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  1. New elementary has a bunch of prototype pictures. Revealed: set 42172 McLaren P1™ from LEGO® Technic | New Elementary: LEGO® parts, sets and techniques
  2. I think that part in the top right corner is in a new orange city excavator.
  3. Is there something that should fit into that green thing?
  4. This is my chassis. Building instructions are available on rebrickable.
  5. NEXAT – Next Generation Agriculture Technology - YouTube For those who love large agricultural vehicles. Did someone already build something like this?
  6. Something for 3 functions through a turntable.
  7. Was this picture already spotted? lego-daytona-gallery.jpg (2000×1008) (
  8. There seams to be a new frame. If I did count correctly, it might be a 3x21 with at every 7 hole an extra beam for support. OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO X X X X OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO #Confused Edit: why is there so much space between my lines ( and how to remove it )?
  9. Instructions for my forklift are available on rebrickable.
  10. Oh you are right, but I still dont consider these very usefull as there are more compact ways to build with 15 degree angles.
  11. They use a 15 degree angle for each click, so you can get the same result with angle connectors which are more compact to build with. So in most cases I consider these not very usefull.
  12. Yeah, there is almost zero room for anything else. And because off that, it's also quite a challenge to queeze all the cables in. The motor under the hub (B) is indeed for tilting. It drives a wormgear to a 24z, the black beams connected to it should be attached to 5L brown axle in the boom.
  13. More stuff from our vehicles is comming.....sometime. In the mean time some pictures from my forklift. If there is someone who can host a file, I can upload that as well.