1.8.1 of BlueBrick. As usual, downloadable at: Enjoy.
  4. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello Freestorm, I've renamed the files with the wrong casing and re-uploaded the package to my website. You can download them again if you didn't already have fixed them on your machine. BlueBrick 1.8.1 is coming soon (nothing fancy, though, just some bug fixes for mainly Linux users and maybe Mac users (I'm still investigating the user32 missing dll error)). Yours.
  5. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi marook, I tried BB recently on a linux machine, and I guess I've installed Mono 4 (because like you said, I could not find Mono 2 for download), and it was just crashing at startup. I've made some fix to it, and succeeded to make it work again on this machine. This is why I plan to release version 8.1 to fix such issues. I don't have a Mac though for testing... If you would like to beta test it, please send me your email in MP, I will send you a 8.1 beta by mail. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello Spanish Users, I've uploaded a new version of the Spanish translation for BlueBrick 1.8, containing some fix and some new translations that were missing. The translator gave them to me few months ago, sorry to have been too lazy for not updating the dll earlier. If you want to get the new translation pack, you should delete the "BlueBrick.resources.dll" in the "es" folder of your BlueBrick folder. Then relaunch BlueBrick and change again the language to Spanish in the Preference. You will see the Download window appearing. Let BlueBrick download the dll and restart. For all users, I may upload the version 1.8.1 soon, but this will only contains some minor bug fixes, and may be a critical update for the Linux users (nobody complained to me so far, so I guess nobody is using BlueBrick on Linux ). If you have some bugs you want me to fix, it's time to talk to me . Yours.
  7. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi zephyr, No sorry, I didn't noticed this amazing work before. I may include the package for download on the official BlueBrick website if Michael agrees, however as it is not 100% LEGO, I will leave it as a separated package. Yours.
  8. New Track Planning Library for BlueBrick

    Amazing work Michael! Thank you very much!
  9. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Sure, and then, you can send me your contribution, it will be a pleasure for me to integrate it in the official library.
  10. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello daveyandjoshy, Flex track are already implemented in Bluebrick (since version 1.7), so you don't need to add the images yourself to the library. The Flex track is available in the Track folder, or simply select a track on your layout and press the 'F' shortcut key. Then to adjust the curve of the flex track, double-click left and hold the click on an extremity of a track section that contains some flex track, then move your mouse. Release the mouse button when you're satisfied with the curve. Enjoy.
  11. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hello, I've modified my script, now the Set (only XML files) are also visible in the part tracker, and you can download them (they can be easily identified with there "Set" image). I strongly suggest to download them and keep the "NotListedInLibrary" flag of the sub part to avoid having a part lib too crowded in BlueBrick. if you only need one part of the set (let say the vehicule for example), you can still drag and drop the whole set, then right click on it and choose "ungroup", then delete the subpart you don't want. BTW, I will rename all the set with the peeron/bricklink convention, i.e. in the form of XXXX-Y for the 1.8 release. It won't break your existing file (unless we made some mistake in the renaming process).
  12. Bluebrick Layout Software

    That's a good question!! This is because these parts are supposed to be used inside a group part which is a single XML file that group several parts. But unfortunately these standalone XML files are not listed in the part tracker. I will try to modify my script to let them appear such as you can also download them. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anyway, I'm working on the 1.8 version right now, and new cool features will come, including a new type of layer to add some rulers with measurement units, and also a very convenient filter combo box, to filter the parts displayed in the part lib. Stay tuned!
  13. Looking for a LEGO Train CAD Program

    @spanks_4: in BlueBrick you can layout your tables first in a brick layer, then add another brick layer on top of it and lay down your baseplates and tracks. In the next major version (1.8) I will add a new functionality to also setup the dimension of your room (in feet or meter) before doing the layout.
  14. Bluebrick Layout Software

    It is true that the XML format didn't changed, but unfortunately the encoding changed. So unfortunately, in such situation you need to redo the organization with the new version of the files.
  15. Bluebrick Layout Software

    Hi, In the 1.7.1, the encoding format of the part XML files has changed for compatibility reasons with Mac and Linux. Now the part XML files should be encoded in UTF-8. Therefore I advise you to: 1) Unzip the 1.7.1 on a clean folder to avoid some old files in ASCII that have been renamed. 2) Download again the additionnal packages if you want them, and unzip them in the 1.7.1 part folder. 3) Copy your custom parts in the 1.7.1 part folder then convert the encoding to UTF-8 (with your favorite text editor) and add the encoding in the first line of the XML file (you can look into a 1.7.1 part as an example). Sorry for the inconvenience.