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  1. https://www.custombricks.nl/ is moving But don't know where to find ChromeBricks
  2. daoudbazaar

    Electrical wire for lego contacts

    @Arrow Here is what I use for my wires. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ultra-soft-28AWG-Silicone-Wire-2P-3P-4P-5P-6P-Power-Cable-Multi-core-Cable-High/32956359412.html?spm=a2g0w.10010108.1000001.8.1fae7100P8hxcX&transAbTest=ae803_3&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0%2Csearchweb201602_5_10065_10068_319_10892_317_10696_453_10084_454_10083_433_10618_431_10304_10307_10820_10821_537_10302_536_10843_10059_10884_10887_100031_321_322_10103%2Csearchweb201603_35%2CppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=0486edd6-d49a-4c80-a558-6846cf17ce92&algo_expid=0486edd6-d49a-4c80-a558-6846cf17ce92-26
  3. daoudbazaar

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    I think it's a lost cause ! I can't found a system that meet all the requirements : I bought Sbricks because it's so well designed and very compact and reliable. And you can either use a PS4 joystick ! control it ! I loved 12V because there was so many functions, but too many wires. 9V allow to get rid of batteries and LiPo (I bought LiPo PF but it's not the solution). You can have a Xmas train running all the day long without problem DCC is very convenient to control switches and large layouts. There is nothing better to control motors, even brushless motors and maintain very low speeds whatever the load is. And you can find so many tutos or DIY electronic, for instance, you can already find very cheap "keep alive" add-ons that allow you to run on dirty or plastic track sections. I'm not found of PowerUp It's compact but too much expensive and not versatile enough. I need more than 2 plugs.But it may offer better in a near future. So, IMO, the solution is an OPEN Hybrid modular standard that allow to interoperate 12V 9V, PF PUP as you won't force every Trainfan to adopt a given standard and Lego will go on with new standards We need power pick-up. I did mine on their own with Bachmann 31 mm garden train wheels (or LGB 67419) like these, with shortened axles (each wheel has an half plastic axle tha tgoes ont the metal axle), but I would prefer a ready to use solution with smaller wheels. . We need a device to lower (and rectify) voltage to allow user to interoperate on 18V AC (DCC) 12V and 9V We need a keep alive device for non PF to run over PF sections. We need curves, switches, crossovers, double slip points, dual gauges, spoked wheels, etc... And of course we need a versatile plug. The PF plug was a good one. A more reliable and less bulky coupler interoperable with Lego coupler is still to be invent.
  4. daoudbazaar

    BrickTracks: R104 Switch Kickstarter is LIVE!

    As a 9V (DCC) user, I have no use of plastic only tracks. I have no use either of such big points. I do print my own tracks. The quality is quite good as long as printing resolution is high (not the choice of Trix/4D &Co), a bit less shiny than Lego ones. However, 3D printed have weaknesses under stress molded pieces don't have. 3D printing is good for prototypes or very short series. I'm not fan of PDQ 3D printed tracks sold here and there. It seems they just want to make money. I have been a happy customer of BBBricks and could not imagine I would be so disappointed by Me Models products (odd metal tracks and badly-designed plastic tracks). BrickTracks products seem to raise the level and I hope they will succeed as far as possible. That's why I support it for 2 left and 2 right points. I think our hobby need it.
  5. daoudbazaar

    MOC - 60051 Club Car and Extended Car

    Ofcourse not! But its all about the looks. Being creative, thats Lego! They do. Each TGV trainset has a club car
  6. daoudbazaar

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    Outstanding !
  7. daoudbazaar

    2018 Lego Trains

    A new system is not bad as long as we keep some backward compatibility. The main drawback between 9V System, PF, Mindstorm and Boost is that each has its own plug format and they cannot interoperate. Who can still find 9V to PF plug extension cord ? In the same way, Lego coud change stud dimensions every 5/7 years If the new system just offers blutooth and a short-lived phone app, I then think I will keep buying Sbricks. It works quite well, is very compact and affordable and doesn't need to change all my electric devices. As for radii and MILS, AFOLs (/ third parties) could also maintain an open standard to keep some interoparability between Lego successive waves of hesitation (just remember the blocky 2006 train base with IR and battery reveiver)
  8. daoudbazaar

