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  1. Zed_43

    Desert oasis

    I really like your scene. I cannot say more than other people: the use of cheese slopes and slopes is brillant. The camels equipment looks also nice, I like you made different ones. Great MOC!
  2. This scene is really great. The way you represented the kubaz is excellent. I also find really smart the way you designed the patterned flooring and the pillars with use of new parts. This looks really great and adds a lot to the general looking of the scene.
  3. Nice station of a unique style. Love that rounded shape of the tower! I just find your buildings a bit small compared to the trains but it stills remains really great!
  4. Zed_43

    [MOC]LL-313 Galactic Multicargo

    Yes you're right, the reactors are a bit hollow. You can consider that's a kind of new technology ^^. I will try to insert something in them, but by them back of the reactors. I wanted (and still want) to keep those vertical or horizontal bar inside the reactors. Thanks you all for your nice comments and suggestions!
  5. Zed_43

    [MOC]LL-313 Galactic Multicargo

    Thanks marvelboy. I guess you're right about the back landing gear. The first idea was not to use some but if it lands with no freight, it has nothing to support it. I need to make something that would be foldable and compact that doesn't alterate the overall look and aerodynamicity of the ship.
  6. Hi all! I wanted to share with you my latest MOC which is my first ever Sci-Fi Moc! I wanted to build a space classic Moc from a long time ago and the french forum Brickpirate launched a contest that the purpose was to build a spaceshift with an 90's lego color scheme. So, here it is, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I took fun building it. Ladies and Gentlemen, It is now time to introduce you the new spaceship comming from the federation factory: the LL-313 Galactic-MultiCargo. With its 6 reactors, this ship is has the ability to perform vertical landing and take-off.It was designed for logistic purposes and carrying of containers : material transport, energy generator transport, ore transport... But its versatility took him to be used for a lot of other missions: troop transport in dedicated pods, rescue and assistance with special moduls.... It has even been used for offensive military missions with a special container designed to carry and launch K-641 missiles (a small launching unfolds underneath the ship). Here are photographs coming directly form the federation: LL-313 Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr Hope you'll enjoy it. I'm looking forward to read your reactions and suggestions!
  7. Zed_43

    (MOC) Odense Banegård & modular platforms

    Woooh! This is a huge and amazing project! The station has a really nice style. Great work. I cannot imagine how long you spend designing it on LDD. I made such a big project once and it took hours and hours (and yours is really less repetitive so it may have take a while!). I hope we will get a lot of pictures once it is built!
  8. Zed_43

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    I'm also thinking that people here (and myself) have the same point of view. Being copied for personnal use is not the problem, it prouves that your creations are appreciated. Being mentioned as the original creator is obviously required to my eyes. But I think the fact we find unfair, is the fact that someone is making money with your work behind your back.
  9. Zed_43

    Unauthorized selling of instructions for MOCs

    Sorry to hear such experiences... The same kind of thing happened to me. I once found a guy on a french lego event running a train of my design (with ugly but cheaper to build modifications). I first started joking with this guy thinking he just copied my design for his personnal use. But he didn't understand my joke. Discussing further with him, he told me that he bought the model on ebay. I found back the seller on ebay, selling instructions of 2 or 3 of my designs abd other desugn I'm quite sure they are stolen too. Still with ugly modifications. But I cannot be mistaken, they are my designs as they have caracteristics such as livery details if my region quite rare. I didn't contact this seller yet. I should probably but don't know how telling him stopping selling my models..
  10. Zed_43

    Jurassic Park Rollercoaster - Finished!

    The little scenes from your coaster are really nice. Even if the roof from your visitor center is a bit to study to my taste, it is reconizable at first look. I like how you turned it into the coaster queuing. You managed to recreate the spirit of JP with its typical locations.
  11. Zed_43

    [MOC] S.S. Venture

    Excellent! I love the overall look, the shape, the way you made rust. The hull is really well made with a high level of finition. You manged to make it without any gap or visible stud. And the cabin fits perfectly this kind of old rusty adventurer ship!
  12. Zed_43

    [MOC] Modular: Metropolitan Courthouse

    I really like your building. It is really clean, well detailed. The little tower on the roof is just what a courthouse need! And the use of the rounded fence is really appropriate. I also appreciate the interior, you managed to recreate the atmosphere of a judgment! The judge from cmf serie 9 would fit perfectly into this!
  13. Thank you for your comment BaneShake. HalfPint, sorry I do not make instructions for my MOCs. And I strongly suggest you tu build your own version. It give much more satisfaction and it gives a unique MOC.
  14. Zed_43

    [MOC] Gringotts Wizarding Bank (2018)

    I saw your MOC on tbb contest gallery. Really well done. I really like the reliefs on the walls and all the cornices. And the interior is really neat! Really good job!
  15. Thank you Lego-fire! The columns are tethered only by the bottom or the top, on one stud. And they are a little bit smaller than the space between the floors. So it allows to move it a bit to make a low angle and it remains solid enough to stay in place.