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    Star Wars is my main current theme, but I collect other themes as well, such as LotR, Alien Conquest, Ideas, Architecture, and a bit of City, Harry Potter, Pharaoh's Quest, and others.


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  1. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thanks! Yeah, the designs are primitive, but just for nostalgia it seems like a fun project.
  2. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Are the standard TIE fighters included in 10131 TIE Fighter Collection exactly the same as other TIE sets, such as 7263 or 7146? I'm considering bricklinking the collection, but since I only need 1 TIE I'm wondering if I can just subtract the parts list from 7263.
  3. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The 2013 AT-TE is nice on the exterior, but the interior is much more cramped. As the instructions have it, you can fit one minifigure in the cockpit, one on top, and two in the back comfortably. I've reworked mine to fit a couple in the front body and six in the back, but it's not a comfortable fit, and it's hard to access them. It's a nice set, but I don't see why it would be at all superior to the older one, unless being smaller is a plus for you.
  4. [MOD] Republic TX-130 Saber Tank

    Really nice! I thought this would be a great idea, but it seemed like too much trouble. Glad someone else did it - your modifications look really nice. I might have to try it myself now!
  5. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The reason why nobody responded is because you didn't attach the files or link to the original thread, so we couldn't easily test it for you. Anyway, after hunting down the original thread I downloaded the files and couldn't open them either, so it's not a problem on your end. My guess is the file is from an old version of LDD and isn't compatible or something, but I'm no LDD expert. Neither of those members is active anymore, but you'll be able to PM them once you have 10 posts I think. For anyone else trying to answer this question, I think it's this thread.
  6. Star Wars Midifigure Revival

    Very nice! About how big are these (in size and number of pieces)? They look much better than the pseudo-midifigures in the marvel sets.
  7. Unlike many people here, I really liked TLJ. I mean, it's not as good as the originals, but I'd rate it as better than TFA, if only for its originality. I feel like many of the problems in this movie were ones created by TFA. 1. Hux had no character last movie, so I don't mind too much what they did with him here. I think they're making him the whipping boy here to create conflict for episode 9 - maybe he'll try to take out Kylo to become supreme leader himself. 2. I like having more humor than usual, although some was too much. The whole "Can he hear me" thing with Poe and Hux was dumb (and why did Poe need to kill time anyway?). The Kylo shirt thing was uncomfortable. The porgs were fine, and Luke's chucking of the lightsaber didn't bother me either; that's the kind of joyful subversion I can admire. I can also dismiss Luke's shoulder dusting as a way to bother Kylo. 3. The whole "we're running out of fuel but our ships are smaller so we can temporarily outrun them" thing was nonsensical. The FO could have jumped to hyperspace, for that matter. 4. Princess Leia getting sucked out into space and coming back looked dumb, but was cool, but then on closer examination is still a bit dumb. I liked Kylo's moment of hesitation. I object for scientific reasons to the surviving space thing, but really this has already happened countless times in Star Wars, so it's a moot point. The force use was cool, but for practical reasons they should have just had Leia die then - she's not super important in the rest of the film. 5. Speaking of Leia, what are they going to do for episode 9? I was convinced going in that she was going to die, but now that she's not things are going to be weird. 6. Not that important a point, but the number of resistance people makes no sense. They mention at one point they have 200 men, but each ship should carry that many - 1000 seems much more realistic. 7. Why didn't Holdo tell Poe her plan (especially when he revealed Finn and Rose's mission)? If she had, it would have succeeded, and the FO wouldn't have seen their pods go down to Crait. 8. I didn't mind Rose much, but she didn't really get developed that well, and that kiss made me really afraid they're going to start a love triangle with Rey. 9. One completely unforgivable thing is Luke even considering killing Ben. This is the guy that found good in Vader - he's not going to consider killing his nephew. That's unacceptable. 10. I don't mind Rey being nobody (although I still think she may turn out to be someone), but I hate that JJ built it up so much in the last movie. This is his fault - he tried to make the audience interested when nobody cared, so when the payoff is removed it's even lamer. Same goes for Snoke, a pale imitation of Palpatine. If they weren't going to make him unique, they should have brought Palpatine back (I think that would have been great). 11. Snoke's death was lame. You're telling me he didn't notice that lightsaber turn, or if he did, ignore it? Completely underwhelming. 12. The dark side cave on the island looked cool, but was kind of meaningless. I felt like on Dagobah the cave vision meant something, unlike here. 13. Rey continued to be overpowered. It's one thing if she had defeated the Praetorian guards using the Force, but instead she bested them in lightsaber combat, which should be what they excel at. 14. I don't like the force projection thing. Sure, it's cool that Luke walked through laser fire, but it seems a little outlandish. I did think Luke's real death, disappearing before the binary sunset was one of the most beautiful scenes Star Wars has ever given us, and was perfect. 15. Phasma - another character who's supposed to be badass yet we know nothing about. Lame. 16. Why did Leia let Holdo sacrifice herself? Maybe she should have gone. 17. Did the Crait speeders kill anything? Seemed useless. 18. Maz's cameo made no sense (where was the camera?) and should have been removed. 19. The kid at the end was kind of cool and shows the whole Resistance support everywhere and next generation of Jedi, but at the same time probably wasn't necessary. Until the throne room, I liked how everything seemed fresh, in comparison to TFA. Yes, the movie had many flaws, but they were unique - TFA played it too safe, and focused on enthralling viewers in Star Wars once more and using nostalgia. This was unique. It's biggest flaws, the plot holes of the resistance pursuit and Snoke's lameness, are insignificant next to the overall coolness. It's not as good as Rogue One, which has a good, but uneven first act and a near flawless second act, but it's its own film, which deserves praise. I'm concerned for episode 9; without the original cast members and Snoke things are going to be strange, and it all rests on JJ's shoulders once more.
  8. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Brickset reported it didn't pass quality control.
  9. [MOC] AT-ST

    I think they're scaled accurately, but in your first photo it's awkwardly posed. The head on and profile shots of the rendering make it clear it's pretty much to scale (while I think the TLG ones have weird proportions), but in that first photo it looks like it's squatting. Very nice model - any instructions?
  10. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I think the (incredibly dumb) controversy surrounding it was that it looked like a mosque, "with machine guns in the minaret and a disgusting hookah-smoking slug man inside." Hard to believe Disney would keep TLG from making Slave Leia or Oola, after all, Aayla Secura still was made in the last year.
  11. Most of the sets will be a pass for me, but they seem decent objectively. Nothing impressive, but solid. I definitely will get a couple of executioner battle packs, but it bothers me that yet again they put two crew guys in the pack.
  12. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yeah, other than constraction figures the only sets in stock are the turbo tank, tracker, and kylo's shuttle. I'm not seeing any mention of the free minifigure other than in the legalese at the bottom of the promo page, so is that out of stock too? Or since there are no more star wars sets in stock are they just not advertising it? I suppose even if they still do have it, they won't give it with backorders. Have to say, TLG did a pretty bad job of predicting demand here. Update: Just tried adding $50 worth of backorder SW items to my bag, and it gave me a free Yularen polybag (as well as the "minifigure travel pack")
  13. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Not quite sure what you're asking, but you can check these Wookieepedia pages: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Arquitens-class_light_cruiser & http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Arquitens-class_command_cruiser It seems like the bridge crew is two officer-pilots and the captain.
  14. Updating Your Minifigs

    ^Where are those legs from? Looks nice.