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  1. Pepa Quin

    MOC - Château Guillard from Overwatch

    Thanks! It was a lot of fun figuring out how to replicate all the different features and angles. She's there! If you can't spot her in these pictures, check out the rest of the gallery!
  2. Pepa Quin

    MOC - Château Guillard from Overwatch

    Thanks! Just a bit of forewarning - if you're looking to build something in this style, but also want realistic - do NOT base anything on this map! :D This was designed for a deathmatch level, which is pretty much a free-for-all melee. It was NOT designed to be lived in! There are doors that go nowhere, or lead to what must be _extremely_ skinny rooms - and no bathrooms that I can see. ;) I love playing this level, but as I explored it when planning this moc, I realized just how impractical everything is. :D I'd been wanting to do something for Overwatch for a long time - I chose this map specifically because it was all self-contained in the middle of a lake. Most other maps in the game are far more sprawling - I'd have to figure out a cut-off at some point, and I hate doing that. :D
  3. My latest creation, and one I've been working off and on for the last two and half years, is from Overwatch. Château Guillard comes from the level of the same name, a 17th century-ish French Castle situated in the middle of a lake. Check out the whole gallery on Flickr, and see all the interior rooms you can't see when it's on display! You can also see me badly talk about the castle in my Beyond the Brick interview from a few months back: Thanks!
  4. The main character of the video game Brütal Legend is Eddie Riggs, voiced by (and somewhat modeled off of) actor/musician Jack Black: I started building Eddie well over a year ago, but got distracted by life and other projects. I finally finished Eddie up in time for Brickworld 2018 The full album can be seen here. Thanks for checking it out! -Matt \m/ \m/
  5. Pepa Quin

    The Town of Rock Ridge

    I find that the audience usually supplies their own sound effects. ;) Thanks! I was worried about mixing fleshies and yellow, but in this instance I think it worked out really well. I actually didn't have those ready when I first displayed this at Brickworld last year, but I couldn't not do them!
  6. Pepa Quin

    The Town of Rock Ridge

    I've finally finished another layout, and this time I went back to The Old West! From the great movie Blazing Saddles, I've recreated the 'whole' town of Rock Ridge. This scene is based on the three different town 'locations' in the movie: the actual town, the fake town built to fool the baddies, and the hollywood back lot. There are only four 'whole' buildings built - the sheriff's office/jail, the saloon/hotel, and the church - and each one has an interior to match the scenes in the movie (the green grocery store was also built 'whole', but just because it was situated in between the jail and saloon in the movie). The rest of the town buildings are all facades, complete with lumber supports on the backsides. The bad guys have their moment too! Some are just outside town in their camp, eating beans, while others are getting ready to ride in and wreak havoc. And of course, it wouldn't be a Mel Brooks movie without just a bit of fourth-wall breaking. I included most of the main cast, and scoured my minifigure collection for as much 1800's era-appropriate clothing as I could find. A few other cameos make an appearance, too. And there you have it! Total build time was about 2 1/2 months, stretched out over 9. ;) Check out the full gallery here: Thanks for checking it out! -PQ
  7. Pepa Quin

    [MOC] Number Five is Alive

    Little late in posting this, but after much prodding I present to you my version of Johnny Five from the Short Circuit movies. This was my final entry in my last Iron Builder round - the use of the required silver barbell saw a good number of mechanical-based creations on both sides. The Short Circuit movies were some of my favorites as a kid, so I'm glad I had the chance to make him. And now, my shameless plug for Johnny Five on LEGO Ideas. Moving has prevented me from giving any updates in a while, but I hope to return to it soon.
  8. I need some zombie defenses. Any good weapon will do.
  9. Pepa Quin

    EB Xmas Raffle 2013

    My ornaments are the Bob-omb!
  10. For SHIPtember, I decided to pay homage to the unfortunately canceled Star Wars 1313 game. The game looked awesome from , but unfortunately that may be all we ever see of it. The Imp class of light cargo freighters was produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. The base freighter design, like many CEC ships, was modular and came with many options. The 'Besther' model, named for the project lead, featured individualized cargo pods which could be customized to accommodate specific needs. The Besther Imp XIV was made in the first production run and has faired decently in its 34 years of service. Many non-essential systems no longer function well or at all, and it's space-worthiness is in doubt, but it works well as a planetside-only cargo transport. I got started a little late, but fortunately was able to build this ship within two weeks. It is 131.3 studs long, 42 wide and 19 bricks tall. Each of the 10 cargo pods along the sides is easily detachable. Lastly, for anyone who couldn't view the video, here's a comparison shot between my model and the 'actual' ship: Enjoy! -Matt
  11. Pepa Quin

    MOC: Sudden Valley

    Hello, all! My latest scene comes from the awesome 4th season of Arrested Development. I have now scrapped my original AD scene in favor of this smaller yet more interesting one. If you haven't yet seen the season, don't worry, there aren't too many spoilers here (and nothing big).The two houses are the big additions, of course, with the pool going in to fill space (and also because a third house would have blocked too much of the view). The full gallery can be found here. Enjoy! -Matt
  12. My newest creation, unveiled at Brickworld 2013, comes from the awesome game of Outrunnersare quick attack vehicles found often throughout the games. More images can be found in the full set. Enjoy!
  13. Happy New Year! I ended 2012 (and started out 2013!) with a brand new* creation! The characters are brand new, but I actually started this project over a year ago! I built the house in November of 2011 (and only displayed it once), but never did anything else until this week. With a deadline looming for my local LEGO store's Community Window, I went into overdrive and 'winterized' the house and built the two characters. This scene is now on display at the Woodfield Mall LEGO Store in Schaumburg, Illinois. This window display is a collaboration: the snowmen were built by my friend and fellow NILTC club member Adam. The full collection can be seen here. I also made a special 'Desktop Version' of the above image with Calvin and Hobbes. Enjoy, and have a good 2013! -Pepa
  14. My latest creation comes from the movie The Fifth Element: I've had this idea for quite a while now, ever since the Alien Conquest troopers came out. This project has been a little slow going, but now I'm finally finished! The full scene measures 40" x 20", and will be scene at many NILTCshows in the next couple of years. Click here to see the full set. Enjoy! -Matt