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  1. Henry 991

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Will send when complete! The progress is slow as I’m not able to put in many hours per week into this hobby. Below please find a picture of the cabling. I’m installing LEDs (Brickstuff picos) for the headlight and to the cab. I prefer having proper channels where the cable can run free and is not squeezed between the bricks.
  2. Henry 991

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Hi, Just installed a speaker into the boiler. It’s FXBricks’ XL-sized unit and facing downwards to the track. It’s barely noticeable and I’m quite pleased to how this worked out. I have still some work to do with the cabling for the lights and this speaker. - Henry
  3. That sounds real good. It’s good if the people who make big contributions to this hobby can earn a share. Makes me happy to direct funding for the brick train ecosystem!
  4. Thanks for advice! That’s probably what I will do. I do have a suitable airbrush&compressor and experience from the process of sanding, priming, painting and varnishing. If done diligently, I expect the quality to be better than Shapeway’s most expensive “premium gloss black finishing” but with a third of its cost. Reasonable?
  5. I have following modifications in my mind: 1) install FXbrick’s XL speaker into the boiler, in front of the first motor 2) have FXBrick receiver behind the motors 3) install headlight LED and cab lights as well 4) have a big battery in the tender with a 10V switching regulator (I have both components already). The battery is connected with an MPX connector (6 pins) So if anyone has competence and interest to make Big Boy audio file for FXBrick, I very much would be interested to support! Maybe it’s something as simple as having twin 2-cylinder engines run in parallel, but I simply cannot produce that audio track myself. btw: I equipped the Southern Pacific 4-10-2 also with the speaker (your earlier instruction). A small LiPo battery and FX Brick fitted the tender. Can send pictures in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested.
  6. Difficult to say because I modified the parts list, and also combined it with the parts order for 3 railway cars. Probably 450-500 euros with many new parts? Nevertheless, because of the large size of the order, I made some sourcing errors which probably cost me like 50 euros extra. Too bad, didn’t notice that until it was too late, but overall, I’m super happy to get parts for such a great model!
  7. I just ordered the parts. Preferred new elements for visible parts: slopes, tiles and visible bricks. The bill of materials is not inexpensive for Big Boy! A question on the wheels: which material should I go in Shapeways? Affordable or premium plastic (nylon)? Best, H
  8. What a majestical Lego model - as graceful as the real locomotive. I already purchased the plans and I’m in the middle of assessing the parts lists. How exciting!
  9. Henry 991

    8 Wide 1:48 Scale Santa Fe GP60M From Brick Train Depot

    Awesome work again! I’m somewhere in the middle of building your 4-10-2 SP and really enjoy it; the quality and thinking you have put into it is substantial. So thank you! I’m considering to build this Santa Fe as well but the one I’m really looking forward is a large articulated steam engine, e.g. UP Challenger. If I was you, I’d leave Big Boy to be the real crown of your line up, and do it much later ;) When you design your next engine, my humble ask to you is to mount the motors into the engine body/boiler so that there would be a enough space in the tender for the electronics, transceiver (FX Brick), large speaker and battery.
  10. Henry 991

    Lego Technic to 2 mm steel shaft adapters

    Thanks! Indeed, I have been looking at this. Didn’t know that it was you had made it. Already sourced the fitting bearings (156zz). The pros of this one are clear: you can have low rolling resistance bearings while still using the Lego axle. However, to complement this, some applications require regular Lego brick/beam. There the steel axle and smaller size bearing and train wheel/Lego gear shaft adapter is handy. I will probably end up using both solutions where suitable.
  11. Henry 991

    Lego Technic to 2 mm steel shaft adapters

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! On the 3D printed option, I haven't yet found the printing service in Europe that should be used. in Shapeways, there are basically two options: "Fine Detail Plastic" that is their resin-based plastic. Supports wall-thickness of 0.2 mm "Multi Jet Fusion Plastic PA12", or nylon (slightly stronger than ABS of Legos). Wall-thickness down to 0.5 mm If you look at the geometry of Technic axle, the wall would be approximately 0,5 mm at smallest with the 2 mm shaft hole. So technically both would work. I probably still go to the resin, as it's higher accuracy. If anyone has tips, please let me know. I'll probably make the design available in Shapeways if this succeeds. Best, H
  12. Hello all, I’d like to reduce the frictional losses of my locomotives by installing ball bearings on all axles. Has anyone thought about this before? I’m facing a challenge in connecting customer train wheels (E.g. Big Ben Wheels) to the 2 mm custom steel axle that are e.g. used in the Brickmodelrailroader’s wheelset (https://brickmodelrailroader.com/index.php/product/wheelset-w-bearings-full-assembled/). I have considered three options: 3D-print a Technic-axle-to-2 mm shaft adapter in hi-res nylon, ABS or resin. Then glue it onto the 2 mm steel shaft with epoxy resin make adapters by drilling a hole into a standard ABS Lego Technic axle by using a jig. Otherwise the same as above use a suitable hose (Lego 3 mm rigid hose?) to match Technic axle hole to 2 mm The commercially available shaft adapter from Pololu (https://www.pololu.com/product/1001) does not work as it’s too wide. The adapter should not be more than one stud wide (8 mm). Please let me know if you have ideas - much appreciated! Best, H
  13. Henry 991

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    Glad to hear :) There aren’t many 1:48 MOCs avalaible for large steam engines. Many of them lack detail and accuracy, or are of smaller scale. I think that you are doing a big favor to this hobby by making instructions available. Beginners (like me) can really learn a lot by studying the design choices, parts combinations, drivetrain etc. by absorbing ideas from experts like you. I don’t mind spending more on the plans. The parts for these large engines will cost so much anyways (around 300 EUR for the SP engine).
  14. Henry 991

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    I will purchase whatever you make in 1:48 scale. Especially the big steams, UP Challenger etc. would be nice.
  15. Henry 991

    Introducing Brick Train Depot

    I'm looking forward to building your design. It will be only my 3rd MOC. My previous build was Anthony Sava's GS-4, which I modified to run with 2x L motors and include lights and sounds with FX Brick. However, I decided to have a non-Lego battery as it has some packaging as well performance benefits. Attached from the construction. Still missing some parts thou so I haven't got a chance to test how it runs. - Henry