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  1. freestorm

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    Because of coupler => Because of Train Buffer I meant that you put the Train Buffer directly to the motor . I don't know how to explain my mind in English
  2. freestorm

    2 12v motor on 1 car

    For 12V: You need to put both motors in the same "direction" because you cannot reverse the polarity of the motor inside the case If you want to link both motors with a cable: - You need to check the cable polarity (if you crossover the cable, you will make a short-circuit inside the motor) - Because of coupler: you need to plug cable on top of one motor, and on back of the other. For 9V: You also need to put both motors in the same direction. The cable connector is only on one side of the motor case, so one motor will have the coupler where the cable is plugged. PS: I have not tested, but I think I'm not wrong
  3. In English: I do no have this program installed (I'm on Linux), But maybe I can help :-) Can you remove the line "xxx" public static string [] sound = { "Siflement1", "sound2", }; Can you remove space in the directory path (I don't know if it's a copy past error or not): public const string path = "C: \\ Users \\ Denis \\ Downloads \\ Lego \\ Layout \\"; // <----- 3 ----- change this to the path of the sounds on the disk, note the double \\ public const string path = "C:\\Users\\Denis\\Downloads\\Lego\\Layout\\"; In French Il faudrait que tu essaies d'enlever la ligne "XXX" ou tu rajoutes une virgule à la fin de la ligne "xxx", Je ne sais pas si c'est voulu ou une erreur de copier/coller mais tu ne dois pas avoir des espaces là ou tu as mis le chemin ou se trouve tes fichiers son. Est ce que tu as bien les fichiers "Siflement1.wav" et "sound2.wav" dans le répertoire C:\Users\Denis\Downloads\Lego\Layout\ ? Essaies de copier coller le code suivant: (malheureusement je ne peux pas tester de mon coté) // Create your own enums public enum MyEnum { MyYellowTrain = 0, MyRedTrain = 1 } // Create your own helper functions public void MyGlobalFunction() { // Execute your code here public static string [] sound = { "Siflement1", "sound2" }; public const int bell = 1; public const int hupe = 2; public const string path = "C:\\Users\\Denis\\Downloads\\Lego\\Layout\\"; // ---- play ---------------------------- static void play(int so) { System.Media.SoundPlayer player = new System.Media.SoundPlayer(); string fn=path+sound[so]+".waw"; player.SoundLocation=fn; player.Play(); } }
  4. freestorm

    Factory Train 10183 Instructions

    Here you can find all instructions as PDF (not in very good quality)
  5. freestorm

    12v blue era remote points voltage and disassembly?

    it work on 16V AC (Alternating current) I never try with 12V DC You can see on this image (middle connexion):
  6. freestorm

    Frayed wiring on 9V Track Connectors

    Hello, I took some pictures of the inside of connectors You can replace the broken cable with "RIBBON CABLE AWG 28 " The difficult is to to make sure the "Cable grip" is griping the wire without Bend the grip You need to be aware that the cable need to be swapped (twisted) between to rails connectors, if not the same wire will be gripped in both connectors PS: This message was translated from French with deepl -Fred Large image:
  7. freestorm

    Old / recent buffer beam compatibility

    I think you cannot use 29085c01 (new part that come with train 60197 ) image of part 29085c01 on Bricklink If you look the red mark, you will see that 91968C01 is "open" on top of image , the wheel can go inside like with old 12V train buffer If you need, I can test with 29085C01 and old 12V train wheel
  8. freestorm

    Some old catalogs from my childhood

    I've scanned some catalogs: c14ch2 Large Swiss July - December (609.6024-CHDE/CHFR) m87eu1 Mini European (150683-EU) c15ch1 Large Swiss January - June (611.9698-CHDE/CHFR) c66ch Swiss (3150-schw) c83be Large Belgium (93500-B) c85be Large Belgium (94350-B) c86be Large Belgium (2000200-B) c87be Large Belgium (920311-B) c88be Large Belgium (920969-B) s93eu Medium Service Packs European (109583/109683) I have also generate all catalogs as lighter version (_low.pdf)
  9. freestorm

    LEGO 10027 Train Shed help.

    On Bricklink the weight of the instruction is 122.11g;name=Train Engine Shed&amp;category=[Train][9V][World City]#T=S&amp;O={"ss":"CH","iconly":0}
  10. For my 12V trains, I'm using "Helavia A5" in grey color. Which look the same as original LEGO. I don't know how to explain what is it in English, you can have an idea on this website: I buy the same but in grey which match the original LEGO light grey rubber The product code form the manufacturer (SES) is "0201 0007 013" The original rubber is ~5mm large , so with 35mm sleeve, you can make 6-7 train rubber If we look the price that I found online in RS-Online website, 1 train rubber will cost ~ 0.033 EUR (for 6 rubbers by sleeve) The hard part, is for cutting the rubber. Using scissor or cutter is not a good idea, the rubber will not be cut regularly. For cutting it, I used a Metal lathe with a precision knife. It's difficult to explain, if someone want, I can do a video next time I'm doing it.
  11. freestorm

    2018 Lego Trains

    Yes, like what we ca do with Sbrick (I think it need to be set every reboot)
  12. freestorm

    2018 Lego Trains

    It will be cool if you can try to shutdown the remote or go out if range when the train is running So we can know if PU have a watchdog that stop the motor when out of range.
  13. freestorm

    2018 Lego Trains

    I think it's not exact, (but,maybe I'm wrong..) When Sariel test the range, he used the LEGO Boost motor. With this motor, the remote need to send "run command" continuously (when he release to button, the motor stop) So , if the motor is out of range, he didn't receive "run command" so it stop. The train Motors eems not working the same way, when you press the button, the motor will increase or decrease it speed, and continue at this speed. So in theory (it need test to validate): if you are out of range, you cannot control the speed but the motor will continue to run Like with the PowerFunction 1.0 With Bluetooth BLE, the controller is connected to the receiver, and you can decide wthat you are doing if the connection is lose. With the SBrick (which use BLE too) they choose to add a Watchdog inside the receiver to stop the motors if it didns't receive commands for X milliseconds. To avoid your models are going out of control PS: sorry for my English...
  14. As you can see on this video , the buttons of the remote controller can be rotate (by 180° for sure) Both remote doesn't have the same button rotation
  15. The motor case is clued. You can view on pictures that the motor case have opening marks (when I buy it was already opened)