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Heroica 2.0

48966140126_7e3935929e_t.jpg Ensonvilterayquis (Enson)

60 cycle old, Male Quo'ri


Bio: Born on the planet of Vin'quo in a small mountain village to a large but fairly normal family Enson was not someone you'd expect to grow up to join a company like Heroica. Indeed from birth it seemed he was destined for the simple life of a terrace farmer. However this all changed when a Qoun'ahn, a wandering monk, passed through his village one day. Enraptured by the man's quiet serenity and transcendent spirituality Enson soon sought permission from his parents to become the monk's disciple. Accepted by his new master, Enson joined him on his travels across the world, learning much of magic and spiritual philosophy from the holy man. As he traveled he saw things he'd barely even dreamed of, vast deserts, steaming jungles, great cities, and even the cosmopolitan Lagrange starports in solar orbit. However, while traveling with his master he also encountered less pleasant things. Evil, great and small, material and spiritual, was present everywhere people gathered, and the sight of it filled him with great distress. Thus it was that when his master finally took him to a monastery to have him ordained as a monk he chose the way of the warrior, a protector of the innocent, rather than that of a teacher. Years later he has found his way into the service of Heroica, drawn by it's altruistic vision of a group dedicated primarily to the protection of the helpless no matter how little they have to offer in return.

Vitality: 6/6

Strength: 2

Skill: 2

Smarts: 2

Spirit: 3/3

Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 2, Medicine 2, Religion 2

Spells: Healing Light, Purging Font, Quantum Teleportation

Credits: 45

Equipment: Standard Void Star Hammer (+1, Melee Elemental Weapon), Standard Insignia Armor (+1 Elemental Armor)

Inventory: Nanite Filter, Plasma Potion