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  1. Zed_43

    Jurassic Park Rollercoaster - Finished!

    The little scenes from your coaster are really nice. Even if the roof from your visitor center is a bit to study to my taste, it is reconizable at first look. I like how you turned it into the coaster queuing. You managed to recreate the spirit of JP with its typical locations.
  2. Zed_43

    [MOC] S.S. Venture

    Excellent! I love the overall look, the shape, the way you made rust. The hull is really well made with a high level of finition. You manged to make it without any gap or visible stud. And the cabin fits perfectly this kind of old rusty adventurer ship!
  3. Zed_43

    [MOC] Modular: Metropolitan Courthouse

    I really like your building. It is really clean, well detailed. The little tower on the roof is just what a courthouse need! And the use of the rounded fence is really appropriate. I also appreciate the interior, you managed to recreate the atmosphere of a judgment! The judge from cmf serie 9 would fit perfectly into this!
  4. Thank you for your comment BaneShake. HalfPint, sorry I do not make instructions for my MOCs. And I strongly suggest you tu build your own version. It give much more satisfaction and it gives a unique MOC.
  5. Zed_43

    [MOC] Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018)

    I saw your MOC on tbb contest gallery. Really well done. I really like the reliefs on the walls and all the cornices. And the interior is really neat! Really good job!
  6. Thank you Lego-fire! The columns are tethered only by the bottom or the top, on one stud. And they are a little bit smaller than the space between the floors. So it allows to move it a bit to make a low angle and it remains solid enough to stay in place.
  7. Hi everybody! I just wanted to share with you all my latest MOC. It was made for the microscale magic contest hosted by TBB! I wanted to get something that would have a good result in the microscale size and an iconic place from Harry Potter. And after watching some illustrated book, watching the movies again. I thought Gringott's would be nice in that scale. I have a really good moment buiding it. I never made microsale MOCs before, so this was the occasion to try using it. And it was fun. Maybe I'll do more in the future. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I had fun building it! Gringott's Bank by Zed, sur Flickr
  8. Zed_43

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    I'm in love with that TEE! This is a so iconic train and you really managed to get it! Soft curves, good lenght, nice detailing... what else?
  9. Zed_43

    [MOC] Space Carrot !

    Thank you all for your nice comments. I am really pleased that you like it. And a few words to let you know that I won tne contest!
  10. Zed_43

    [MOC] The Wardrobe (Narnia)

    This is a very nice build. I love the idea to put the scene directly into the wardrobe. And thevrealisation meets a really good level of detailing!
  11. Zed_43

    [MOC] Space Carrot !

    Thanks for your kind comments and suggestion. I have been thinking of a thruster, but it was harder to stick it on this part of tbe carrot. Concerning the color, I wanted to keepna bit of space classic codes. So this is why I used the LBG.
  12. Zed_43

    [MOC] Space Carrot !

    Hi all! I wanted to share with you my latest creation! I've build it for a contest on Brickpirate french forum. The purpose was to build with the use of a natural element. The idea of this moc came up with that easter rabbit on my workspace. I had to do something with this. And what fits a rabbit the most? A carrot of course! Here is the photo. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I had fun building it! Space Carrot by Zed, sur Flickr
  13. Zed_43

    Johnny Thunder and the Lost Tomb of Ramesses VIII

    Really nice build! I enjoy egypt and adventurers themes, so i'm really pleased to see MOCs like that. It is well finished, with fine details and structure!
  14. Zed_43

    [MOC] Water tower - 1 meter high

    Really nice and impressive build. Well detailed also. I like the shapes, cooors and the rechnique used. The video is very good too! Congrats!
  15. Zed_43

    [MOC] Submarine House

    Despite the fzct I find this yellow submarine an awfull lego set, I find your MOC Wonderfull! I really like the shapes you give to that building and the details you put in the architecture. I especially loove the roof shape, the wooden structure sustaining the balcony, the rounded window of the ground floor and windows and shutters of the 1rst floor (2nd floor if your americain, this difference can be really confusing sometimes).