    BrickTracks: different curves, PF/9V compatible

    R56 in PF (and 9V) is definitely my priority ! 9v straight would rank 2nd. But 9v Straights are not that expensive : 8 x 9V straights is about 30 EUR on aftermarket. So 9v straight should be very competitive as European customers will also have to pay for more shipping fees and add 20% to 25% of custom taxes. PF straight with copper/inox tape is still a very easy and affordable workaround especially on straights. As for points, we do not need so many. I do not like 4Dbrix (and TrixBrix) switch geometry. Their solutions are not enough flexible and I won't buy and store a single-purpose switches. A swich must be very versatile to meet the market. I do have more tha 20 9V and PF switches. But even if R104 switches were very cheap, I would not buy more than a couple of each, for exhibition or outdoor use. for instance, For instance, for a ladder, tracks on a drawer would be more room efficient especially for longer trains.
  9. For your investigation, you may have forget 3d files on Thingiverse, pictures of afol that cut and stick old lego points on brickshelf, etc.. It takes a very long time to design, print, test, correct, improve print and finally publish. I find it too easy for others to slander and they deserve the first rank for stupidity Working on patent and IP is a serious profession, you know. For your records, I'm working (on my own and for friends only) on this for months. I mean the industrial track, not the provencale tablecloth. I've also designed a 3XL wheel (49,6 mm blind) for a german S2/6, mast for catenary, etc.. And for those IP ayatollahs who blam and accuse without knowing, I got inspiration from Maerklin and Tillg models for the design. I don't know if others have done similar things
  10. I do agree that taxes (and sometime national lobbies) don't help, but it can't explain the great part of the mess about prices. Like Amazon in Europe, most of Web vendors are fiscally located in Ireland and pay all of their taxes there. That's the way they legally escape local taxes. So why is Lego shop cheaper for Germany delivery than for France ? Why is this often the contrary (for Lego sets) on Amazon ? 3 of the 4 toy shops in my shopping district display the same price grid for Lego set. The fourth one is a Belgian franchise : bigger sets are often much more expensive as smaller set are often cheaper, sometimes up to 25%. You may find there themes that comes not out in France, or find them earlier. And exceptionally, you may find limited set restricted to another network. It's obvious their supply chain comes from abroad. Taxes and regulations do not vary with size of sets, themes, playmobil release date (news are released 6 month earlier in Germany), etc. But Lego prices difference between countries do. And the cheaper is not always the same place ... Juste realize that, for instance, set 10232 is 7% cheaper in The Galerie Lafayette Haussman, THE very big department store in THE very centre of Paris where local, national taxes, excise duties, rent ... everything is higher than anywhere in France (and even in the World according to you) than Legoshop @home a web seller without go-between and with minimum taxes ... That's so frustating and irritating to find next door the same set you bought 25% more. Who want to buy Lego Tower Bridge 10214 EUR 219.99 when it's on shelves for a year at EUR 169.99 in my local toy shop (a brick and mortar toy shop with employee, taxes, rent..) ? As far I'm concerned, I don' care. The funny thing is that is sometimes cheaper to (re)import even with USPS shipping fee (~50/60 $), VAT (+19,6% on value including shipping) and customs tax perception fee (~26 $) added. This is less a problem of high price but more a feeling of inequitable differences. Big price differences on the same set noticed in a short period of time within a finally small area tend to show inconsistencies in prices and develop the feeling of being outsmarted, duped. Say that, it won't ruin my enjoyment of buildind more and more with my Lego bricks !
  11. daoudbazaar

    LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village

    I dreamed of it Definitely a must-buy for who can afford it ! I wonder if the trees are tall enough to let an AT-ST go between ? May be two sets will be needed
  12. daoudbazaar

    Classic Space Restoration Project

    Great job, Rufus. I'm really moved as I got it for Christmas '79 ... That a great set of the Lost World. If only TLG would reissue all the first wave. Play it again, Sam
  13. Hope you are kidding ? If I were you, I you would start a petition to get prices on the Official Online Legostore up to 30% higher for people, say, from Montana (compared with prices for those from New Jersey). Those difference between states you listed above are as high in the US as in the European Union. That would be great fun ... as for us in this old Europe. I don't think Lego prices have a lot to do with costs. Those box I once ordered on Legoshop where produced in China, Hungary, etc.. (sometimes Denmark, probably the price sticker) shipped to a big warehouse somewhere among the Vikings and then delivered by a Romanian driver in a Polish truck. I don't think cost's would have been different if he (the romanian driver) had to deliver in Germany (just turn left instead of right on the Rhine river highway). I think It's more a question of competition (Lego and Playmobil new themes - even colors used - are the same at same time, even the same rotten ideas) and consumer ability to pay more or (un)ability to compare prices. What a stupid consumer strategy ! I live in France, in the east, the country that we called "of the three borders" (Belgium, Luxemburg, and Germany). And there, it's worth taking you car to go shopping accross the border, not only for beers (go to Germany for long-drink beers, to Belgium for strong flavored ones, to France if you want to spend a lot for chemical ones and then leave what you haven't spent on an bank account in Luxemburg to avoid most of European taxes - I'm joking). It is worth also for Lego, as long as you intend to buy a big set. [i could there also speak about anticipated and limited series, themes that are not issued in a country, etc...] Not so long after Lego gave up wood for ABS, those guys from North America brought us the Internet as researcher from CERN invented the Web. So now it much more easier. It takes no longer than a couple of minute to find the desired set up to 30% less, shipping fee included (more and more cheap within western Europe). And even for smaller set, you may sometimes take part in a "bulk" order. The fact is marketers only achieved to destroy the value of Lego set perceived by old regular customer. I now consider Official Lego Prices as the limit to never reach, the prices for desperate consumers, incurable lego-addict, aliens that never taste of our consumer society... Even in Paris' Galerie Lafayette - one of the best Lego shop in Paris, even best as the official Lego Shop (if you dare find it), also known as the self-proclaimed temple of fashion - but especially sanctuary of high prices for tourists still amazed by the French capital city... Even there, you will be able to buy Palace Cinema (10132) 7% less than on Lego Shame Online. With this survey we now know that the sleeper has his eyes wide opened. May be he would - endlich - realize that there is definitely something rotten in the (brick) kingdom of Denmark. It's time to take AFOL for what they are : Adults.
  14. daoudbazaar

    LEGO Friends on shelves

    Guess who I met last Sunday at my local shop ? Her names is Stephanie. She's a little taller than regular minifig. Same picture, bigger Sets on shelves looked too attractive to say No. My daughter picked one of the smallest, #3930. No stickers ! What a good news ... The sunshade piece and the 1 x 1 milk brick are printed. Nice colors too. Here it is in real world : It seems there are new pets (birds, dogs, etc.) No doubt we'll soon buy another one (The big house was around EUR 75). Is it what you mean ? Her hair fits perfectly on a regular minifig. Bit not for heads as friends'head have a thinner neck. A closer view on the fig. Bad news : soft plastic, same that make octopus legs (Atlantis line) As you may see, it's not as shiny as "regular" hair pieces. No discrimination please ! Blond hair are not exclusively dedicated to women ... My peasant match more with our times like that. Actually, I'm off today. I won't be able to show it before to morrow.