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  1. DinoTrackers Professor Henri McFord, close friend of our dear Johnny Thunder, paleontologist by profession and specialized in the unearthing of dinosaurs, has just made a strange discovery. The first surveys seem to indicate that the fossilized remains discovered in a shallow but intact layer dating from the Mesozoic era, belong to an unrecorded species... But even stranger, as the team reveals the skeletal remains, they seem to adopt a most... surprising arrangement... Enough to add a new page to the register of the strangest paranormal phenomenons... DinoTrackers a by Zed, sur Flickr DinoTrackers1a by Zed, sur Flickr This MOC war created for the "Brickographie" contest on Brickpirate french contest. It consisted on building a MOC including brickbulit letters as a sustancial part of the creation.
  2. Zed_43

    [MOC] Small Pirate Brigantine (small-hulled-boat)

    Waouh! That's a MOC that bring a big blast of nostalgy! It really looks like a classic pirate set! Like a tiny barracuda! Great job! (The female minifig torsos are not my taste but that doesn't take anything away from that really nice moc)!
  3. Zed_43

    [MOC] Farrador Castle

    Waoh what a nice castle! Rellay awesome MOC, with a lot of details, textures and an original architecture! Great work!
  4. Zed_43

    [MOC] Pizzeria Modular (free instructions)

    Really nice MOC! I really like the shape of this building, tbe color scheme and the detail you put in it. Now I would like to get a pizza! Oh, and I think there's too much people in there. I though that only takeaway was permitted by that time! :-)
  5. Zed_43

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Waouh! Amazing train. I really like it. Even though I'm bit a big fan of that type of loco. The whole train looks really great. Your coaches are really great. Congrats.
  6. Zed_43

    10277 Swiss Crocodile - Set Review

    The whole train looks really good! I love your coaches. What radius are your tracks? Thanks for your review and for relayong it here on EB!
  7. Oni are creatures of popular folklore in Japanese arts, literature and theater. Usually of an humanoid in shape, they have a gigantic size, two protruding horns growing on their foreheads, ruffled hairs and a hideous appearance bringing them closer to the ogre or the troll. Depending on sources, their appearance is variable. Thus, you will be able to cross representations of red Oni while others will be blue. The number of fingers, toes and even eyes also varies. They are most often represented dressed in a simple loincloth and carrying an iron club (kanabo). This representation gave birth to the expression "oni-ni-kanabo", that is to say "oni with an iron club", that is to say "to be invincible" or "unbeatable". The word Oni translates into english as "devil" or "demon". Indeed, in Japanese Buddhism, the Oni are creatures of the underworld who mistreat and torture sinners. In ancient legends, they were creatures who chased away evil spirits and punished criminals. They were then powerful mountain spirits to which offerings were made to protect the surrounding villages, especially the earthquakes. Their reputation then deteriorated little by little until they were perceived as violent, cruel through stories and plays in which they devoured men alive. Some samurai then said that they had killed some of these creatures to gain glory and receive rewards. In Japanese traditions and beliefs, the Oni have an important place. Some villages hold annual ceremonies to scare away the oni, especially in early spring. Similarly, during the setsubun festival, people throw soybean or bean seeds outside their house and exclaim, "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! ("Oni is going out! Fortune is coming in!"). More recently, the oni occasionally lose a little of their original wickedness to play a more protective role. Thus, men in oni costumes often lead parades in Japan to chase unhappiness and Japanese buildings sometimes include tiles with an oni face called onigawara on their roof to ward off bad luck in a similar way to gargoyles in Western tradition. [/ i] In Asia, representations of hideous and evil creatures is not uncommon and the goal is often the same: to drive out the evil spirit. I had the chance to travel 2 times in Asia (but never in Japan unfortunately) and meet some of these representations which have always fascinated me by their side, both so aesthetic and so repulsive. The desired effect is there since when you cross a statue or other sculpture of one of these beasts, you feel observed by a beast ready to pounce on you at the slightest misstep ... So, I really wanted to represent an Oni demon. I took great pleasure in making the head of this character while trying to give it a shape as close as possible to reality. The head is deliberately slightly oversized compared to the body to give a slightly more hideous appearance to the character. The rest of the body was then shaped from top to bottom, trying to best respect the actual proportions of the human body. Among other things, I used paddle tips, a relatively new piece to make the ears, the arms of minifigs for the supra-orbital bulges or even car hoods to represent the creature's plump pectorals. The realization was relatively fast since I devoted 3 days to it (in addition to my work)... Phew ... Tell me your thoughts, no not hesitate to comment, make suggestions.... I'm looking forward to read you! Here is my Oni-ni-kanabô: Oni ni kanabo 1 by Zed, sur Flickr Oni ni kanabo by Zed, sur Flickr Oni ni kanabo 2 by Zed, sur Flickr Oni ni kanabo 3 by Zed, sur Flickr Oni ni kanabo 6 by Zed, sur Flickr Oni ni kanabo 5 by Zed, sur Flickr Oni ni kanabo 4 by Zed, sur Flickr
  8. Zed_43

    [MOC] My city/train layout for 2020

    Thus is a nice home layout you have here. Not to much space consuming but big enough to run your trains. And it is really well designed and decorated. I like that old train station set redesign! And having managed to fit a roundhouse on such a small space must have been a real challenge!
  9. Zed_43

    BR E18 047 "Blauer Enzian"

    This is a really nice train. Il love seeing full trains and yours is really well detailed and finished. That dark blue color scheme gives it a really nice touch. Great job!
  10. Zed_43

    Desert oasis

    I really like your scene. I cannot say more than other people: the use of cheese slopes and slopes is brillant. The camels equipment looks also nice, I like you made different ones. Great MOC!
  11. This scene is really great. The way you represented the kubaz is excellent. I also find really smart the way you designed the patterned flooring and the pillars with use of new parts. This looks really great and adds a lot to the general looking of the scene.
  12. Nice station of a unique style. Love that rounded shape of the tower! I just find your buildings a bit small compared to the trains but it stills remains really great!
  13. Zed_43

    [MOC]LL-313 Galactic Multicargo

    Yes you're right, the reactors are a bit hollow. You can consider that's a kind of new technology ^^. I will try to insert something in them, but by them back of the reactors. I wanted (and still want) to keep those vertical or horizontal bar inside the reactors. Thanks you all for your nice comments and suggestions!
  14. Zed_43

    [MOC]LL-313 Galactic Multicargo

    Thanks marvelboy. I guess you're right about the back landing gear. The first idea was not to use some but if it lands with no freight, it has nothing to support it. I need to make something that would be foldable and compact that doesn't alterate the overall look and aerodynamicity of the ship.
  15. Hi all! I wanted to share with you my latest MOC which is my first ever Sci-Fi Moc! I wanted to build a space classic Moc from a long time ago and the french forum Brickpirate launched a contest that the purpose was to build a spaceshift with an 90's lego color scheme. So, here it is, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I took fun building it. Ladies and Gentlemen, It is now time to introduce you the new spaceship comming from the federation factory: the LL-313 Galactic-MultiCargo. With its 6 reactors, this ship is has the ability to perform vertical landing and take-off.It was designed for logistic purposes and carrying of containers : material transport, energy generator transport, ore transport... But its versatility took him to be used for a lot of other missions: troop transport in dedicated pods, rescue and assistance with special moduls.... It has even been used for offensive military missions with a special container designed to carry and launch K-641 missiles (a small launching unfolds underneath the ship). Here are photographs coming directly form the federation: LL-313 Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr LL313 - Galactic MultiCargo by Zed, sur Flickr Hope you'll enjoy it. I'm looking forward to read your reactions and suggestions!