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  1. Does someone know if the new power functions 2.0 uses the "old / current" connecting plugs or new ones like for example from the Boost set? Supporting the old ones would make sense. However, with new ones LEGO would "force" people to buy / upgrade all there motors ( so more money for LEGO ).
  2. I hope the front suspension is better then the one from the Porsche. That big curved part on the side could also be made with the new mudguard panel, combined with some 5x2x1 panels.
  3. General Part Discussion

    If I am correct the new 12z worm gear should fit with new 60z turntable this way: Place on each INSIDE of the light grey parts of the turntable a beam. Between these put the new worm gear. SO, the worm gear is one stud higher then the tooth from the turntable. Maybe someone who has them both can take a picture?
  4. In the telehandler their might be this one but with axles. Could offcourse also be this one but that would be pretty stupid.
  5. Thank you all for your nice comments! The gearbox is made with regulair parts. only for the mirror I used unusual parts. Like ddeklerk already said, it's indeed this part. Maybe that the link mechanic could be a bit smaller, but I needed all the space above it for the gears. The animated gif was made with LDD and Gimp. With LDD, just move and rotate all the parts a bit for each frame and take screenshots. I think a used about 20 different frames for this one.
  6. Hi everybody, This is my entry for the Porsche contest! It features: - working steering wheel and HOG steering - full independent suspension - 5 + R gearbox using a link system - opening doors and hood The gearbox mechanic: Animated gif, switching from 3 to 4 to 5:
  7. Does the model needs to be an existing model, or can it also be a fantasy based model ( that would look if it was made bij Porsche )? And will the second option highly decrease my chances?
  8. Zero's workshop

    That some great gear selector you have built there! I also did came up for the idea to using the belt wheels to obtain 6 speeds instead of 4. But I only did build a gearbox, not a gear selector. As I wasn't sure if the whole thing would work precise enough I put it aside. I did have some doubts if it was possible to select two gears at one? But after seeing your video I might give it another try.
  9. [WIP] Pentax Supercar

    For the wheel covers you could also use this: Link to larger image. It's a perfect fit but you may need the new rims versions with six holes. It's also sturdier dan it looks on this picture.
  10. Amazing moc, amazing video! It's Mahjqa.
  11. What is that technic changeover catch left from the steering wheel supposed to do? You can see it on the picture with the doors open. It's in a very weird position.
  12. I like the new short panels. Also the rims seems to have the pivot point more in the center ( but not 100% sure about this, need ot see better pictures ).